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Interested in bookselling or learning what it means to be a professional bookseller? These articles and guides are the place to start.

Tips and Best Practices for Adding Photos

At one time, collectors pored over the detailed written descriptions in printed catalogs and the AB Bookman's Weekly before ordering a rare book. Even after photography was available to the average person, printing costs were a real concern and color reproduction was a luxury. Printing photographs in catalogs wasn't practical except possibly for the most valuable and scarce books. A highly specialized vocabulary grew out of these decades where the written description conveyed the visual...

Tips for Professional Bookselling

The internet has allowed for unprecedented access to millions of potential book buyers.  Readers and book collectors as well as long term, highly experienced professional booksellers and private individuals with a surfeit of books to dispose of have all benefited in ways from online book searching and ordering, helping booksellers and customers find each other with greater ease than ever before.

As with most any advance in technology, new challenges have come up. Booksellers have been...

What Is a Professional Bookseller?

Almost every book lover has pondered over how to find a way of turning their passion for books into a livelihood.  Many have successfully achieved this, but it's not an easy course to take. The view from the other side of the bookstore counter is very different. The professional bookseller's relationship to the book is changed. It's not entirely different than transitioning from reader to author; it seems like a natural transition, but it's much...

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