Review: The Fourth Realm Trilogy by John Twelve Hawks

John Twelve HawksThe anti-political techno-thriler The Traveler (2005) by John Twelve Hawks provides a look through a clouded mirror at our own society.  Twelve Hawks, whose own identity is shrouded in mystery, tells a story of parallel universes using themes of high technology and government secrecy.  While fiction, honest appraisal of this story forces us to take a critical look at our own government. The relationships between the multilayered, complex, and believable characters of Maya, Gabriel, and Gabriel’s brother Michael create a dramatic tension unlike most contemporary novels.  This is a must read for anyone who loves science fiction and wonders about the direction our society seems to be going.  Mysterious travelers, who have often been key figures that have  changed history, are the focus of a desperate struggle.  Secret societies war against each other, with the Tabula struggling for total control and the Harlequins defending the Travelers and hope and freedom against all odds. These issues resonate with our ideals of liberty and foreshadows issues. (more…)