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Features and advantages of Chinese medicine cure(Chinese Edition)


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paperback. New. Ship out in 2 business day, And Fast shipping, Free Tracking number will be provided after the shipment.Paperback. Pub Date: October 2012 Pages: 375 Language: Chinese in Publisher: Ningxia People's Publishing House. the characteristics and advantages of the traditional Chinese medicine treatment Author medical thinking on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine theory and medical treatment efficacy after 31 years. analysis . summarized the perception and interpretation. Book from beginning to end for the Yellow Emperor theoretical guidance. interpret its wisdom to understand life and health. the discourse on human pathological changes in the mechanism and treatment of diseases of medical knowledge. Comparative analysis research method used in traditional medicine and modern medicine. explore effective method for the treatment of incurable diseases in the medical field. summed raised in Western medicine to give full play to their respective advantages and features to address many human health problems. treatment requiring long-term medication to control some difficult disease in the book. there are a variety of novel medical point of view as well as medical treatment rule. as concluded that the Chinese meaning of three elements and three levels: in the treatment of disease is the active implementation of the treatment of disease. rather than passive prevention; proposed Neijing is the work of the Yellow Emperor and Qi Bo; Chinese medicine and Western medicine is not perfect medical system. First proposed Chinese gas. the blood physiology is a perfect human physiology. medical concept of the traditional Chinese medicine treatment methods are expected to clinical cure hypertension. epilepsy. asthma. thyroid dysfunction. premature ovarian failure. perimenopausal syndrome. Emphasize that adjust the body of yin and yang balance is the core of traditional Chinese medicine treatment. such as advocating the treatment of type diabetes can not blindly hypoglycemic should adjust the sugar hypoglycemic should modulating sleep disorders. should not be a single block of sedation; drug to treat cancer can not indulge in the use of chemotherapy drugs single kill cancer treatment to be good at play traditional Chinese medicine as a whole concept. comprehensive and dialectical modulating from multi-channel. multi-target integrated play efficiency characteristics to overcome chemical single phenomenon of blocking and confrontation therapy. Characteristics and advantages of Chinese medicine cure elaborated and studied Chinese medicine how to make people's lives better. to promote health and longevity and improve the quality of life for people less sick. keep the young state. aging and other health concept. Contents: sequence / Ai-Xing Yao sequence / Chan Chun phase sequence / Li Jianjun of TCM understanding of some academic concepts Preface Chapter meaning interpretation of traditional Chinese medicine and in the treatment of disease a What is TCM two in the treatment of disease ahead of advanced medical concept. the Chinese interpretation of the theory of health highest (a) the concept of treating disease with traditional Chinese culture. the same strain (b) disease prevention high on treating disease. (c) the basis for healing in the human physique type implementation of treating disease. (d) blood pressure disease (e) treating disease is the human body to be treated in the absence of disease. Yellow Emperor Huangdi Qi Bo for (a) is to promote the development of Chinese medicine in ancient times. the Yellow Emperor is a doctor (b) of the Yellow Emperor presided and leadership by (c) of the Yellow Emperor and Qi Bo is within the Jing the creator of (d) About Qi Bo (e) About on healing the country. in healing people. under the heal disease Chapter II medical reason to think one. on medical rational thinking. traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine is not perfect medical system analysis of the medical status quo (b) (a) from the development process of human science and technology activities in the development of modern science situation (c) of the yin-yang theory of human scientific and technological activities and medical The far-reaching significance (d) of the overall concept of traditional Chinese medicine is a major contribution to the life sciences. TCM gas. blood physiological physiological human physiology (a) can not only blood and no gas (b) gas the philosophy is the cultural essence of Chinese civilization (c) the philosophers of ancient Chinese understanding of the gas (d) (e) TCM in Medicine and gas gas doctrine of practical significance. and will seek medical treatment in the (a) traditional Chinese medicine treatment of hypothyroidism (b) gynecological ovarian early mourning (c) TCM treatment of type II diabetes Chapter traditional culture. Chinese medicine treatment of dysmenorrhea (d) and in medicine. the sentiment of profound culture of Chinese medicine and Chinese culture (a) revelation and insight of the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine (b) of the esoteric significance of the traditional culture (c) (d) of the positive role of traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese traditional culture to modern science (V) talk about yin and yang (f) the words of gossip Second. how in modern culture Chinese medicine culture three to understand and grasp the atmosphere of the environment. the yin-yang theory is a medical program in (a) the emergence and development of the doctrine of yin and yang (b) of the yin-yang theory and TCM (c) the main content of the doctrine of yin and yang (d) the yin-yang theory of Chinese medicine guide diagnosis and treatment (f) in the specific application (V) with the yin and yang of yin and yang school guidance treating disease four. Chinese medicine practitioners should correctly handle the Integrative Medicine (a) rational thinking correctly treat Integrative (b) Integrative Medicine. scientific thinking and understanding the characteristics of the two medical (c) to control the disease and maintain health has an important role in the fourth chapter of the analysis of the causes of the disease can not be cured. and distinguish the yin and yang. off pathogens. blood and riddled Health III. physically and mentally. and governance. riddled with consumer distinguish meridian and impose acupuncture treatment. unauthorized use cited by the drug five etiology and pathogenesis is key to overall Diagnosis and Treatment for priorities drug light less. you can not beat the disease evil seven. to help health care they have recovered eight mistakenly identified mistakenly cure unhealed IX fifth chapter in the medical treatment of new ideas. knowledge of the insufficiency of the traditional Chinese medicine efficacy and cure unhealed hypertension not only emphasizes the buck ( 1) TCM to adjust the yin and yang balance is expected to rewrite the history of the treatment of hypertension (b) of the pathogenesis of hypertension etiology (c) hypertension (d) TCM awareness of hypertension (V) TCM should be how to treat high blood pressure ( ) Traditional Chinese Medicine and heart hormones. Chinese medicine treatment of epilepsy advantage (a) of epilepsy pathogenesis of the latest research results (b) epilepsy can not be solely against suppression. focusing on conditioning (c) characteristics of the two kinds of medical treatment of epilepsy Chinese medicine treatment of obesity etiology and lesion mechanism (b) new ideas (a) the latest research progress of the causes of obesity (c) TCM obesity syndrome type of treatment (d) in the medical treatment of obesity cases cite even Chinese medicine modulating insomnia advantage V. TCM early prevention of osteoporosis prevention and treatment of Chinese medicine advantages (a) (b) in the treatment of disease. liver and kidney tonic blocking disease (c). the strong bone root of the problem (D) through the meridians. Huoxuezhitong six. bronchial asthma radical therapy seven. in the treatment of chronic heart failure eight. TCM spleen Liangxue law to cure epistaxis nine from Meniere's syndrome TCM Chapter medicine to make people's lives better one microscopic understanding of the disease. about people's natural Shou limit of two. Chinese medicine for human survival quality improve will play an important role in the treatment of not disease health longevity four. TCM teach you how to not get sick or less sick five. Chinese medicine let a woman youthful freshness. flower bloom (a) The growth and development of (b) puberty the perimenopausal (c) marriage and child rearing period (d) six. saying that Chinese medicine with cosmetic breast (a) understanding of the theory of Chinese medicine beauty (b) traditional Chinese medicine cosmetic effect (c) unexpected surprise (d) about Chinese medicine Breast breast whitening Beauty (e) seven. spleen and lungs the Yang Xin tune blood. so that a woman away from Huanglian Po Chapter VII saying Chinese medicine. saying that traditional Chinese medicine (a) traditional Chinese medicine The misunderstandings of origin (b) of the modern Chinese medicine (c) research on Chinese medicine theory development of Chinese medicine to follow science and law (d) Chinese medicine research and development (e) can not be biased towards its active ingredient (f) of Artemisia annua prime thinking two. the magical efficacy of Chinese medicine (a) medical treatment efficacy is the vitality of traditional Chinese medicine (b) traditional Chinese medicine treatment of acute otitis media efficacy (c) about traditional Chinese medicine detoxification medicines detoxification effect (d) from the traditional Chinese medicine treatment of ectopic pregnancy Success Stories see Chapter VIII of its magical effect of TCM features Talk to adjust to maintain a balance of yin and yang is the key technical treatment of many difficult disease characteristics of TCM diagnosis nonaggressive TCM how rational view of the physical and chemical examination (a) not all diseases can be (b) the detection and diagnosis of the physical and chemical examination out some diseases do not show the physical and chemical indicators of abnormal IV TCM ming days drum with pituitary five Interpretation where the 11 dirty depends on the guts Ren Medical love traditional Chinese medicine rhyme Postscript Satisfaction guaranteed,or money back.
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