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White Unicorn Books is an on-line only bookstore started in October 2001 by Joan and DeWayne White. We started with the Science Fiction collection developed over 40 years. We have continued adding to that collection from various places, adding many other categories to satisfy our customers.We at White Unicorn Books like to think of ourselves as one of the types of used book stores we visited and corresponded with when when we were younger. In that day and time, there really was no question about who was responsible for the book(s) after it left the dealer and before it got to the customer. The dealer was - period! Insurance? If the book were really hard to replace, the dealer might insure the book. But the customer? Never. Well, I should never say never. If the customer wanted the book insured, he would generally mention it in the letter - yes, this was before the days of the internet, but we started young :-). The dealer and customer might split the cost or the dealer might decide to insure it anyway as a service to the customer.Sometimes a customer was disappointed in the book even after they received it. Again, no questions by the dealer, the dealer took it back and refunded the customers money. If the dealer was at fault, say he had inadvertently mis-described the book, he also paid postage both ways. Otherwise the customer paid postage both ways. In fact, some books were just sent on approval. Now isn't that a strange concept.We really mean to be a service oriented bookstore. Try us - you'll like us.

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You may return any item, for any reason, if you notify us within 30 days of receiving the book. Return of the book MUST be in the same condition as when we mailed it to you. If the book was not as described, we will refund your money, in full, including shipping. We ask 2 things in regards to this policy: 1) That you notify us that you are returning an item (so that we know to expect it); and 2) that you repackage the item in the same manner as it arrived. Stated S&H is for the standard 2 lb (0.91 Kg) book. We may ask for additional S&H for overweight/oversize books. S&H is actual costs plus maybe a dollar or two for packing material. We will adjust charges down when we can and up when we must. International S&H may incur additional costs if the "well padded" book will not fit in a Flat Rate Global Priority envelope [Because of recent rate hikes International S&H goes up tremendously if the flat rate envelope can not be used].

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White Unicorn Books (IOBA) specializes in Classic Literature, Fantasy, Fiction, Poetry, School Required Reading, Science Fiction

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