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BROMELIADS : Excerpts from Zimmerpflanzen Von Heaute Und Morgen : Bromeliaceen

By Richter, Walter; (Translated from the German By Adda Abendroth0

Arcadia, CA: The Bromeliad Society, 1977. BRAND NEW Copy. East German nurseryman, known for hybrid contributions, Walter Richter's Zimmerpflanzen von Heute und Morgen: Bromeliaceen (House Plants for Today & Tomorrow: Bromeliads) was published in 1965. Excerpts, translated into English, were published in the Bromeliad Society's Journal (volumes XVII, XVIII, XIX, & XX). This copy is a reprint of those four articles in book form, forming a comprehensive grower's guide from propagation from seed to cultivation. Fine copy.. First Edition, First Thus. Soft Cover. New/None as Issued. Illus. by Walter Richter (Author-Illustrator).


THE GENUS PAPHIOPEDILUM : A Guide to the Speciies

By Sub-Tropical Orchid Council, Queensland

Queensland, Australia: Sub-Tropical Orchid Council, Queensland, 1979. Text/BRAND NEW. Illustrated gold cover/NF. Summary of information compiled for a Seminar held at Caloundra, June 22nd, 1978. Growers' guide to Paphiopedilum orchids, commonly known Tropical Asiatic Slipper orchid. Typed text in 8 sections: 1, Alphabetical List of Species; 2, Abbreviations Used in Text; 3, Map of Distribution; 4, Map Legend; 5, Brachypetalum Group; 6, Anotopedilum Group; 7, Otopedilum Group, followed by glossary and line drawings of some species. Fine copy.. First Edition, 2nd Printing. Soft Cover/Stapled. Fine/None as Issued.



By Adams, Peter B. (Editor)

Melbourne, Australia: Univ of Melbourne, 1988. Text/BRAND NEW. Illustrated soft cover (Sarcochilus falcatus)/NF. Joint publication of the Orchid Species Society of Victoria and the School of Botany at the Univ of Melbourne. Anthology of concepts, results and techniques for orchid propagation from seed. 8 articles: 1, Introduction to Pollination Systems (Bruce Knox); 2, Propagation of Species Orchid from Seed: A Guide to Growers (Andre Cleghorn); 3, The Fertility of Species Orchids in Self & Interclonal Crosses (Barbara Walker & Jacinta Burke); 4, The Spectrum of Fertility in Australian Orchid Species (Peter Adams); 5, Fertility of Australian Sarcochilus R. Br. (Sheryl Lawson); 6, The Effect of Loading Cymbidium Tracyanum Rolfe, C. Suave R. Br & C. Canaliculatum R. Br. with Numerous Seed Capsules (Peter Adams); 7, Aspects of Reproduction in Dendrobium Speciosum Sm. (Tony Slaters; and, 8, The Reproductive Biology of Eriochilus Cucullatus (Labill.) Reich.: An Autumn Flowering Terrestrial Orchid (Louise Rowe & Malcolm Calder) followed by 4 appendices with methods of propagating by seed. Fine copy.. First Edition, First Thus. Soft Cover. Near Fine/None as Issued. Illus. by Ian Clarke, Linda Coppock, & Kevin Thiele (Botanical Illustrators); Harry Swart (Cartoons).


WILDFLOWERS 1 : The Cascades (A Field Guide to Selected Flowers, Plants, & Shrubs from Canada to California)

By Horn, Elizabeth L.; (Introduction By Kenton L. Chambers)

Beaverton, OR: Touchstone Books, 1972. Text/BRAND NEW & Bright. Illustrated soft cover/NF, w/trace creasing to lower front corner & trace discoloration. Guide to some 180 wildflowers, plants and shrubs for travellers visiting the Cascade Mountain regions. Emphasis on habitats and environments. Majority illustrated w/color photos; simple & direct approach to identification. Fine copy.. First Edition, First Thus. Soft Cover. Near Fine/None as Issued.



By Rickett, Harold William

New York, NY: G.P. Putnam's, 1963. Text/BRAND NEW. Illustrated salmon linen boards/Fine. DJ/VG; Strong & sound w/nips, closed tears to edges & showing faint discoloration; front & rear interior flaps with creasings. Bookstore sticker (New York, Museum of Natural History) to rear endpaper. Wild flowers field guide to the northeastern and north central regions of the United States. 96 color plates augmented by some 700 line drawings by author. Written over forty years ago, this comprehensive treatment, sadly, is also an ecological history of the region prior to expansion building and construction by man. Fine copy in lesser dust jacket.. First Edition, First Thus. Hard Cover. Near Fine/Very Good. Illus. by Harold William Rickett (Author-Illustrator).



By Hawksworth, Frank G.; Wiens, Delbert

Washington, DC: USDA Forest Service, 1972. Text/BRAND NEW. Light mustard linen boards/Fine. DJ/None as Issued. PO name stamped on fEP. Monograph on the dwarf mistletoes (Arceuthobium), the leafless, highly destructive aerial parasite, that damage many conifer forests, particularly in North America. Detailed study of varying dwarf mistletoe w/taxnomic features, hosts, geographic distriibution. A step towards developing a useful system of classification for further inquiry.. First Edition, First Thus. Hard Cover. Near Fine/None (as Issued). First Edition, First Thus.