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HERBALLY YOURS : A Comprehensive Herbal Handbook
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HERBALLY YOURS : A Comprehensive Herbal Handbook

By Royal, Penny C.

Provo, UT: BiWorld, 1979. Text/BRAND NEW & Bright. Illustrated soft cover/NF w/trace creasing to lower front corner. PO stamp to upper corner of title page. First published 1976; this is the 9th Printing of 1979. Alphabetized guide to use of herbal remedies.. First Edition, 9th Printing of 1979. Soft Cover. Near Fine/None as Issued.


PRIMATE SOCIETIES : Group Techniques of Ecological Adaptation (Worlds of Man Series)

By Kummer, Hans

Chicago, IL: Aldine Publishing, 1971. Text/BRAND NEW & Bright. Illustrated soft cover/NF w/light wear. First published 1971; this is the 7th Printing of 1976. Examination of the social organization of primates. Text in 6 chapters: 1, "Culture" & the Conceptual Frame of Biology; 2, An Introduction to Primate Societies; 3, Adaptive Functions of Primate Societies; 4, Ways of Adapting; 5, How Flexible Is the Trait?; and, 6, Man & Primates Compared.. First Edition, 7th Printing. Soft Cover. Near Fine/None as Issued.


BATS IN YOUR BELFRY : Tips On Co-existing With Urban Wildlife

By The Fund for Animals Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

New York, NY: Fund for Animals, Inc Text/BRAND NEW. Illustrated stapled soft cover/NF w/trace wear. Reference/Resource for ecologically sound responses when encountering wildlife in urban areas. Besides living in harmony with bats, this trim, informative pamphlet addresses how we can best respond to cayotes, raccoons, opossums, skunks, and mice.. Unstated. Soft Cover/Stapled. Near Fine/None as Issued.



By Ellis, E.A. (Author-Photographer)

Norwich, U.K.: Jarrold & Sons, 1976. Book 1 only (of a set of two). Text/BRAND NEW. Illustrated stapled soft cover/NF w/faint creasing to upper back corner. Introduction to fungi found in Britain. This volume, Book 1, treats agarics (grilled fungi), the spongy boleti and some the the ploypores, tooth-fungi (Hydnacease), jelly-fungi (Tremellales) and fairy clubs (Clavariaceae) --- all Basidiomycetes.. First Thus. Soft Cover/Stapled. Near Fine/None as Issued. Illus. by E.A. Ellis (Author-Photographer).


INTERACTING SYSTEMS IN DEVELOPMENT (2nd Edition; Modern Biology Series)

By Sussex, Ian M.; Ebert, James David

New York, NY: Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, 1970. 2nd Edition, First Printing. 1970. Text/BRAND NEW & Bright. Illustrated sof cover/NF w/light edge wear, faint creasing to lower back corner, and showing discoloration. Introduction to concepts in developmental biology, and the key experiments and observations on which they are based. 14 chapters: 1. Interacting Systems in Development; 2, Fertilization: Interaction of Eggs & Sperm; 3, The Shape of Things to Come: Cleavage & Gastrulation; 4, Tissue Interactions in Animal Organogensis; 5, The Plant Embryo & Its Environment; 6, Interactions of Nucleus & Cytoplasm; 7, The Molecular Basis of Gene Expression During Develpment; 8, The Regulation of Gene Expression: Levels of Control; 9, Beyond the Ribosome; 10, Mechanism of Cell and Tissue Interactions in Animals; 11, Remodeling Processes & Their Controls; 12, Growth: Its Regulation in Relation to Differentiation; 13, Meristems & the Control of Postembryonic Plant Development; and, 14, The Biological Basis of Individuality. Fine copy.. 2nd Edition, First Printing. Soft Cover. Near Fine/None as Issued.


INTEGRAL ANIMAL BEHAVIOR (Current Concepts in Biology Series)

By Davis, David E.

New York, NY: Macmillan, 1966. Stated First Edition, First Printing, 1966. BRAND NEW Copy. Biological science. Monograph of behavioral aspects of the integration of individuals into a coherent population, which itself generates new types of population behavior --- a concept of biology viewing behavior as an integrating mechanism. 8 chapters: 1, Introduction: Behavior of Plants; 2, Behavioral Equipment; 3, Adjustment to Habitat; 4, Emancipation from Environment; 5, Organization of Populations; 6, Behavior & Regulation of Populations; 7, Behavior & Survival of Populations; and, 8, Behavior of Man.. First Edition, First Printing. Soft Cover. Fine/None as Issued.


