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A Geophysical Atlas for Interpretation of Satellite-Derived Data. NASA TM 79722

By Lowman, Paul D. Jr. and Frey, Herbert V.

Moffett Field: NASA. Very good condition in stapled wraps. 1979.


Deformations of an Elastic Earth
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Deformations of an Elastic Earth

By Lanzano, Paolo

New York: Academic Press. Very Good Bright condition,ex Arco. 1982. ISBN 0-12-436620-1 .


Stanford Rock Physics & Borehole Geophysics Project, Volume 68.

By Stanford

Stanford: Stanford. Very Good condition, ex-Arco library, in wraps. 1998. 1st edition.


Mathematical Tables for the Approximation of Geophysical Anomalies and Reductions by Interpolation Polynomials

By Kazinskii, V.A.

New York: Pergamon Press. Very Good condition,light shelfwear,ex Sinclair Library. 1960. LOC 60-11973 .


The Radoil Method; A Geophysical Technique for the Direct Location of Oil

By Barrett, William M.

Shreveport: William H. Barrett. Very Good condition,ex Atlantic Richfield,light shelfwear. 1949.


Geophysical and Geochemical Techniques for Exploration of Hydrocarbons and Minerals

By Sittig, Marshall. Editor

Park Ridge, NJ: Noyes Data Corporation. Very Good Bright condition,ex Arco. 1980. ISBN 0-8155-0782-8 .


Solid Earth Geophysics and Geotechnology.

By Nemat-Nasser S. editor

New York: ASME. Very Good Condition in wraps, ex-Arco Oil. 1980. LOC 78-059886 .


Geotechnical Aspects of Coastal and Offshore Structures.

By Balasubramaniam, Yudhbir & Balasubramaniam, A.S. editors

Netherlands: A.A. Balkema. Very Good Condition, ex-lib. 1983. ISBN 90-6191-515-5 .


Elastic Waves in the Earth

By Pilant, Walter L.

Amsterdam: Elsevier Scientific Publish. Very Good condition,light shelfwear,ex Arco. 1979. ISBN 0-444-41798-2 .


Manual on Geophysical Prospecting with the Magnetometer.

By Joyce, J. Wallace

Washington DC: Bureau of Mines. Very Good condition, a little white-out on cover. 1937. 1st edition. American Askania Corp. Early work with Magnetometers. .


Geophysical Determination of Lithology Using Shear Waves and Amplitudes with Offsets - A Progress Update.

By Neidell, Norman S.

Tulsa, OK: AAPG. Very Good Condition, ex-Arco Oil, light shelfwear. 1987. ISBN 0-89181-177-X, light spinefade, paperback .


Geogisica Internacional. Volume 42 Nos 1, 2, 3 2003 3 volumes

By Lomnitz, Cinna editor

Mexico: Instituto Geofisica. as new in wraps, discard sticker. 2003.


Geophysical Case Histories Volume II-1956; A Collection of 53 Papers by 75 Authors

By Lyons, Paul L. Editor

Tulsa: Soc of Exploration Geophysic. Very Good condition,light shelfwear,ex Atlantic Refining. 1956.


Concepts and Techniques in Oil and Gas Exploration

By Jain, Kamal C. and deFigueiredo, Rui J.P. Editors

Tulsa: Society of Exploration Geo. Very Good Bright condition,ex Arco. 1982. ISBN 0-931830-22-2 .


Remote-Sensing Applications for Mineral Exploration.

By Smith, William L. editor

Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania: Dowden, Hutchinson & Ross. Very Good Condition, ex-lib. 1977. ISBN 0-87933-230-1 .


Surface Penetrators for Planetary Exploration: Science Rationale and Development Program. NASA TM 81251

By Murphy, James P. et al

Moffett Field: NASA. Very good condition in stapled wraps. 1981.


Industrial and Exploratory Geophysical Prospecting.

By Zhigach, K.F. editor et. al.

New York: Consultants Bureau. Very Good Condition, Ex Sinclair Research Library. 1963. LOC 62-15541 .


Mining and Groundwater Geophysics/1967 Proceedings of the Canadian Centennial Conference on Mining and Groundwater ...

By Morley, L.W. Editor

Ottawa: Dept of Energy, Mines. Very Good condition,light shelfwear,ex Atlantic Richfield. 1970. Geophysics held at Niagra Falls, Canada, in October 1967 .


UTIG Institute for Geophysics.

By University of Texas

Austin: UT. Very good condition in wraps. 1996.


Geodynamics: Progress and Prospects

By Drake, Charles L. Editor

Washington DC: American Geophysical Union. Very Good condition,ex Arco Oil and Gas library,wraps. 1976.


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