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The Statistical Mechanics of Simple Liquids; An Intoduction to the Theory of Equilibrium and Non-Equilibrium Phenomena Vol 8

By Rice, Stuart and Gray, Peter

New York: Interscience Publishers. Very Good condition,light shelfwear,ex Sinclair. 1965. LOC 65-14731 .


Rational Extended Thermodynamics. Second Edition
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Rational Extended Thermodynamics. Second Edition

By Muller, Ingo and Ruggeri, Tommaso

New York: Springer. Very good bright condition, hardback ex lib. 1993. 2nd edition. ISBN 0-387-98373-2 .


Thermodynamics of Multicomponent Systems

By Sage, Bruce H.

New York: Reinhold Publishing Corp. Very Good condition, light shelfwear,ex-lib. 1965.


Two Lectures on Chemical Thermodynamics

By Tunell, George

tunell. Very good condition in binder. 1986. Copy of his typed lectures .