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ECOPHILOSOPHY : A Field Guide to the Literature

By Davis, Donald Edward

San Pedro, CA: R & E Miles, 1989. Text/BRAND NEW. Illustrated gray soft cover/NF w/trace bend to upper front corner & trace soil spot. Reference/resource. Bibliography related to the broad spectrum of ecophilosphy, or ecological thought. The guide itself is arranged alphabetically by author (commencing with Edward Abbey, The Monkey Wrench Gang and One Life at a Time Please), and is followed by appendices to periodicals and professional organizations. Fine resource.. First Edition, First Printing. Soft Cover. Near Fine/None as Issued.


THROUGH THE GREAT CANADIAN WILDERNESS : Reader's Digest Travels & Adventures
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THROUGH THE GREAT CANADIAN WILDERNESS : Reader's Digest Travels & Adventures

By Scott-Macnab, David (Editor); Reader's Digest Assoc, Ltd

New York, NY: Readers Digest, 1995. BRAND NEW & Collectible. An excursion into the landscape of Canada's frontierlands of vast frozen plains, tranquil lakes, and running waters. Text, supported by photos and maps, in two parts: Part I, A Land of Woods & Water; and, II, Across the Wild Continent.. First Edition, First Thus. Hard Cover. New/None as Issued.


BATS IN YOUR BELFRY : Tips On Co-existing With Urban Wildlife

By The Fund for Animals Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

New York, NY: Fund for Animals, Inc Text/BRAND NEW. Illustrated stapled soft cover/NF w/trace wear. Reference/Resource for ecologically sound responses when encountering wildlife in urban areas. Besides living in harmony with bats, this trim, informative pamphlet addresses how we can best respond to cayotes, raccoons, opossums, skunks, and mice.. Unstated. Soft Cover/Stapled. Near Fine/None as Issued.


SUNSET HOMEOWNER'S GUIDE TO SOLAR HEATING : Space Heating & Cooling, Hot Water Heaters, Pools, Spas & Tubs

By Antolini, Holly Lyman (Editor); & the Editorial Staff of Sunset Books and Sunset Magazine

Menlo Park, CA: Lane, 1978. Text/As New. Illustrated soft cover/NF w/faint creasing to upper front corner w/echoing bends to corner tips through first few pages. Homeowners' guide to energy conservation. Text in 4 parts: I, Harnessing the Sun; II, Can the Sun Work for You?; III, Passive Solar Houses at Work; and, IV, Active Solar Houses at Work. Strong copy.. First Edition, 2nd Printing. Soft Cover. Near Fine/None as Issued.



By Adams, Theodore E.; Kay, Burgess L.

Berkeley, CA: Cooperative Extension/Univ of California, 1982. BRAND NEW. 4-page publication drawing Cooperative Extension information from Napa, San Diego, Alameda, and Riverside counties. Guide to use of cover plants and mulching to reduce erosion. Publication for homeowners, concerning planting artificially created slopes that are too rough/isolated to be intensively landscaped, and sites requiiring temporary cover before permanent landscaping can be addressed. Goal is to protect bare soils around roadways and newly contructed homes that rain fall & running water wash mud into storm drains and streams, as well soil surface loss from winds.. Soft Cover/Pamphlet. Fine/None as Issued.


WILDFLOWERS 1 : The Cascades (A Field Guide to Selected Flowers, Plants, & Shrubs from Canada to California)

By Horn, Elizabeth L.; (Introduction By Kenton L. Chambers)

Beaverton, OR: Touchstone Books, 1972. Text/BRAND NEW & Bright. Illustrated soft cover/NF, w/trace creasing to lower front corner & trace discoloration. Guide to some 180 wildflowers, plants and shrubs for travellers visiting the Cascade Mountain regions. Emphasis on habitats and environments. Majority illustrated w/color photos; simple & direct approach to identification. Fine copy.. First Edition, First Thus. Soft Cover. Near Fine/None as Issued.


BIOLOGIC : Designing With Nature to Protect the Environment (Revised Edition)
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BIOLOGIC : Designing With Nature to Protect the Environment (Revised Edition)

By Wann, David

Boulder, CO: Johnson Books, 1994. Text/BRAND NEW. Illustrated soft cover/NF. A book underlining the need for everyone in the world to think both logically and biologically in individual and community actions ... that is to say, whether in individual life styles or in construction techniques of major developments. A discourse on social responsibility,. Revised Edition, First Printing. Soft Cover. Near Fine/None as Issued.


BEASTLY ABODES : Homes for Birds, Bats, Butterflies & Other Backyard Wildlife

By Needham, Bobbe

New York, NY: Lark Books/Sterling Publishing, 1995. Text/BRAND NEW. Mustard-beige linen boards/Fine. Illustrated DJ/NF w/trace edge wear. Imaginative and inspiring guide to constructing housing for animals, birds, and even insects. 35 artistic, some humorous and outlandish, designs to host wildlife including food needs of the creatures. Illustrated by line drawings to aid construction, and excellent color photos of the creatures one is building for. Ecologically sound ways to share our gardens and lands. Fine copy.. First Edition, First Thus. Hard Cover. New/Near Fine. Illus. by Richard Babb & Bill E. Duyck (Photographers).


MEAT MARKET : Animals, Ethics, And Money
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MEAT MARKET : Animals, Ethics, And Money

By Marcus, Erik

Ithaca, NY: Brio Press, 2005. PAPERBACK Limited Advance Printing. Text/Near New. Tan soft cover/NF. An evaluation of contemporary practices in animal husbandry in the United States. A two-prong approach. A review of agricultural practices and the far-reaching social costs engendered, and an evaluation of the performance of the animal protection movement.. Signed by Author/Gift Dedication. Limited Advance Edition. Paperback. Near Fine/None As Issued.