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Pro-Life Publications From ACP Family Bookstore


Ending Abortion: Not Just Fighting It

By Pavone, Frank A

"In this thoughtful book, Father Frank Pavone offers us a very helpful and wide-ranging series of essays on promoting life in our contemporary society. Ending Abortion: Not Just Fighting It is both encouraging and challenging for all of us who are concerned about respect for human life in American society. --Most Rev. Francis Kane, auxiliary bishop of the Chicago Archdiocese


Hymns for Human Life
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Hymns for Human Life

By Gilligan, Michael

Hymns and metrical Psalms excerpted from the American Catholic Hymnbook, the only hymnal of its kind to feature such pro-life hymns. Each song is presented with full text, melody line, chord symbols, and commentary: Many of these songs have a Scriptural antecedent, presented on the bottom of the page. If you wish, Hymns for Human Life could be used as a supplementary hymnal, in the pews, for example, for meetings of your parish pro-life committee or for similar gatherings. The cover of this 9 x 12 booklet is in full color, of two editions of the American Catholic Hymnbook, hardcover and perfect binding. 18 pages. Please note that this item is an 18-page brochure, as in the photo above; it is not the American Catholic Hymnbook itself. This is a brochure about the hymnbook.


Won by Love
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Won by Love

By McCorvey, Norma (Jane Roe)

In Roe v. Wade, perhaps the most controversial U.S. Supreme Court decision, Norma McCorvey fought for and won the right to secure an abortion. Though she never went through that procedure, under the pseudonym "Jane Roe," Norma reluctantly became the poster child for the pro-choice movement. Over the next two decades, Norma experienced the grief and despair of millions of women who chose to abort their babies. She witnessed the destruction of thousands of human lives in abortion clinics where she worked. The "champion" of the pro-choice movement was soon being crushed by the weight of so much pain, so much death, and so many ill-considered "choices." Finally, she began to break. She found out that the real choice she had been burdened with was not about abortion but about eternal life. It was a choice that would shock the world and change Norma's life forever.