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Book lists

A Song of Ice and Fire Series by George R. R. Martin

This list was created in January 2011...those of us who are already fans of this series are waiting with baited breath to see if the HBO series will do this wonderful, dark fantasy world any credit.  In anticipation for the show's release, Martin's books are flying off of our bookseller's shelves!

Here's a listing of the whole series thus far...

Acclaimed Fiction 2012

Our list of notable works of fiction from 2012, chosen by our staff.

American Poets

A collection of famous American poets.

Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter by Laurell K. Hamilton

Laurell K. Hamilton has quite the following for her series of urban fantasy stories, narrated by the title character, Anita Blake. Anita is a mystery-solving vampire hunter who lives in a parallel universe quite similar to our own, except for the public existance of vampires and shapeshifters. The novels follow Anita's conflicts with the supernatural as she attempts to solve mysteries, come to terms with her abilities, and navigate a complex series of romantic and political relationships.

Appalachian Greats

Books by folks from, or books about, the Appalachian mountain culture.

Basic Bibliography for Book Collectors

Whether you're new to book collecting or a seasoned Bibliophile, here is a selection of must have reference books for your bookshelf.

BEER - Brewing and Appreciation

Most of us here at Biblio love good beer, and many of us are home brewers.  We are pleased to offer up a list of some great books about the art of brewing, and enjoying, good beer!

Best Home Decorating Books

Jennifer's favorite books about Home Decor!

Beyond Star Wars: Space Opera Classics

Here are some big fat sci-fi classics that look at the big picture...


For literary sleuths of all kinds, a list of some of the great Biblio-mysteries, from Dunning's Cliff Janeway to Gustave Flaubert's 1929 Bibliomania.

Books about Baseball

Being a baseball fan and a bibliophile, its oddly taken me a long time to reconcile the two and embrace baseball books as an acceptable literary past-time.  Finally over my irrational prejudice, I'm discovering the treasures of great literature about our national sport.

Books for 11 year old girls

Inspired by my own daughter, a list of books she's really enjoyed reading lately.

Business Books Aren't All Bad

I'll be the first to admit that the vast majority of business books out there range from boring to insipid to hogwash.  Fortunately, most of them come and go faddishly enough before they have much of a chance to scar our collective psyche.  A small few, however, manage to break the mold and offer something of lasting value to the business world...

Classic Christmas Gift Books

Looking for that perfect holiday gift for the book lover in your life? Here's a list of the most giftable and collectible holiday gift books of all time.

Classic Literature for Kids

Tired of Harry and Hermione? Try some Mary Lennox, Sara Crewe, Black Beauty in this collection of pre-1950's children's literature.

Collectable Dungeons and Dragons

From the original "Chainmail" as the hobby moved from wargaming into what would be considered a whole new game, Garry Gygax and Dave Arneson created many collectible books that are treasured by players and collectors today.

Cookbooks to Collect

Collectible cookbooks with a recipe selection from sane to crazed, farm to garden, home kitchen to car engine.

Dystopian Literature

Dark potential is the hallmark of dystopian literature...a new world order, a dark and twisted utopia.  Explore the depths with this selection of classic and modern tales of repressive and strange societies that have gone terribly wrong.

Everworld Series by K.A. Applegate

A handy and complete list of all of the books in the popular Everworld series for young adult readers.

Fantastic Fairytales

Modern or Timeless, this is a collection of fairy and folktales that easy to enjoy!

Frederick Law Olmstead

Books associated with Frederick Law Olmstead, and Justin Martin's Biography "Genuis of Place: The Life of Frederick Law Olmstead, Abolitionist, Conservationist, and Designer of Central Park"

Geek 101

Step carefully into the world of geek, nerds, and's a list to help you do your research lest ye be corrected by that guy dressed as a Stormtrooper.

Goofy Books for Silly Kids!

Read these books while standing on your head and eating pure sugar - it helps, I promise!

Guidebooks to the Wild World

Trees of England, Arizona birds, and more...guidebooks to identify the natural wonders left in the wilderness of Earth.

Humans & The Natural World

These books explore the many faces of the relationships humans have with the natural world.

Let's Go! Travel and Adventure

From getting frozen in during an Antarctic winter to tooling around on back roads, these are books that will take you places, with and without adrenaline...

Literature and History of Ireland

Poetry, ballads, tales, and books on the vast history and culture of Ireland.

Little Golden Books

First printed in 1942, there are over 2000 individual Little Golden Book titles, many out of print.

My Favorite Herbal Reference Books

From intuitive healing to the scientifically proven herbal's a wide variety of some of my favorite herbals.

Old-Fashioned Homesteading

Texts and guides to homesteading without all that new-fangled electricity and what not. Get off my lawn!

Poetry for the Young at Heart

Kids, Teens, or Grown-up Goofballs alike should be able to appreciate this collection of playful poetry.

Pulp Fiction Paperback Covers

Dames! Knives! Action! Horror! Exclamation Points! Blood Splatters! Bikinis!

Spooooky Books for Brave Children

Do you have a Wednesday or Pugsley Addams in your home, or a junior paranormal expert? These books are sure to cause teeth-chattering shivers for fans of ghost stories, and delight those rare and special youngsters who aren't prone to nightmares.

Spy Versus Spy

Some great reads from the cold war to the present

The Beat Generation: Poetry

My dream collection of beat poetry.

The Best Graphic Novels

Graphic novels and comic books are essential collections for any age. Gorgeous cover art, stories, superheroes, villains, even "reality" graphic novels create a new reader experience. Check out some of our favorite graphic novels of all time.

The Best Nonfiction

A round-up of our favorite all-time biographies, memoirs, social commentaries and other works of nonfiction.

The Strangest Bookshelf

Supremely strange reading material found on Biblio...

The US at Peace

There's more to history than just military history! Here are a few favorites about some often overlooked parts of US history...

The US At War

Some "best of breed" books covering conflicts from the French and Indian War to Iraq.

The Xanth Series, by Piers Anthony

A listing of the many books in the Xanth "trilogy" by Piers Anthony.

Unabashed Escapism for Guys

For those of us (title notwithstanding, women, too!) who spent a little too much time wandering in the woods as kids and wondering if there was a chance that we were the first ones to ever stand on this one spot (or at least in this one spot with this team's baseball cap on): escapist tales of travel, survival and adventure sure to curb your wanderlust.

Urban Sustainability - Farming and More!

You don't have to own a couple of acres to grow your own food, and you don't have to be Laura Ingalls Wilder if you want to can some extra apples.  It's easy, and becoming quite popular, to take up the yoke of sustainable, practical living that our grandparents (and great grandparents) participated in on a daily basis.  Save water, save energy, and SAVE MONEY with this list of suggested reading.

Whole Wide World: History from Everywhere Else

Here are some world history books that are a bit off the beat path, but still with a lot of interest...