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AN INTRODUCTION TO INFORMATION THEORY : Symbols, Signals and Noise : 2nd Revised Edition (Dover Books on Mathematics)
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AN INTRODUCTION TO INFORMATION THEORY : Symbols, Signals and Noise : 2nd Revised Edition (Dover Books on Mathematics)

By John R. Pierce

Mineola, NY: Dover Publications, 1980. BRAND NEW Copy w/a whisper of shelfwear to softcover. Non-technical history of, and introduction to Information Theory. First published 1961; this is the 1980 2nd Revisd Edition from Dover. Author John. R. Pierce was Bell Labs' Director of Research in Communications Principles. 305 pgs in 14 chapters w/Appendix (covering mathematical notations) & Glossary.. 2nd Revised Edition. Soft Cover. New/None as Issued. 2nd Revised Edition.


QUANTUM ELECTRONICS : First Corrected Printing

By Ammon Yariv

New York, NY: John Wiley, 1967. TextSmudge to left marin on pg 350, else bright, clean & Near New. First Corrected Printing of 1968. Gilt embossed green linen boards/NF w/trace rubs to corner tips. DJ/None. PO name to front cover versol. Classic text introducing engineering students to the first principles of major phenomena and devices of optoelectronics & optical communication technology by winner of multiple prestigious awards, Palestinian-born, Israeli-American scholar of applied physics, optoelectronics, & electrical engineering Amnon Yariv (1930 -). 478 pgs in 25 chapters, followed by 5 appendices.. First Edition, First Corrected Printing. Hard Cover. NEAR FINE - Collectible/No Jacket. First Corrected Printing of 19.


HIGH ROAD TO PROMONTORY : Building the Central Pacific (now the Southern Pacific) Across the High Sierra

By Kraus, George

Palo Alto, CA: American West Publishing, 1969. Text/BRAND NEW; First Edition, First Thus. Gilt embossesed maroon linen boards/NF. DJ/Good; Sound w/nips, chips. closed tears & small losses (archival tape fortified) & fadubg to spine. light edge wear & showing discoloration. Light brown spotting (acidic paper reaction) to upper & lower text blocks. Chronicle of the construction of the Central Pacific Railroad, from inception through engineering, socio-economic, and political challenges to laying of the last track at Promontory, Utah to become one with the Union Pacific, and thus validating the term "transcontinental railway". Augmented with photos. 317 pgs w/photos in 15 chapters.. First Edition, First Thus. Hard Cover. Collectible - Very Good/Good. Illus. by Alfred Hart (Photographer).


A STORY THAT STANDS LIKE A DAM : Glen Canyon and the Struggle for the Soul of the West

By Russell Martin

Salt Lake City, UT: Univ of Utah Press, 1999. BRAND NEW Copy. First Edition, First Thus. Politcal, socio-enonomic demands of the last big dam ever built by the U.S.A. Award winning account of the 3rd dam in Glenn Canyon. The 1st was naturally shaped by sand in pre-historical times; the 2nd, of rock and soil, was that of the Anaszi prior to the 13th century. This is the story of the 3rd, a towering concrete arch-gravity dam on the Colorado River, Arizona. Towering 710-fooy high dam took a full 10 years (1956 -1966) to complete. Ranking among the largest of man-made reservoirs in America, the penned waters, named Lake Powell in honor of John Wesley Powell, who led the first expedition (1869)to traverse the Colorado's Grand Canyon by boat. 354 pgs in 12 chapter w/Epilogue & Maps.. First Edition. Soft Cover. NEW/None as Issued. First Edition.


ENGINEERING DESCRIPTIVE GEOMENTRY : The Direct Method of Students, Draftsmen, Architects, and Engineers

By Charles Elmer Rowe

Toronto, Canada: D. Van Nostrand Company, 1939. Text/Bright, clean As New. Maroon linen boards w/gilt embossed title to spine/Fine. DJ/None. Textbook. Data visualization. Beautiflly illustrated work by Charles Elmer Rowe (1879 -) of the Univ. of Texas. First published in 1939, which is now introduced by Print-on-Demand softcover editions; this 12th printing of 1947. 299 pgs in 14 chapters. Representation of 3-D objects in two dimensions by using a specific set of procedures. The resulting techniques are of important consequen in engineering, architecture, and arts. Chapters are: 1, Introduction; 2, Principal Views; 3, Auxiliary Views; 4, Oblique Views; 5, Line & Plane Problems; 6, Surfaces & Developments; 7, Surfaces & Intersections; 8, Warped Surfaces; 9, Geology & Mining Probelms; 10, Engineering Problems; 11, The Mongean Method of Descriptive Geometry; 12, Shades & Shadows; 13, Perspective Drawing; and 14. Problems.. First Edition, 12th Printing, 1947. Hard Cover. NEAR FINE/No Jacket. Vintage/Descriptive Geometry.