PORPOISES AND SONAR (Phoenix Science Series)

By Kellogg, Winthrop N.

Chicago, IL: Univ of Chicago Press, 1962. PAPERBACK. Text/BRAND NEW, and Bright. Illustrated soft cover/NF w/trace rubs to leading edges. A scientific adventure first published 1961 in hardcover; this is the 1962 2nd Printing in paperback format. Published w/o ISBN; ISBN subsequently assigned. Search to understand how the bottlenose dolphin (or porpoise; a small toothed whale sporting a low triangular dorsal fin and a blunt rounded snout) navigates in the ocean in darkess, and sometimes turbid waters, without the use of vision, smell, taste, or touch and yet be able to circumvent submerged obstacles and locate fish for food. Sponsored & supported by the Office of Naval Research and the Nat'l Science Foundation, the study is an excellent example of coordination between many differing arms of research. Supported by photos, text in 11 chapters: 1, Whales & Porpoises; 2, The Amazing Dolphin; 3, Sounds Beneath the Sea; 4, Indications of Porpoise Sonar; 5, The Nature of the Signal; 6, The Acoustic Analyzer; 7, Perception of Submerged Targets; 8, Distinguishing Between Objects; 9, The Avoidance of Invisible Barriers; 10, A Porpoise Obstacle Course; and, 11, Conclusion. Fine copy.. First Edition, 2nd Impression. Soft Cover. Near Fine/None as Issued.


ALL COLOR BOOK OF MUSHROOM AND FUNGI : 104 Illustrations in Color (All Color Book series)

By Savonius, Moira

London, UK: Octopus Books, 1973. Text/As New. Illustrated coffee-brown boards/NF w/trace upper/lower edge rubs. DJ/NF w/light wear. Photographic essay of edible mushrooms and fungi. Contents in 7 sectors: 1, Introducing Fungi; 2, Edible Mushrooms; 3, More Edible Mushrooms; 4, Poisonous Fungi; 5, Toadstools; 6, Strange & Sinister Fungi; and, 7, Bracket Fungi.. First Edition, First Thus. Hard Cover. Near Fine/Near Fine.


GENERAL BOTANY : With Review Examination Keyed to Standard Text Books (College Outline Series No 33)

By Fuller, Harry J.

New York, NY: Barnes & Noble, 1963. Text/Bright, clean As New. Illustrated soft cover/VG, strong & sound with rubs to surfaces & all leading edges, and faints creasings front upper/lower corners. Condensed study guide to supplement standard textbooks of elementary botany. Handy resource/reference. Fine copy sandwiched between tired covers.. Reprint. Soft Cover. Very Good/None as Issued.



By Sholinsky, Jane

New York, NY: Scholastic, 1974. Scholastic TW 2622, Text/BRAND NEW, showing trace margin discoloration. Illustrated soft cover/NF w/slight discoloration to front leading edge. Excellent introduction to life in the world of fruits and vegetables for the young, and fun for helping adults as well. From kitchen and larder, gather onions, beets and carrots, parts of corn, yams or potatoes, avocado pits, or a handful of dried beans, feed with water, give some warmth and sunshine and watch life grow! Lucid instructions augmented w/pleasing line drawings in soft green (what else?!) Fine copy.. First Edition, 3rd Printing. Soft Cover. Near Fine/None as Issued. Illus. by Roberta Carter Clark (Illustrator).


MOLECULAR BIOLOGY OF THE CELL : The Problems Book (Revised Edition)
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MOLECULAR BIOLOGY OF THE CELL : The Problems Book (Revised Edition)

By Wilson, John; Hunt, Tim

New York, NY: Garland Publishing, 1994. Text/BRAND NEW. Illustrated soft cover/NF w/light curling of front corner tips & corresponding echo in the first pages. Supplementary study book designed to augment assigned textbooks in molecular biology course work. Thie preparation of this volume had James D. Watson's Molecular Biology of the Cell in mind, but supplements other text as well.. Revised Edition. Soft Cover. Near Fine/None as Issued.


