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Fantastic Fairytales

Modern or Timeless, this is a collection of fairy and folktales that easy to enjoy!

The Fairy Rebel
The Fairy Queen in this book terrified me as a young reader. She still kind of creeps me out!
A new fairytale from the genius of Neil Gaiman. A beautiful but bloody tale, as it well should be!
The Last Unicorn
Not lighthearted, but bittersweet, The Last Unicorn always brings a tear to my eye!
Jack, the Giant-Killer
A modern twist on an old tale, Jack is Jacky, and she's launched into a world of Faerie that hides just behind her own.
The Enchanted Wood
A fairytale written in 1991, and illustrated by Ruth Sanderson.
The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales
Sick of sweet princesses and dashing knights? Try this book on for size.
This is less a story, and more an art book. It's a delight for the eyes!
American Folk Tales and Songs
American Folktales - our still young nation is weaving the tapestry of history, do your kids know the songs their grandparents sang?
A cat, who is also a witch. Delightful!