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By Jie, Zhang; (Translated from the Chinese By Howard Goldblatt)

New York, NY: Grove Weidenfeld/Wheatland Corporation, 1989. BRAND NEW & Collectible. First Edition, First Printing. A social novel, first recipient of the Mao Dun literary award, of contemporary China. First published in 1980 under the title : Chenzhong de Chibang (or, Ch'en-chung ti Ch'ih-pang). The primary text for this English translation is based on the serialized magazine version (1980, Shiyue, or October, quarterly) with some author-approved deletions and modification. A novel set at Morning Light Auto Works, around which a complex nexus live out their lives --- an idealist factory manager undermined by corrupt and pragmatically self-serving party cadres, investigative reporters propelled by social conscience, underpaid workers with discontent wives, and of young lovers and suitors. An intimate and vivid portrait of the sway of entrenched particularistic interests in a world where official doctrines sing of a classless society of equality. Economist by training, novelist and writer Zhang Jie (1937 - ) was assigned to factory work for rehabilitation during the Cultural Revolution; she began writing only after Mao's demise and the fall of the Gang of Four.. First Edition, First Printing. Hard Cover. New/New.



By Marron, John

Highland Oark, NJ: Dragon Cloud Books; As Is/So & So Books, 1987. Text/BRAND NEW. Illustrated soft cover (White and Black, Martha Alf, 1974)/NF w/light rubs to leading edges. Anthology/collection/grouping/gathering of oems/sounds/music/thoughts/designs. Marron writes: "The maps & menus you find here are old & new/They range out from mountain haiku/mined ancient notebook nuggets/& hardy marginalia." And so, there is "snArl" that roars and stands compact and tight; tender green "alfalfalfalfalfalfalfa" fields stretching endlessly; and, "jack daniels & wang wei/reading early kerouac" that toasts and elevates greats of East and West while using lower caps for total reduction. A small rich volume.. First Thus. Soft Cover. Near Fine/None As Issued.