BROMELIADS : Excerpts from Zimmerpflanzen Von Heaute Und Morgen : Bromeliaceen

By Richter, Walter; (Translated from the German By Adda Abendroth0

Arcadia, CA: The Bromeliad Society, 1977. BRAND NEW Copy. East German nurseryman, known for hybrid contributions, Walter Richter's Zimmerpflanzen von Heute und Morgen: Bromeliaceen (House Plants for Today & Tomorrow: Bromeliads) was published in 1965. Excerpts, translated into English, were published in the Bromeliad Society's Journal (volumes XVII, XVIII, XIX, & XX). This copy is a reprint of those four articles in book form, forming a comprehensive grower's guide from propagation from seed to cultivation. Fine copy.. First Edition, First Thus. Soft Cover. New/None as Issued. Illus. by Walter Richter (Author-Illustrator).



By Adams, Peter B. (Editor)

Melbourne, Australia: Univ of Melbourne, 1988. Text/BRAND NEW. Illustrated soft cover (Sarcochilus falcatus)/NF. Joint publication of the Orchid Species Society of Victoria and the School of Botany at the Univ of Melbourne. Anthology of concepts, results and techniques for orchid propagation from seed. 8 articles: 1, Introduction to Pollination Systems (Bruce Knox); 2, Propagation of Species Orchid from Seed: A Guide to Growers (Andre Cleghorn); 3, The Fertility of Species Orchids in Self & Interclonal Crosses (Barbara Walker & Jacinta Burke); 4, The Spectrum of Fertility in Australian Orchid Species (Peter Adams); 5, Fertility of Australian Sarcochilus R. Br. (Sheryl Lawson); 6, The Effect of Loading Cymbidium Tracyanum Rolfe, C. Suave R. Br & C. Canaliculatum R. Br. with Numerous Seed Capsules (Peter Adams); 7, Aspects of Reproduction in Dendrobium Speciosum Sm. (Tony Slaters; and, 8, The Reproductive Biology of Eriochilus Cucullatus (Labill.) Reich.: An Autumn Flowering Terrestrial Orchid (Louise Rowe & Malcolm Calder) followed by 4 appendices with methods of propagating by seed. Fine copy.. First Edition, First Thus. Soft Cover. Near Fine/None as Issued. Illus. by Ian Clarke, Linda Coppock, & Kevin Thiele (Botanical Illustrators); Harry Swart (Cartoons).


WESTERN BIRDS : An Audubon Handbook
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WESTERN BIRDS : An Audubon Handbook

By Farrand, John

New York, NY: McGraw-Hill, 1987. Stated First Printing. Text/trace soiling to first two endpapers, else BRAND NEW. Illustrated grey flexible cover/Fine. Half banner/Fine. Guide to birds found west of the Rocky Mountains, that is, between the Pacific Coast and the Western Great Plains, and states along the southern Canadian border. An account of Bird Groups precede picture-and-text descriptions.. First Edition, First Printing. Soft Cover/Flexible. Near Fine/None as Issued.



By Powell, A.W.B.

Auckland, New Zealand: Unity Press, 1937. 1937 Edition. Text/As New; with water spill to upper text & resultant wrinkling to throughout volume. Illustrated (photo pastedown) soft cover/NF w/light soiling. Closed tear to lower fEP. Concise, illustrated, guide to molluscan fauna of New Zealand. 17 chapters include: Chapter 3, The preservation & Storing of Specimens; 4, On Name Changes --- Are They Necessary?; 5, The Distribution & Zoning of Our Molluscs; 6, Some Aids to Classification; 7, The Application of the Science of Conchology; 8, The Pelecypoda: Bivalves; 9, The Cateropods: Univalves; 10, The Amphineaura: Chitons; 11, The Cephalopoda: The Octopus & Its Allies. Final chapters include glossary of some Maori names in use. Strong copy despite wrinkling.. First Edtion, First Thus. Soft Cover. Good/None as Issued.



By Whitaker, John O.; (Text Consultant: Robert Elman; & Visual Key: Carol Nehring)

New York, NY: Alfred a Knopf, 1980. Text/BRAND NEW. Orange faux-leather flexible cover/Fine. Book issued with half-size illustrated banner/None. First field guide to present mammals in full-color photographs rather than in paintings. Intended for field use, volume includes all land-dwelling and land-breeding mammal of North American north of Mexico. Fine copy.. 9th Printing of 1993. Soft Cover/Flexible. Near Fine/None as Issued.