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Urban Sustainability - Farming and More!

You don't have to own a couple of acres to grow your own food, and you don't have to be Laura Ingalls Wilder if you want to can some extra apples.  It's easy, and becoming quite popular, to take up the yoke of sustainable, practical living that our grandparents (and great grandparents) participated in on a daily basis.  Save water, save energy, and SAVE MONEY with this list of suggested reading.

City Chicks

City Chicks by Patricia, L Foreman

They eat your scraps, they eat pests in your garden, they turn your compost, and they make eggs! What more could you want?

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Urban Farm Handbook

Urban Farm Handbook by Annette; McNichols, Joshua; Photographer, Harley Soltes Cottrell

A guide for city dwellers, helping them to grow and source healthy local food!

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The City Garden Bible

The City Garden Bible by Matt James

Focusing specifically on the issues that most concern urban gardeners — pollution, privacy, security and shade, this comprehensive guide generates all you need to create a private paradise on the most windswept of balconies or the darkest of backyards.

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Gaia's Garden

Gaia's Garden by Hemenway- Toby/ Todd- John

Gaia's Garden is a much-loved guide to creating a clean, self-sustaining ecosystem in your backyard.

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One Acre and Security

One Acre and Security by Bradford Angier

It was valid in 1972, and is still valid today. This is a great book for sharing simple ways to live off of a small space without harming it.

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Gardening When It Counts

Gardening When It Counts by Steve Solomon

Some ecosystems are easy to grow in... but what if you are in an arid place? Or frozen? Learn to produce healthy food in difficult land.

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