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By R. C. Smith; Cameron K. Andres

New York, NY: Gregg Division/McGraw-Hill, 1988. Text/BRAND NEW & Bright. Illustrated softcover/NF w/trace edge rubs. PO stamp to first title page & front/rear coves verso. First publiished 1966; this is the 4th updated Edition of 1988. 401 pgs w/photos, line drawings & diagrams, in 16 chapters: 1, Wood; 2, Cement, Aggregates & Concrete; 3, Concrete Admixtures; 4, Concrete Masonry Builiding Units; 5, Precast Concrete; 6, Brick or Tile; 7, Stone; 8, Fweeoua & Nonferrous Metals ; 9, Gypsum & Lime; 10, Glass; 11, Bituminous Materials; 12, Plastics; 13, Insulating Materials; 14, Acoustical Materials; 15, Adhesives, Sealers & Sealants; and 16, Protective & Decorative Coating.s.. 4th Edition, First Printing. Paperback. NEAR FINE/None as Issued. 4th Edition, First Printing.


OBJECT-ORIENTED DESIGN [OOA]  : 2nd Edition (Yourdon Press Computing Series)
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OBJECT-ORIENTED DESIGN [OOA] : 2nd Edition (Yourdon Press Computing Series)

By Coad, Peter; Yourdon, Edward

Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Yourdon Press/Prentice Hall Bldg, 1991. BRAND NEW Copy. 2nd Edition. Objected-Oriented Design (OOD) written primarily for practicing software engineers who work with real-world systems daily. 233 PGS.10 chapters: 1, Improving Design; 2, Experiencing an Object Perspective; 3, Developing the Multilayer, Multicomponent Model; 3, Finding Class-&-Objects; 4, Indentifying Structures; 5, Intentifying Subjects; 6, Defining Attributes; 7, Defining Services; 8, Selecting CASE for OOA; 9, Moving to Object-Oriented Design; and 10, Getting Started with OOA, followed by Summaries and appendices.. 2nd Edition, 8th Printing. Hard Cover. NEW/None as Issued.


ABC OF AVIATION : A Simplified Guide to Modern Aircraft (2nd Revised & Greatly Enlarged Edition)

By Lt. Col. Victor W. Page

New York, NY: Norman W. Henley Publishing, 1942. Text/Bright, clean, As New. Gilt embossed faux-leather maroon boards/Fine. DJ/None. Frontispiece: Four pursuit-interceptor fighters produced for Army Air Forces by Lockheed, Bell, Curtiss and Republic. 2nd Revised & Enlarged Editon. Basic aviation fundamentals written for students, mechanics and non-technical people. Treatise on princioles of construction and operation of all types of aircraft with illustrations and photos. 14 chapters: I, Facts About Aircraft & Industry; II, Lighter-Than-Air Craft; III, Heavier-Than-Air Craft; IV, Direct Control Autogiro; V, Airplane Construction; VI, Airplane Construction & Design; VII, Engine Types & Inspection; VIII, Airplane Propeller Types; IX, Airplane Control Methods; X, Airplane & Engine Instruments; XI, Blind or Instrument Flying; XII, General Inspection Procedure; XIII, Maintenance for the Private Owner; XIV, Modern Power Plant Development; XV, Recently Developed Aircraft Engines; and, XVI, Development in Airplane Design & Construction. 2nd Revised & Enlarged Ed, First Thus. Hard Cover/Stitched. Near Fine/No Jacket.


