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Reconciliation (sacrament of penance) From ACP Family Bookstore


Rite of Penance

By Roman Ritual

This is the 1975 edition of the Rite of Penance; it was one of the last reforms of the Roman Rite, coming out some time after the Lectionary, Sacramentary, and other books.  There are four principal chapters.  The first is the Rite for Reconciliation of Individual Penitents.  The second chapter is the Rite for Reconciliation of Several Pentitents, with individual confession and absolution.  The third chapter is the Rite for Reconciliation of Several Penitents, with general confession and absolution.  This third form is almost never used in the U.S.  The fourth chapter provides various texts for the sacrament of reconciliation.   There are also three appendices.  The first is absolution from censures and dispensation from irregularity.  The second is a set of penitential services.  However, these services lack music, even for the Psalms; there is no music for hymns, acclamations, etc.  The third appendix is an examination of conscience.


Rite of Penance: Commentaries: Background and Directions, The

By Mitchell, Nathan

Excellent articles on penance, mostly by Nathan Mitchell, the editor of this volume. This is the third volume of a three-part series on the newly promulgated Rite of Penance.


Loved and Forgiven: Preparation for Reconciliation

By Brown, Joan

This is a book for families, helping parents and children together to understand and share the child's preparation for the sacrament of reconciliation (penance/confession).