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On Jul 31 2020, Patrick1952 said:
Patrick1952 rated this book 5 of 5 Stars.

I admire Vladimir Putin and was watching him address a group of young Russians. One child asked him what his favorite book was, and his answer, "The Bracelet of Garnets". So, my curiosity was piqued and I read the book. A very romantic, tragic love story about a Russians love for an unattainable, beautiful Russian aristocrat.

The Irvington Stories

by Mary Mapes Dodge

On Nov 16 2019, Patrick1952 said:
Patrick1952 rated this book 5 of 5 Stars.

Wonderful stories for children of all ages. Teaching virtues like being kind and selfless. The importance of respecting and being kind to all God's creatures especially pets.

The a House of the Seven Gables

by Nathaniel Hawthorn

On Dec 4 2014, Patrick1952 said:
Patrick1952 rated this book 5 of 5 Stars.
Mysterious story of two ancestral families. During the infamous Salem Witch Trials, Colonel Pyncheon profits by Matthew Maul's denunciation as a witch, by dispossessing Maul of his property, after he is hung. Maul curses Pyncheon before he dies, and the curse materializes, and seems to afflict later generations of Pyncheon's. The later generations of Maul's seem to be afflicted also. One descendant of 'the witch' victimizes a young, beautiful innocent of the Pyncheon family. Failure to abide by God's Law "Love The Neighbor as Thyself', doesn't go without punishment. All curses disolve with the declaration of love between descendants of Colonel Pyncheon and Matthew Maule. Have a good college dictionary handy when you read it, I counted 3 1/2 pages of words\definations, I wasn familiar with.
On Jan 25 2012, Patrick1952 said:
Patrick1952 rated this book 5 of 5 Stars.
Dicken's asks a unique question of whether it would be beneficial for mankind to forget the heartaches, wrongs, and injustices that we suffer during our personal lifetime? And points out the dehumanizing affect the absence of common remembrance of suffering would have upon most of us. And perhaps also, the only real way of coping with our own misfortunes is to try to alleviate the suffering of others.
On Jan 9 2012, Patrick1952 said:
Patrick1952 rated this book 5 of 5 Stars.
What a wonderful story of a close knit family whose honesty, hard work, loyalty, and selflessness is ultimately rewarded while undergoing hardships of poverty, and sickness. You have to admire Hans, who first would have given up his opportunity to acquire a pair of steel ice skates so his sister Gretel could have a pair of her own, and later gives up his chance to compete in the big skating contest so his loyal friend Peter could compete. And of course you must fall in love with Gretel who really has a heart of gold and goes on to win the Silver Skates. It's a shame no movie, even the fine Disney version, didn't follow exactly the story line by Mary Mapes Dodge. This book truly belongs in every household.

Christmas Stories

by Charles Dickens

On Dec 14 2011, Patrick1952 said:
The first time I read [The Chimes], my Father was still alive and I remembered he enjoyed reading it too. Dad liked the character 'Trotty Veck', and who wouldn't? 'Trotty' was the typical Dicksonian 'decent poor'. I had bought a centennial edition of Charles Dickens complete works when I was 20. Most people don't realize Dickens wrote other fine Christmas stories besides his famous [A Christmas Carol]. The characters which seemed, 40 years ago a little fantastic in their personalities, don't seem so today when I am approaching 60 years of age. The morals that I found uplifting in the pages then are as much or more so today. This volume also includes [A Christmas Carol] and [A Cricket on the Hearth].
On Nov 17 2011, Patrick1952 said:
Patrick1952 rated this book 5 of 5 Stars.
Hilaire Belloc is an excellent Traditional Catholic Apologist and historian. Catholics need to realize that general history is written with a Protestant point of view. For example, we are led to believe the defeat of the Spanish Armada was a good thing (Protestant point of view) when in fact it was a tragedy of immense proportions for the Catholic people of England. The 'Rising up of the Rich against the Poor' (The so called Reformation) is still shaping world events today. It's too bad Hilaire Belloc is not around today to expound on the evils of Vatican 2. The destruction of the Mass by Cranmer in England is exactly what was perpetrated by the Communist infiltrators in Vatican 2. Today the Catholic Church is experiencing unparalleled loss of faith. The 'Roman' Catholic Church is for all practical purposes Protestant, and designedly so. Since Pope John 23rd, through Ratzinger, these Anti-popes have destroyed the once vibrant Church that Belloc speaks of. It is estimated that 50% of the clergy today is homosexual. Less that 30% of 'Catholics' attend Mass. There is no similarity between the 'new mass' and the Tridentine Latin Mass. "You can tell a tree by the fruit it bears". Besides destroying the Mass, the Sacraments were made invalid! What Martin Luther didn't accomplish in 500 years, the damned Vatican 2 Popes accomplished in one lifetime!

The Odds Against Us

by Peter Townsend

On Mar 24 2011, Patrick1952 said:
Patrick1952 rated this book 5 of 5 Stars.
Excellent description of the heroic struggle to keep England safe during the horrific night time bombing by the Luftwaffe. We take for granted so many modern conveniences such as GPS navigation, AIS (automatic identification system), sophisticated radar (compared to what was available in WW2). Peter Townsend personifies the great 'few' whom Winston Churchill spoke, and did an excellent job relating their experiences.

Duel Of Eagles

by Peter Townsend

On Mar 24 2011, Patrick1952 said:
Patrick1952 rated this book 5 of 5 Stars.
Peter Townsend provides excellent background describing the development of fighter and bomber technology and warfare theory during and after WW1 of the British RAF and the German Luftwaffe, leading up to the Battle of Britain. A very personal and compassionate rendering of the tragic conflict between Germany and England.