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By Levengood, Miriam E.

Lincoln, NB: Back to the Bible, 1981. Text/BRAND NEW. Illustrated soft cover/NF. A practical book designed primarily for Christian women for daily use. Book contains Bible-related information and household-type information; the former is printed on odd-numbered pages, and the latter on the even-numbered pages. This ingenious format, fortified with an index to the rear, allows spiritual fortification along side of tending to household duties. The Biblical information is enriching for the entire family --- for example, pg 55 lists all the miracles performed by Jesus in alphabetical order. Author Miriam Levengood is the Managing Editor of Youth Literature, Back to the Bible Broadcast. Fine copy.. First Edition, First Thus. Paperback. Near Fine/None As Issued. Illus. by Les Remmers (Illustrator).