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Colleges engineering innovative Twelfth Five-Year Plan materials: Microcontroller and Embedded Systems (Electronic Information Science and Engineering)(Chinese Edition)


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paperback. New. Ship out in 2 business day, And Fast shipping, Free Tracking number will be provided after the shipment.Pub Date: November 2012 Pages: 240 in Publisher: Publishing House of Electronics Industry University engineering innovative 12th Five-Year Plan textbooks: Microcontroller and Embedded Systems (Electronic Information Science and Engineering) microcontroller base with embedded systems of the advanced nature of the organic combination of the first MCS 51 SCM as a learning microprocessor entry instance. to enable students to understand the basic component structure of the microprocessor and works faster. and then on this basis introduce has certain learning difficulty ARM microprocessor interface technology and software development technology. Combined Protues simulation software also introduced a variety of application development instance. teaching the theory and practice of teaching closely integrated with high practical and valuable. Written this book with the of Excellence Engineer Education and Training Program of the Ministry of Education and military academies education reform. the book is divided into nine chapters. including embedded systems overview of the embedded system hardware based on microcontroller C language development technology. SCM the comprehensive application of the principle. the smallest single-chip system. the ARM embedded microprocessors. embedded system interface technology. embedded operating systems and embedded systems BSP. transplantation and drive the development of content. The book can serve as the College of Electrical and non-electrical undergraduate textbook. can also be used as teaching materials related to vocational and technical schools. can also be used as a reference of the engineering and technical personnel engaged in electronic technology books. Contents: Chapter 1 Overview of embedded systems define the difference between of 1.1.1 embedded system definition 1.1.2 embedded systems. features 1.1.3 embedded systems and general-purpose computer system 1.2 embedded systems the basic structure of 1.2 1.1 embedded systems 1.4 embedded instance of the intermediate layer 1.3 .1 embedded systems hardware 1.2.2 embedded system software 1.2.3 embedded systems embedded system applications 1.3.1 embedded system applications 1.3.2 embedded systems 1.4.2 Embedded Systems in the history of the system 1.4.1 embedded systems development status 1.4.3 embedded systems development trend 1.5 Chapter Summary Chapter 2. the basic concepts of embedded system hardware foundation 2.1 2.1.1 Complex Instruction Set and Reduced Instruction Set 2.1.2 The von Neumann architecture of 2.2 basic hardware components 2.2.1 central processor memory output devices input devices 2.2.4 2.2.3 2.2.2 2.2.5 Bus 2.3 Chapter Summary Chapter 3 single-chip structure 3.1 MCS 51 microcontroller C language development technology structure 3.1.1 MCS 51 series microcontroller Introduction 3.1.2 MCS the 51 microcontroller structure and pin functions 3.1.3 MCS 51 memory structure 3.1.4 clock circuit timing 3.1 .5 parallel input and output port structure 3.1.6 microcontroller reset 3.2 MCU C language programming foundation 3.2.1 C language MCS3.2.2 C51 data type data storage type 3.2.3 C51 3.2.4 C51 operators. expressions Rules 3.2.5 C51 3.2.6 C51 function 3.3 Chapter Summary Chapter 4 MCU works flow control statements and control registers 4.1 Timer Counter 4.1.1 timer counter structure and function 4.1.2 4.1.3 timer counter the work 4.1.4 Timer Counter Application examples 4.2 MCS 51 microcontroller interrupt interrupt the concept of system 4.2.1 4.2.2 MCS 51 microcontroller interrupt system 4.2.3 external interrupt source extension 4.2.4 4.3 microcontroller interrupt system applications extended 4.3.1 Microcontroller chip bus architecture 4.3.2 external program memory expansion 4.3.3 external data memory extended 4.4 Microcontroller keyboard and display interface 4.4.1 