SYSTEMS ENGINEERING TOOLS: (Wiley Systems Engineering & Analysis Series)

By Chestnut, Harold (Editor)

New York, NY: John Wiley & Sons Inc, 1965. Text/BRAND NEW & Bright. Gilt embossed red linen boards/Fine. DJ/None. PO name to front cover verso. Published w/o ISBN; ISBN subsequently assiged. Editor, electrical engineer Harold Chestnut (1917 - 2001), Manager at General Electric, helped establish the fields of control theory and systems engineering. On identifying problems and useful tools for correction. 646 pgs. 10 chapters.. First Edition, First Thus. Hard Cover. NEAR FINE/No Jacket.



By Merritt, Frederick S.; Ambrose, James

New York, NY: Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1990. BRAND NEW COPY w/trace edge wear to dustjacket. Architecture. Textbook & Reference & resource for practicing professional. Detailed, interdisciplinary, practical guide to design and construction of building systems. 697 pgs. 17 chapters.. 2nd Revised Edition. Hard Cover. NEW/Near Fine.


TRANSISTOR CIRCUIT ANALYSIS: (Addison-Wesley Engineering Sciences Series)

By Joyce, Maurice V.; Clarke, Kenneth K.

Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley Pub. Co., 1961. Text/BRAND NEW & Bright. Gray linen boards/NF w/trace edge rubs. DJ/None. PO stamp to upper text edge. Tidy, useful notes/marginalia to rear endpaper. Textbook. Design and use of transitors in circuits. Published w/o ISBN; ISBN subsequently assigned. 461 pgs. 16 chapters.. First Edition, 2nd Printing. Hard Cover. NEAR FINE/No Jacket.


CONTROL SYSTEMS: Engineering & Design

By Thompson, S.

New York, NY: Longman/John Wiley, 1989. Text/NEW & Bright. Softcover/NF w/light edge wear & faint creasing to lower front corner. Bookshop price sticker to first title page & creasing to upper corner of title page. Textbook. Control system design from model to finished product --- pratical and theoretical treatment of on linear, single input/single out put and analog control systems (classical control). 364 pgs, 11 chapters. Text presented in three main parts: theory, case studies, and computer programs.. First Edition, First Thus. Soft Cover. NEAR FINE/None as Issued.



By Campbell, John M. (Editor)

Norman, OK: Campbell Petroleum Series, Inc, 1981. BRAND NEW & COLLECTIBLE. 5th Edition, 4th Printing of June, 1981. NOTE: At the point of publication, this book was "... in the progress of being presented in 4 volumes ... present book ... will be the new Volume 4." 350 pgs. Contents cover chapters 13 thru' 23: 13, Absorption & Fractionation Fundamentals; 14, Pumping, Compression & Expansion of Fluids; 15, Refrigeration Systems; 16, Liquefaction Processes; 17, Water-Hydrocarbon System Behvavior; 18, Absorption Dehydration; 19, Absorption Processing & Sweetening; 20, Overview of Sweetening & Sulphur Recovery; 21, Process Control; 22, Cost Estimate Principles; and 23, Plant & Equipment Principles, followed by 2 appendices.. 5th Edition, 4th Printing of 1981. Hard Cover. NEW - COLLECTIBLE/None as Issued.



By Hall, Carl W.

Champaign, IL: Matrix Publishers, 1978. Text/NEW and Bright. Softcover/VG; sound w/light edge wear, faint creasings to front, & trace surface wear. Textbook and manual centering on error analysis. "Expanded outline of important concepts of errors in engineering experimentation". 170 pgs. 14 chapters.. First Edition, First Printing. Paperback. Very Good/None as Issued.


TRANSISTOR LOGIC CIRCUITS: A Significan, Unified Account of Logical Mathematics and Transistor Logis Circuits...

By Hurley, Richard B.

New York, NY: John Wiley, 1961. Text/BRAND NEW & Bright. Brick-red linen boards/Fine. DJ/NF w/nips, chips to edges & light surface rubs. PO name to fEP. Textbook based on "Switching & Computer Circuits" course taught by author at Univ of California, Berkeley. 363 pgs in 12 chapters w/application examples: 1, Binary Arithmetic; 2, Boolean Algebra; 3, Diode Switches & Logic Circuits; 4, Minimization - Single Function; 5, Minimization - Multiple Function; 6, Triode Switches; 7, Triode Logic Circuits - Voltage Switching; 8, Triode Logic Circuits - Current Switching; 9, Sequential Logic - Counters & Registers; 10, Sequential Logic - State Reduction & Assignment; 11, Bistable Circuits; and 12, Monostable & Astable Circuits. Strong copy.. First Edition, First Thus. Hard Cover. NEAR FINE/Near Fine. Vintage/Computers.


