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Nyaya Vasistha : Felicitation Volume of Prof V N Jha by Ujjwala Jha; Toshihiro Wada; Nirmala Kulkarni and Arun Ranjan Mishra

by Ujjwala Jha; Toshihiro Wada; Nirmala Kulkarni and Arun Ranjan Mishra

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Nyaya Vasistha : Felicitation Volume of Prof V N Jha

by Ujjwala Jha; Toshihiro Wada; Nirmala Kulkarni and Arun Ranjan Mishra

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Kolkata: Sanskrit Pustak Bhandar. Hardbound. As New. Contents Acknowledgement. I. Research articles 1. Harappan culture vis a vis Vedic culture problem regarding their chronology/B.B. Choubey. 2. Significance of Kama in Vedic cosmogony with special reference to the Atharvaveda/Sadananda Das. 3. The disappearing sun from myth to ritual/S.S. Dange. 4. Phenomenological method in Vedic Hermeneutics/M. Srimannarayana Murti. 5. Pra Vargya Pari Vargya Vasudeva Vargya /Jan E.M. Houben. 6. The legend of Sunahsepa from the Vedic tradition to the Puranas/Shanti Banerji. 7. Folk lore in Atharva Veda/K.N.N. Elayath. 8. On the word Pramanda in the Kausikasutra/Nirmala Kulkarni. 9. Solar energy a Vedic approach/K.B. Archak. 10. Vedic exegesis and sama chanting some new findings/P.C. Muralimadhavan. 12. A critical note on Iko Gunavrddhi a meta rule in Panini's Astadhyayi. 13. A non paninian perspective on word meaning. 14. Aspirate Sonorants Vs. Sonorants + [H] in middle Indo Aryan/H.H. Hock. 15. Redefining the Hindi grammatical terms such as Samjna Sarvanama Visesana and Kriya in terms of Panini's grammar/J.P. Dimri. 16. Unifying relativization and control in Bangla/Probal Dasgupta. 17. God in Nyaya system/S.V. Bokil. 20. Buddhist cosmology and time an ethical approach/H.S. Prasad. 21. Soteriology of Shin Buddhism Amida Buddha is Saviour/Shoun Hino. 22. The Rinoceros Sutra/Hojun Nagasaki. 23. On the concept of the faculties (Indriya) in the Theragatha/Shigeru Saito. 24. The concept of Brahmana according to Buddhism/V.K. Hampiholi. 25. World religion and emptiness/Musashi Tachikawa. 26. A brief summary of the Jaina theory of Sambandha/Koju Sato. 27. Co subject and co instance are they identical/Nandita Bandopadhyay. 28. Jati and upadhi/K.N. Hota. 29. The temporal sequence of inferential cognition in Navya Nyaya/K. Yamamoto. 30. A rule of substitution in Navya Nyaya X Vat Tva and X/Toshihiro Wada. 31. Gautama and Vatsyayana on the enunciation of pleasure as pain/Arun Ranjan Mishra. 32. Bhasarvajna on Moksa/Brundawan Patra. 33. A point of contact between philosophy and religion in India/Hiroshi Marui. 34. Vedanta for human excellence/S.C. Dash. 35. Environment and diet for Yoga practice in Hathayogapradipika/ Shantipriya Devi. 36. Tarka Upayah Sarva Yoganam (Means to all Yogas)/P.K. Acharya. 37. Moksakaragupta's theory of self consciousness svasamvedana/M.M. Agrawal. 38. Perceptual knowledge (Pratyaksaprama) in Nyaya philosophy/R.I. Ingalalli. 39. Yogaja Sannikarsa and Yogajapratyaksa in Indian philosophy/Nilakantha Dash. 41. Logical debates and their restrictions/Satyajit Layek. 42. Proofs for the existence of time some problems/Raghunathan Ghosh. 43. Inference based on Vyapadesa Bhartrhari's and related discussions in Nyaya and Buddhist treatises/Toshiya Unebe. 44. Udyotakara and Vacaspati development of the theory of inference in the Nyaya school/Takanori Suzuki. 45. On differential cognition in the Vyomavati/Katsunori Hirano. 46. Bhavananda Siddhantavagisa's definition of Kartrtva second chapter of the Karakacakra/Noriyuki Kudo. 47. Realisms and some parallel problems of Epistemology and Methodology/P.K. Mukhopadhyay. 49. Perception 2000 AD to 200 BC/Ujjwala Jha. 50. Indian knowledge systems the notion of linear progression/C. Rajendran. 51. Historical development of the concept of Godhead/H.C. Patyal. 52. Marxian praxis and Niskama Karma/Meera Chakravorty. 53. Natya as a vehicle of Purusartha/R.V. Tripathi. 54. Abhinavagupta his date and parentage/N.P. Unni. 56. Folk lore and Tantra literature/N.V.P. Unithiri. 57. Performing arts of the Pregupta period in Bengal/Mahua Mukherji. 58. A brief analysis of the curses in the Mahabharata/P.G. Lalye. 59. State economy in ancient India with reference to Manu Kautilya and Yajnavalya/P. Shashirekha. 60. Management of cities and towns in ancient India with special reference to Kautilya's Arthasastra/Manabendu Banerji. 61. The Gajasastra of Palakapya/Bijoya Goswami. 62. Scripts of ancient India Siddhamatrka/Saraju Rath. 64. The Bhagavata Purana and Ecology/Kanshi Ram. 65. Post independence Sanskrit drama in Gujarat/R.I. Nanawati. 67. International exchange of psychological concepts and methods the case of India and the west/Anand C. Paranjape. (8 Articles are in Hindi). Nyaya Vasistha is a felicitation volume of Prof. V.N. Jha who is known as a Naiyayika in the whole world of Sanskrit. This volume contains sixty seven research papers of students friends and well wishers of Prof. Jha who are scholars of different fields of Sanskrit and Indology. The topics covered therefore begin with the Harappan culture and through Vedic studies through grammar and linguistics through different schools of Indian philosophy through Natya and Natyasastra through Puranas Arthasastra and Literature take the journey towards modern times and ultimately towards west.
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