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The US At War

Some "best of breed" books covering conflicts from the French and Indian War to Iraq.
The Naked and The Dead
Mailer's acclaimed tale of the Marines on Anopopei is a must-read for the war buffs out there.
Going After Cacciato
A gripping tale about a young soldier who deserts during the Vietnam War.
Paco's Story
A gripping and graphic tale of the only survivor of the Fire Base Harriette massacre, a young man left for dead.
Rough Crossings
Rough Crossings: Britain, the Slaves and the American Revolution is a history book and television series by Simon Schama. This gives an account of the history of thousands of enslaved African Americans who escaped to the British cause during the American
Blood and Thunder
Blood and Thunder may be: Blood and Thunder (comics) Blood and Thunder (album) Blood and thunder, American dime novel genre ', a biography of Robert E. Howard A song by Mastodon on Leviathan
The Guns Of August
The Guns of August, originally published as August 1914 (1962), is a military history book written by Barbara Tuchman. It primarily describes the events of the first month of World War I. The focus of The Guns of August is to provide the history of World
The definitive military chronicle of the Iraq war and a searing judgment on the strategic blindness with which America has conducted it, drawing on the accounts of senior military officers giving voice to their anger for the first time.Pulitzer Prize-winn
A Bright Shining Lie
Neil Sheehan is the author of A Fiery Peace in a Cold War . He spent three years in Vietnam as a war correspondent for United Press International and The New York Times and won numerous awards for his reporting. In 1971 he obtained the Pentagon Papers,
The Coldest Winter
Includes bibliographical references (p. 697-702) and index. 6
Battle Cry Of Freedom
Covers the period of the Mexican War in 1848 up through the end of the Civil War in 1865, focusing in detail on the military campaigns, including strategy and logistics, military leaders, and common soldiers.
Washington's Crossing
Washington's Crossing frames the events of the winter of 1776-1777 during the American Revolution. The iconic painting of Washington crossing the Delaware is indeed a passionate image, but it is certainly stylized. It is this symbol, this myth of Ame
Crucible Of War
In this engrossing narrative of the great military conflagration of the mid-eighteenth century, Fred Anderson transports us into the maelstrom of international rivalries. With the Seven Years' War, Great Britain decisively eliminated French power north of