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PORPOISES AND SONAR (Phoenix Science Series)

By Kellogg, Winthrop N.

Chicago, IL: Univ of Chicago Press, 1962. PAPERBACK. Text/BRAND NEW, and Bright. Illustrated soft cover/NF w/trace rubs to leading edges. A scientific adventure first published 1961 in hardcover; this is the 1962 2nd Printing in paperback format. Published w/o ISBN; ISBN subsequently assigned. Search to understand how the bottlenose dolphin (or porpoise; a small toothed whale sporting a low triangular dorsal fin and a blunt rounded snout) navigates in the ocean in darkess, and sometimes turbid waters, without the use of vision, smell, taste, or touch and yet be able to circumvent submerged obstacles and locate fish for food. Sponsored & supported by the Office of Naval Research and the Nat'l Science Foundation, the study is an excellent example of coordination between many differing arms of research. Supported by photos, text in 11 chapters: 1, Whales & Porpoises; 2, The Amazing Dolphin; 3, Sounds Beneath the Sea; 4, Indications of Porpoise Sonar; 5, The Nature of the Signal; 6, The Acoustic Analyzer; 7, Perception of Submerged Targets; 8, Distinguishing Between Objects; 9, The Avoidance of Invisible Barriers; 10, A Porpoise Obstacle Course; and, 11, Conclusion. Fine copy.. First Edition, 2nd Impression. Soft Cover. Near Fine/None as Issued.