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Soul Wisdom

by Zhi Gang Sha

On Jul 13 2008, Austin said:
Austin rated this book 5 of 5 Stars.
Dr. Sha has released a revised paperback edition of Soul Wisdom. Dr. Sha has the ability to give spiritual transmissions, or divine downloads. These are new souls from the Divine. One of the best features of this revised edition is that you actually receive divine downloads while reading the book. This is a new feature of all of the forthcoming books in Dr. Sha's soul power series. These divine souls have the ability to heal, bless, and transform your health, relationships, finances, etc. Dr. Sha tells you how you can use these divine souls to give healing and blessings to others. See page 50 for the first divine download of the book. This book also has an audio CD (mp3 format) with Master Sha's Soul Song for healing the brain and spinal column. Finally, there are many key secrets in the book, but one that you should not forget is that Master Sha states that you can call on his soul anytime, anywhere and his soul will come and assist you (page xxvii).