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ORTHO LAWN & GARDEN BOOK : Let's Talk About Gardening in the South : 1965

By Ortho Books Editorial Staff

San Francisco, CA: Ortho Division/Chevron Chemical Co, 195. BRAND NEW Copy. 1965 issue of Ortho gardening guide. Trim, stapled pamphlet of gardening tips.. 1965 Issue. Soft Cover/Stapled. Fine/None as Issued.



By Editorial Staff of Ortho

San Francisco, CA: California Chemical Co, 1962. BRAND NEW Copy. Periodical. Gardening guide. This 1962 issue covers: 1, Insects; 2, Diseases; 3, Weed Control; 4, Garden Care; 5, Trees; 6, Lawn Care; 7, Landscaping; and,8, Plants.. 1962 Issue. Soft Cover/Stapled. Fine/None as Issued.


BEDS I HAVE KNOWN : Confessions of a Passionate Amateur Gardener

By Smith, Martha

New York, NY: Fireside/Simon & Schuster, 1991. BRAND NEW & Collectible. First Printing. A witty and delight memoir of an amateur gardener (self described) who graduated from watering a cactus to death to deft green-thumbed gardener uplifted with eternal hopes for spring.. First Edition, First Printing. Soft Cover. New/None as Issued.



By Krauss, Helen K.

New York, NY: Macmillan, 1955. Stated First Edition, First Printing. Text/Bright, clean & Near New. Red linen boards/Fine. Illustrated DJ/Fair; intact, with nips, chips, rubs, closed tears to edges and losses to all corner tips. Dedicated guide to geraniums/pelargoniums --- the much favoured South African native now grown indoors and out throughout the world indoors.. First Edition, First Printing. Hard Cover. Near Fine/Fair.



By Northen, Rebecca Tyson

Toronto, Canada: D. Van Nostrand, 1950. First Edition of 1950 published simultaneously in Toronto and New York City. Text/BRAND NEW & Bright. Bi-color red boards/VG; Strong & sound w/light edge wear, rubs to corner tips & fading to spine. DJ/None. PO name to front cover verso. Orchid cultivation illustrated with b/w photos and 10 color plates. 19 chapters: I, Orchids as a Hobby; II, Adult Cattleyas & Their Care; III, Adult Cattleyas & Their Care (cont.); IV, The Cattleya Species; V, Hybrids; VI, Seedling from Flask to Community Pot; VII, Seedlings from Community Pot to First Bloom; VIII, Growing & Sowing Your Own Seed; IX, The Orchid Tribs: The Aërides Tribe; X, The Carrleya Tribe; XI, The Cymbidium Tribe; XII, The Cypriedium Tribe; XIII, The Dendrobium Tribe; XIV, The Odontoglossum Tribe; XV, Collectors' Items; XVI, Mineral Nutrition; XVII, Diagnosing Orchid Ailments; XVIII, Housing Your Orchids; and XIX, The Care & Use of Cut Flowers, followed by 2 appendicies. Fine copy less dust jacket.. First Canadian Edition, First Thus. Hard Cover. Very Good/No Jacket.


GARDENS UNDER GLASS : The Miniature Greenhouse in Bottle, Bowl or Dish

By Kramer, Jack

New York, NY: Simon & Schuster, 1969. Text/BRAND NEW & Bright. Bicolor boards/NF w/light corner tip rubs. Illustrated DJ/Good; intact with nips, chips, losses, creasings, closed tears to edges, & soiling/discoloration. LAID IN: Sunset Magazine article on planting in glass jars. Guide to planting miniature versions of greenhouses or conservatories with controlled interior conditions. Author Jack Kramer, author of How to Grow Orchids and, Succulents and Cactus, for the Sunset Gardens series. 7 chapters with b/w photos: 1, Miniature Greenhouses; 2, Glass Containers; 3, Gardens Under Domes; 4, The Plants; 5, Plants for Special Gardens; 6, Woodland Plants; and, 7, The Vivarium: Tiny Creatures in a Glass Garden. Fine copy with fatigued dust jacket.. First Edition, First Thus. Hard Cover. Nf/Good.


TEACH YOURSELF GARDENING : Revised Edition (Teach Yourself Series)

By Sudell, Richard; (Leanard Cutts, Series Editor)

London, UK: English Universities Press, 1946. Hardcover. Revised Edition, Reprint of 1964. Text/BRAND NEW & Bright. Embossed blue linen boards w/black spine lettering/Fine. DJ/Poor w/nips, chips, closed tears & losses to upper spine/lower back edge. Trace soiling to leading text edges. Primer on the art and science of gardening. 15 chapters: I, How to Begin; II, Gardener's Tools & a Simple Toolshed; III, Why We Need a Plan: Design in Garden Making; IV, Building the Garden from the Plan; V, Mysteries of the Soil Explained; VI, Soilless Culture; VII, Simple Garden Structures & How to Make Them; VIII, Raising New Plants; IX, Flowers & Lawns; X, Fruit; XI, Vegetables & Salads; XII, Intensive Cultivation; XIII, Pests & Diseases; XIV, Storing Vegetables & Fruit; and, XV, The Use of Shrubs, followed by Garden Data and Index. Fine copy in poor dust jacket.. Revised Edition, Reprint of 1964. Hard Cover. Near Fine/Poor.


