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On Nov 8 2008, LittleSwallow said:
LittleSwallow rated this book 5 of 5 Stars.
As we travel the waves of change, Divine Source continues to deliver incredible support, and keys to transformation and enlightenment. Soul Communication by Dr. and Master Sha is the epitome of these timely gifts. I felt immediate peace and inner relaxation just holding this book! The profound yet succinct, simple language delivers expansive understanding, keys to soul communication, and opening one's spiritual channels. Page by page, I was filled with Hope, Joy, and ongoing Gratitude. These overflowing partners for success come at a time, in the history of man, when communication with soul, guides, angels, the divine realms, health issues, and even pets, is a greatly needed blessing and gift.

Soul Wisdom

by Zhi Gang Sha

On Jul 27 2008, LittleSwallow said:
LittleSwallow rated this book 5 of 5 Stars.
Dr. and Master Sha continues to share profound healing and transformation teachings and techniques seldom or never presented to the public before. These unique sharings are beautifully presented and easily absorbed. This expanded edition comes with an incredible partner; a CD for Brain and Spinal Cord. the combination of the life-transforming teaching within Soul wisdom and the remarkanle healing, joy, and relaxation CD make this duo a priceless package.