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American Poets

A collection of famous American poets.

The Poems Of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Tell me not in mournful numbers, / Life is but an empty dream! / For the soul is dead that slumbers, / And things are not what they seem.
The Complete Tales and Poems Of Edgar Allan Poe
O, woe, and lo: I sing this song of Edgar Allen Poe!
Collected Poems Of Charles Olson
And all now is war where so lately there was peace, and the sweet brotherhood, the use of tilled fields.
The Complete Poems, 1927-1979
Elizabeth Bishop strove to be judged based on the quality of her writing and not on her gender or personal life.
The Collected Poems
And I / Am the arrow, / The dew that flies / Suicidal, at one with the drive / Into the red / Eye, the cauldron of morning.
The Collected Poems Of Theodore Roethke
Troubled by his own vulnerability, Roethke is often grouped in with the "confessional" poets.
The Complete Poems Of Marianne Moore
Moore was an eccentric woman who enjoyed athletics, and always wore a black cape and tricorn hat.
The Collected Poems Of Wallace Stevens
I was of three minds, / Like a tree / In which there are three blackbirds.
Complete Poems 1913-1962
I am quite a bigfan of Mr. E E Cummings' work.
Collected Poems Of Langston Hughes
Part of the Harlem Renaissance which brought the African American culture into the limelight, Hughes is well known for his jazz poetry style.
Complete Poems
Decried as "flapper poems," Parker's wit always managed to offend the "fine" artists of her time.
A Coney Island Of the Mind
The Beat influence comes to play with Ferlinghetti, poet, publisher, and bookseller.
The Complete Poems
Anne Sexton used poetry to keep her afloat through serious depression until her suicide in 1974.
Collected Poems 1937-1971
John Berryman: Collected Poems 1937-1971 brings together all of the Oklahoma native's poetry, except for his epic The Dream Songs. This collection includes his earliest unpublished poem (1934) to those written in the last months of his life (1972).
The Complete Poems Of Carl Sandburg
Carl Sandburg (1878-1967) is a 2-time Pulitzer Prize winning American writer and poet.