SUNSET WESTERN GARDEN BOOK (Revised Edition, Sunset Title No 385)

By Doty, Walter L.; Johnson, Paul C. (Editors); & the Editorial Staffs of Sunset Books & Sunset Magazine

Menlo Park, CA: Lane Book Company, 1954. Sunset Title No 385. 2nd Revised Ed of 1954; 2nd Printing of of May, 1961. Text/New. Illustrated flexible vinyl boards/NF. Spiral bound, basic guide to gardening to climatic regions of the West Coast; last 3 pgs of 384 pgs have short tears to upper spine first spiral link. Text printed on light rose/beige paper coordinating w/sienna title page. Illustrated with b/w photos & line drawings, 5 chapters: !, How to Grow Plants; 2, How to Use Plants; 3, Western Specialties; 4, Home Food Garden; and, 5, Indoor Gardening. Fine copy.. 2nd Revised Edition, 2nd Printing. Hard Cover/Flexible & Spiral. Fine/None as Issued.



By Edinger, Philip (Editor); & the Editors of Sunset Books and Sunset Magazine

Menlo Park, CA: Lane, 1971. First Edition, 3rd Printing of 1972. Text/BRAND NEW. Illustrated soft cover/NF w/faint vertical creasing to front. Guide to organic gardening, best described as using only naturally-ocurring materials for all phases of the growing operation (soil improvement, fertilizing & disease/pest control). 10 chapters: 1, What is Organic Gardening:; 2, Improving Your Soil with Organic Matter; 3, Digging, Planting, & Mulching; 4, Making Compost; 5, How to Foil Plant Eaters & Plant Spoilers; 6, How to Grow Vegetables; 7, How to Grow Fruits & Berries; 8, How to Grow Herbs; 9, How to Grow Ornamental Plants; and, 10, How to Grow Lawns.. First Edition, 3rd Printing. Soft Cover. Near Fine/None as Issued. Illus. by Susan Lampton (Illustrator).



By Adams, Theodore E.; Kay, Burgess L.

Berkeley, CA: Cooperative Extension/Univ of California, 1982. BRAND NEW. 4-page publication drawing Cooperative Extension information from Napa, San Diego, Alameda, and Riverside counties. Guide to use of cover plants and mulching to reduce erosion. Publication for homeowners, concerning planting artificially created slopes that are too rough/isolated to be intensively landscaped, and sites requiiring temporary cover before permanent landscaping can be addressed. Goal is to protect bare soils around roadways and newly contructed homes that rain fall & running water wash mud into storm drains and streams, as well soil surface loss from winds.. Soft Cover/Pamphlet. Fine/None as Issued.



By American Orchid Society

West Palm Beach, FL: American Orchid Society, 1986. BRAND NEW Copy. Handbook for orchid growers. Guidelines for cultivation of house plants, those grown under artificial light, and in greenhouses. An orchidist's glossary to rear.. Revised Edition of 1986. Soft Cover/Stapled. Fine/None as Issued.


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By Unstated

Kalamazoo, MI: Merchants Publishing, 1976. Text/Near New, showing trace waffling from humidity. Illustrated (Star Cactus, Astrophytum ornatum), stapled soft cover/VG; Strong & sound w/faint surface creasings. Guide to cacti/succulents cultivation and care. Text supported by color photos.. First Thus. Soft Cover/Stapled. Very Good/None as Issued.



By Sholinsky, Jane

New York, NY: Scholastic, 1974. Scholastic TW 2622, Text/BRAND NEW, showing trace margin discoloration. Illustrated soft cover/NF w/slight discoloration to front leading edge. Excellent introduction to life in the world of fruits and vegetables for the young, and fun for helping adults as well. From kitchen and larder, gather onions, beets and carrots, parts of corn, yams or potatoes, avocado pits, or a handful of dried beans, feed with water, give some warmth and sunshine and watch life grow! Lucid instructions augmented w/pleasing line drawings in soft green (what else?!) Fine copy.. First Edition, 3rd Printing. Soft Cover. Near Fine/None as Issued. Illus. by Roberta Carter Clark (Illustrator).


