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Berlin Noir

by Philip Kerr

Reviewed on Dec 21 2007

given that i have a frightening love for the NOIR genre....this trio takes the, uh, cake...reminiscent of James Ellroy--with a European(here's where i struggle for words) reticence...c'mon the books are set in pre- and post-war Berlin....the novels of the late 30s were more reticent....not to say these are panty-waist books...they're violent for sure but they have....Class...Style....not unlike Ellroy but....there's that something more-or less-lurking beyond the page....Question: Why has no one seen fit to bring these books to the screen? they would be perfect. and i hate to see good books turned into mediocre films...

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Gone, Baby, Gone

by Dennis Lehane

Reviewed on Aug 24 2007

anyone interested in the "mystery" genre should run-not walk- to Mr. Lehane's body of warned, though. it's not for the sqeamish or overly "sensitive" out there...the protagonists are flawed people and the Villians are truly perverse but the writing is superb...the entire series,of which GONE BABY GONE is a part, is well worth one's time...and it's set on Boston!!!!my god!...i am lousy at Book me reading is like Duke Ellington said about music "if it sounds good it is good" transpose that to BOOKS and you're on YOUR way.....Lehane is a keeper..long may he write

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My Cousin Rachel

by Daphne Du Maurier

Reviewed on Aug 22 2007

i was looking for Ms DuMaurier's books in a rare fit of nostalgia...i purchased this one---JAMAICA INN---and FRENCHMAN'S CREEK---a rather BigThree from my pre-teen far as the writing goes/went...this book is highbrow Gothic...mannered i style nowadays but boy howdy Daphne can conjure up a few chills...i am not big on Romance Novels but this one plus the other two will give an idea of what real Writing a non-highbrow genre....word up, y'all!!!

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