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By Clarke, Loyal; Davidson, Robert L.

New York, NY: McGraw-Hill, 1975. Text/BRAND NEW & Bright. Gilt emboseed black linen boards/Fine. DJ/NF w/short closed tear to upper front edge & trace wear to corner tips. PO stamp to fEP. 492 pgs. Reference and resource for process engineering calculations. 14 chapters: 1, Perspective; 2, Numerical & Mathematic Data; 3, Conversion Tables; 4, Physical & Mechanical Properties; 5, Thermodynamic Data; 6, Piping, Hydraulics & Flow Measurements; 7, Heat Transfer; 8, Combustion; 9, Power; 10, Pumps; 11, Fans, Blowers & Compressors; 12, Phase Equilibria; 13, Countercurrent Separations; and 14, Water.. Revised 2nd Edition, First Printing. Hard Cover. NEAR FINE/Near Fine.


OPTICAL FIBER COMMUNICATIONS (McGraw-Hill series in Electrical Engineering)

By Keiser, Gerd

New York, NY: McGraw Hill , 1983. Text/BRAND NEW. White boards/Fine. DJ/None. PO name to all leading edges. Textbook. Introduction to optical fiber communication system designs. 318 pgs. 10 chapters: 1, Overview of Optical Fiber Communications; 2, Optical Fibers: Structures & Waveguiding Fundamentals; 3, Signal Degradation in Optical Fibers; 4, Optical Sources; 5, Power Launching & Coupling; 6, Photodetectors; 7, Optical Receiver Operation; 8, Transmission Link Analyses; 9, Measurements; and 10, Optical Fiber Fabrication & Cabling, followed by 6 appendices.. 5th Printing. Hard Cover. Very Good/No Jacket.



By Safford, Edward L. Jr.

Blue Ridge Summit, PA: Tab Books, 1978. Text/BRAND NEW & BRIGHT. Softcover/VG; sound w/light edge & surface rubs. Bookshop stamp to 1st title page & upper text block. Pencilled note to rear cover verso. Guide to electrical equipement, power sources & standard of requirements for boats. 852 pgs, w/photos & diagrams. om 11 chapters: 1, The Environment at Sea; 2, Primary Electric Power & Wiring; 3, Batteries, Chargin Equipment & Electric Generators' 4, AC or DC Motor Operation & Troubleshooting; 5, Air Conditioning, Electric Galley Stoves, Lights & Radio Beacons; 6, Serve Systems & Automatic Pilots; 7, Gyrocompass System & The Sperry Autopilot; 8, Marine Communications Systems; 9, Marine Navigation Equipment; 10, Radar & Collison Avoidance Systems; 11, Sonar, Depth Measurement, Fish Findes, Speed Log & Doppler Docking Systems.. First Edition, First Printing. Soft Cover. NEAR FINE/None as Issued. Stated First Printing.


AUTO REPAIR FOR DUMMIES: 2nd Revised Edition
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AUTO REPAIR FOR DUMMIES: 2nd Revised Edition

By Sclar, Deanna

Berkeley, CA: Ten Speed Press, 1989. Text/BRAND NEW & Bright. Spiral bound softcover/VG; sound w/trace edge wear & faint creasing to upper back corner. First published 1976; this is the 2nd Revised Edition of 1989. 467 pgs. Written for who have never held a wrench. Comprehensive, lucid guide to car maintenance. 20 chapters augmented by photos, diagrams and line drawings.. 2nd Revised, 4th Printing, 1991. Paperback/Plastic Comb Spiral. Very Good/None as Issued.


FUEL OIL MANUAL: 3rd Edition

By Schmidt, Paul F.

New York, NY: Industrial Press, 1969. Text/BRAND NEW & Bright. Burnt-orange, linen boards/Fine. DJ/None. PO stamp to fEP & ink mark to rEP. Manual on the properties of fuel oils; possibilities & limitations of each given grade; methos of quality control towards efficient combustion; and how to diagnose troubles. First published1951; this is the 3rd, expanded Edition of 1969. Author Paul Schmidt served as Chief Chemist with Allied Oil. 263 pgs, 18 chapters.. 3rd Edition, First Thus. Hard Cover. NEW/No Jacket.


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