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We found 8 independent new or used book store(s) near 50226 with open storefronts. If you are interested in visiting one of these stores, we highly advise that you contact them first by email or phone to verify store hours. And, be sure to say 'Biblio says hello!' when you stop by!


Polk City, Iowa, United States

Mail-order bookseller since 1982. Inventory is not visitable, and often not visible (boxed), so no storefront, unfortunately. That mitigates item-descriptions from changing much over time. Books are kept in plastic bags or plastic wrap, so no dust or humidity. Books listed as "new" that might be forty or more years old are unread, obtained direct from publisher or distributor. And carefully preserved! (At least I try—cheap paper browning is not something out of my control!)
I also try to grade books conservatively and indicate obvious flaws (which don't necessarily include previous-owner's name/date of FFE). Plus I give info on printing/edition/price-clipped djs/etc. A lot of my older listings are copied direct from the printed-paper catalogs I used to send out bulk rate. These listings economized on paper, so they might be shorter than what I can do now on-line. Plus I add photos now. These older listings, lacking ISBNs, can be bargains, with the older pricings still unchanged. As many of you mav have noticed. Occasionally, since these books were listed on Biblio and in my old mail-order printed catalogs concurrently, I may have neglected to remove the Biblio listing for books sold from my catalogs. I hate it when I sometimes have to reject an order because of no-stock, but there are too many books listed for me to be able to verify all of their continued availability.
Presently I'm only selling books here on Biblio, but I'm toying with the idea of resurrecting my catalog as an EPUB, starting from scratch. We'll see about that!

Court Ave. Books

Van Meter, Iowa, United States


Waukee, Iowa, United States

Dawson's fine used books

H & H Books

Ames, Iowa, United States

I have a fondness mostly for Science Fiction and Fantasy books, so that tends to be what I end up with. Other fiction books will pop up though, and happy to keep an eye out if there is something specific you are looking for!

Jerry Prosser, Bookseller

Des Moines, Iowa, United States

BUY, SELL, TRADE Books Comics Magazines CDs DVDs Laserdiscs Video Games

Pella Books

Pella Books also has a brick-and-mortar store! Visit them in:

Pella, Iowa, United States

We are located in a small historic building, a church for over 100 years, that is worth seeing for its own sake. We specialize in out-of-print, rare and scarce, and antiquarian books.

The Anthropologists Closet

Des Moines, Iowa, United States

The Anthropologists Closet is a small mother-daughter-owned online bookstore. We offer a wide range of academic non-fiction books, a large collection of art catalogs, signed books, and an extensive history and military collection. We uphold high ethical standards and are dedicated to ensuring that our listings are accurate and that our customers are satisfied. Our books are packaged with care in a secure book box mailer with tracking. We offer full refunds and free return shipping. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Wade Ballard

Des Moines, Iowa, United States

From my collection to yours!!!