Keyboard Interface Principle 4.4.2 Principles of display interface 4.5 Chapter Summary Chapter 5 MCU comprehensive application of the minimum system 5.1 SCM minimum system design 5.1.1 SCM minimum system hardware design 5.1.2 smallest single-chip system clock. reset. decoding circuit 5.2 Human Interface Technology 5.2.1 keyboard interface circuit and program design 5.2.2 digital tube interface circuit and program design 5.2.3 LCD interface circuit and program design 5.3 external memory expansion 5.3.1-chip static RAM expansion and program design 5.3.2-chip the serial E2PROM extended and procedures designed 5.4 minimum system microcontroller and FPGA interface circuit ARM embedded microprocessor programming 5.5 Chapter Summary Chapter 6 6.1 ARM Processor 6.2 ARM microprocessors Series 6.3 ARM microprocessor architecture 6.3.1 RISC architecture 6.3.2 ARM microprocessor operating mode and status 6.3 Application Selection 6.5 .3 ARM microprocessor register structure 6.3.4 ARM microprocessor exception handling 6.3.5 ARM processor storage structures 6.3.6 ARM processor memory mapped IO and internal bus 6.4 ARM microprocessors 6.5.4 LPC2148 ARM chip in LPC214X-series ARM chip application development 6.5.1 LPC214X Series Introduction 6.5.2 LPC2148 Pin Description 6.5.3 LPC2148 minimum system design built-in Flash programming embedded system interface technology 6.6 Chapter Summary Chapter 7 7.1 the basic concept of serial communication the 7.2 RS 232C Interface 7.2.1 Interface signals 7.2.2 Technical indicators frame structure 7.2.3 RS 232 7.2.4 RS 232 programming and use 7.2.5 LPC2106 serial programming and application 7.3 SPI communication interface 7.3.1 What SPI7.3.2 SPI interface definition and Communication Theory 7.3.3 DS1302 real-time clock and its 7.4 I2C communication interface 7.4.1 What is the I2C7.4.2 I2C characteristics 7.4.3 I2C basic terminology and protocol analysis 7.4 .4 24C04 basic application simulation 7.5 USB communication interface 7.5.1 What is USB7.5.2 USB protocol Brief Analysis 7.6 CAN bus interface 7.6.1 CAN Bus Overview 7.6.2 CAN Bus Features and Benefits 7.6.3 CAN packet transmission 7.7 of this chapter basic concepts 8.1.1 Summary Chapter 8 embedded operating system 8.1 computer operating system 8.2.2 8.1.2 operating system. the role of the computer operating system and the history of the definition 8.2 computer operating system 8.2.1 manual stage early batch classification stage 8.2.3 8.2.4 multi-process system execution system phase stage formation of the operating system 8.2.5 8.2.6 operating system 8.3 operating system 8.3.1 batch operating system 8.3.2 timesharing operating system 8.3. 3 8.3.4 operating system 8.4 operating system other basic concepts 8.5.1 of the the function 8.5 real-time operating system real-time systems and their characteristics 8.5.2 computer real-time operating system and related concepts 8.5.3 process and thread 8.5.4 embedded real-time operating system real-time 8.6.5 RTX operating system the 8.5.5 common embedded real-time operating system 8.6 RTX 8.6.1 RTX 51 Introduction 8.6.2 RTX 51 features embedded operating system 8.6.3 RTX 51 Task Manager 8.6.4 RTX 51 of the event 51 Tiny system function 8.6.6 RTX 51 Tiny program designed to emulation 8.6.7 using OS programming advantages 8.7 Chapter Summary Chapter 9 embedded system BSP. of transplantation and drive the development of 9.1 embedded systems BSP9.1.1 embedded systems BSP 9.3 Embedded driver development principle 9.1.2 BSP workflow 9.2 embedded operating system Portable 9.2.1 operating system migration conditions 9.2.2 operating system migration tools 9.2.3 hardware initialization 9.2.4 operating system migration 9.4 Chapter Summary References 9.3.1 write command No. 9.3.2 driver initialization function and clear the function 9.3.3 file_operatio structure 9.3.4 interface functions 9.3.5 increase driver interrupt service routine Satisfaction guaranteed,or money back.
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  • Title: Colleges engineering innovative Twelfth Five-Year Plan materials: Microcontroller and Embedded Systems (Electronic Information Science and Engineering)(Chinese Edition)
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