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SYPHILIS : A Synopsis

By Brown, William J.

Washington, D.C.: Us Dept of Health, Education & Welfare, 1968. Text/BRAND NEW. Illustrated green linen boards/NF. Concise presentation of develpments in the diagnosis and treatment of syphilis with color plates. Prepared for practicing physician and students of medicine. Text in 11 chapters. Chapter I, He Who Knows Syphilis; II, Pathophysiology of Syphilis; III, Clinical Diagnois of Syphilis; IV, Primary Syphilis; V, Secondary Syphilis; VI, Epidemiology of Syphilis; Vii, Latent & Late Pyphilis; VIII, Syphilis in Pregnancy & Congenital Syphilis; IX, Serologic Interpretation; X, Treatment; XI, Special Problems of Diagnosis & Management. For clarity, text followed by 63 color plates.. Hard Cover. Near Fine/None As Issued.


SYPHILIS : Modern Diagnosis and Management (Revsied Edition)

By Olansky, Sidney; & Thomas Evan W.

Washington, D.C.: U.S. Depart of Health, Education & Welfare, 1961. BRAND NEW Copy. Revised Edition. Monograph prepared for both private and public health physicians. Systemic from its onset, syphilis is brought on by a human parasite that can attack any organ of the body at any time. Matter of grave concern as an eight-year decline of the disease ended in 1955, and doctors receive scant training in Syphilology. Text in 8 chapters augmented with color photos: Chapter 1, Introduction; 2, The Tools of Modern Diagnosis & Management; 3, The Course of Syphilis; 4, Primary Syphilis; 5, Secondary Syphilis; 6, Latent Syphilis; 7, Syphilis in Pregnancy & Early Congenital Syphilis; 8, Late Congenital Syphilis; and, 9, Late Syphilis, followed by appendix.. Revised Edition of 1961. Hard Cover. New/None As Issued.