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GENE (Keys to Scientific Literacy Series)

By Stonebarger, Bill

Madison, WI: Hawkhill Assoc, 1989. BRAND NEW Copy. Stated First Edition. One of sixteen Learning Power Books. Trim, compact mongraph on the gene. Glossary and study guide to rear.. First Edition, First Thus. Soft Cover/Stapled. New/None as Issued. Illus. by Lin Haley (Illustrator).


INTERACTING SYSTEMS IN DEVELOPMENT (2nd Edition; Modern Biology Series)

By Sussex, Ian M.; Ebert, James David

New York, NY: Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, 1970. 2nd Edition, First Printing. 1970. Text/BRAND NEW & Bright. Illustrated sof cover/NF w/light edge wear, faint creasing to lower back corner, and showing discoloration. Introduction to concepts in developmental biology, and the key experiments and observations on which they are based. 14 chapters: 1. Interacting Systems in Development; 2, Fertilization: Interaction of Eggs & Sperm; 3, The Shape of Things to Come: Cleavage & Gastrulation; 4, Tissue Interactions in Animal Organogensis; 5, The Plant Embryo & Its Environment; 6, Interactions of Nucleus & Cytoplasm; 7, The Molecular Basis of Gene Expression During Develpment; 8, The Regulation of Gene Expression: Levels of Control; 9, Beyond the Ribosome; 10, Mechanism of Cell and Tissue Interactions in Animals; 11, Remodeling Processes & Their Controls; 12, Growth: Its Regulation in Relation to Differentiation; 13, Meristems & the Control of Postembryonic Plant Development; and, 14, The Biological Basis of Individuality. Fine copy.. 2nd Edition, First Printing. Soft Cover. Near Fine/None as Issued.



By Jukes, Thomas A.

New York, NY: Columbia Univ Press, 1966. BRAND NEW Copy w/trace edge wear. PO name stamped on fEP. Frontispiece: "Rocks and Limpets, Point Lobos, 1963", Ansel Adams. A Study of molecular evolution. 8 chapters followed by Summary: 1, Evolution & Deoxyribonucleic Acid; 2 The Genetic Code; 3, Microbiology & the Study of Heredity; 4, Mutations; 5, Evolution & the Hemoglobins; 6, The Cytochromes c and Other Proteins Showing Evolutionary Changes; 7, Homology & Deoxyribonuckeic Asci; and 8, Biochemistry & Evolutionary Pathways. Fine copy.. First Edition, 2nd Printing. Soft Cover. Near Fine/None as Issued.



By Hawksworth, Frank G.; Wiens, Delbert

Washington, DC: USDA Forest Service, 1972. Text/BRAND NEW. Light mustard linen boards/Fine. DJ/None as Issued. PO name stamped on fEP. Monograph on the dwarf mistletoes (Arceuthobium), the leafless, highly destructive aerial parasite, that damage many conifer forests, particularly in North America. Detailed study of varying dwarf mistletoe w/taxnomic features, hosts, geographic distriibution. A step towards developing a useful system of classification for further inquiry.. First Edition, First Thus. Hard Cover. Near Fine/None (as Issued). First Edition, First Thus.