HOW TO GROW ORCHIDS : Exotic All-Season House & Garden Plants (A Sunset Book)

By Kramer, Jack; & the Sunset Editorial Staff

Menlo Park, CA: Lane Books, 1970. First Edition, 3rd Printing of 1972. Text/BRAND NEW. Illustrated soft cover/VG; light rubs to leading edges, faint vertical creasing to front, and faint creasing to upper front corner tip w/echos to text corner tips. Published w/o ISBN; ISBN subsequently assigned. Special features include how orchid names are assigned. Text in 7 parts: I, Presenting the Orchids; II, Requirements for Healthy Growth; III, Indoors ... and Under Glass; IV, Orchids in the Garden; V, Increasing Your Collection; VI, Utilizing Orchid Flowers; and, VII, Specialities.. First Edition, 3rd Printing. Soft Cover. Very Good/None as Issued.



By Genders, Roy

London, UK: Stanley Paul & Co, 1961. Text/Bright, clean, strong As New. Dark brown linen boards/Fine. DJ/Good; edge worn w/triangular loss to upper front. Spotting discoloration to endpapers & DJ inner flaps. Guide to gardening in confined, indoor areas, and how to assess the mini-climates within. Author recalls growing boxes of mushroom under his bed at a R.A.F. station during the Second World War.. First Edition, First Thus. Hard Cover. Near Fine/Good. Illus. by John Gledhill (Photographers).


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By Bubel, Nancy

Boston, MA: David R. Godine, 1979. Text/BRAND NEW & Bright. Green boards w/gilt spine lettering/Fine. DJ/Good w/light nips & short closed tears to edges & loss to lower back corner, and discolored spine. Adventures in home gardening by contributor to Organic Gardening and Country Journal. Text, beautifully illustrated by Barry Moser, in 4 parts: I, Vegetables; II, Flowers, Herbs, & Teas; III, Grapes, Nuts, & Snacks; and, IV, Experiment! followed by appendices.. First Edition, First Thus. Hard Cover. Very Good/Good. Illus. by Barry Moser (Illustrator).



By American Orchid Society

Cambridge, MA: American Orchid Society, 1988. BRAND NEW Copy. Publication No. 1 in the Handbook Series issued by the American Orchid Society. Primer prepared for the general reader; contents arranged to lead reader from first contact with orchids through overall understanding of the plants, to specific cultural needs and potential. Laid-in: 5 printouts: Orchid Culture for the Beginner; You Can Grow Orchids Outdoors; Basic Cattleya Culture; To Help You Grow Phalenopsis; and, To Help You Grow Better Cymbidiums.. Revised Edition of 1988. Soft Cover/Stapled. New/None as Issued.



By American Orchid Society

Cambridge, MA: American Orchid Society/Botanical Museum of Harvard Univ, 1976. Text/New. Illustrated soft cover/NF; light shelf wear w/faint creasings to lower back corner. First published in 1971; this copy is the Revised Edition of 1976. No. 1 in the American Orchid Society's Handbook Series, written for the general reader. Contents arranged to lead the reader from first contact with orchids to an overall consideration of the plants, their cultural needs and their potential. Strong copy.. Revised Edition, 1976. Soft Cover/Stapled. Near Fine/None as Issued.


BROMELIADS : Excerpts from Zimmerpflanzen Von Heaute Und Morgen : Bromeliaceen

By Richter, Walter; (Translated from the German By Adda Abendroth0

Arcadia, CA: The Bromeliad Society, 1977. BRAND NEW Copy. East German nurseryman, known for hybrid contributions, Walter Richter's Zimmerpflanzen von Heute und Morgen: Bromeliaceen (House Plants for Today & Tomorrow: Bromeliads) was published in 1965. Excerpts, translated into English, were published in the Bromeliad Society's Journal (volumes XVII, XVIII, XIX, & XX). This copy is a reprint of those four articles in book form, forming a comprehensive grower's guide from propagation from seed to cultivation. Fine copy.. First Edition, First Thus. Soft Cover. New/None as Issued. Illus. by Walter Richter (Author-Illustrator).


THE GENUS PAPHIOPEDILUM : A Guide to the Speciies

By Sub-Tropical Orchid Council, Queensland

Queensland, Australia: Sub-Tropical Orchid Council, Queensland, 1979. Text/BRAND NEW. Illustrated gold cover/NF. Summary of information compiled for a Seminar held at Caloundra, June 22nd, 1978. Growers' guide to Paphiopedilum orchids, commonly known Tropical Asiatic Slipper orchid. Typed text in 8 sections: 1, Alphabetical List of Species; 2, Abbreviations Used in Text; 3, Map of Distribution; 4, Map Legend; 5, Brachypetalum Group; 6, Anotopedilum Group; 7, Otopedilum Group, followed by glossary and line drawings of some species. Fine copy.. First Edition, 2nd Printing. Soft Cover/Stapled. Fine/None as Issued.


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