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Water Pollution; Articles from Volumes 4-7 of Environmental Science & Technology

By Miller, Stanton S.

Washington DC: American Chemical Society. Very Good condition,light shelfwear,ex Atlantic Richfield. 1974. ISBN 8412-0192-7 .


Comabatting Oil Spills. Some Economic Aspects.


Paris: OECD. Very Good Bright condition ex lib. 1982. ISBN 92-64-12341-5 .


How to Dispose of Oil and Hazardous Chemical Spill Debris

By Breuel, A. Editor

Park Ridge, NJ: Noyes Data Corporation. Very Good Bright condition,light shelfwear,ex Arco. 1981. ISBN 0-8155-0876-x .


The Pollution of Lakes and Reservoirs.

Nairobi: UNEP. Very Good bright condition, library sticker & stamp. 1994. 1st edition.


Fate and Effects of Produced Water Discharges in Nearshore Marine Waters; Final Report August 22, 1988

By Neff, J.M. et al.

Duxbury: Battelle Ocean Sciences. Very Good Bright condition,in comb binding,wraps,ex Arco. 1988.


Subsurface Contamination Monitoring Using Laser Fluorescence

By Balshaw-Biddle, Katherine and Oubre, Carroll L. and Ward, C. Herb

Boca Raton: Lewis Publishers. Very Good Bright condition,ex-lib. 2000. ISBN 1-55670-481-2 .


Stabilization and Solidification of Hazardous Wastes

By Barth, Edwin F. et al

Park Ridge: Noyes Data Corporation. Very Good Bright condition,ex Arco. 1990. ISBN 0-8155-1245-7 .


Symposium on Environmental Lead Contamination

Washington: USDHEW. Very good condition, in wraps. 1966.


Control of Fugitive and Hazardous Dusts

By Cowherd, C.

Park Ridge, NJ: Noyes Data Corporation. Very Good Bright tight condition, hardback ex Arco. 1990. ISBN 0-8155-1253-8 .


Technology of Environmental Pollution Control, Second Edition.

By Shaheen, Esber I.

Tulsa, OK: PennWell Books. Very Good Condition, ex-lib. 1992. 2nd Edition. ISBN 0-87814-367-X .


Prevention and Control of Oil Spills Proceedings of Joint Conference March 13-15, 1973 Washington, D.C.

By American Petroleum Institute

Washington DC: American Petroleum Inst. Very Good condition,light shelfwear,ex Atlantic Richfield,wraps. 1973.