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The War Against the Jews 1933-1945

Reviewed on Aug 7 2012

The War Against the Jews 1933-1945 painfully recounts the suffering of Jews across the European continent before and during World War II. The inhumanity of Fascist Germany and its counterparts in other countries is beyond reason and description. I cannot fathom alleged human beings, as the German people proport to be, treating their fellow man with such disdain, hubris, viciousness and hateful contempt. In the history of mankind, no group ever reduced themselves to such a dispicably low level of behavior as the Nazis and their accomplices did during the Holocaust. The War Against the Jews lays it all out for the world to see. It's a great read, for no other reason than as a deterrent to history repeating itself. Prepare yourself, the truth is more diabolical than fiction. Even today, holocaust situations replicate themselves ad naseam across this home that we call planet earth. Unfortunately, the lesson is never learned.

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