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Sacraments of Initiation From ACP Family Bookstore


Confirmation: The Baby in Solomon's Court

By Turner, Paul

The late Father Aidan Kavanagh, OSB, professor of liturgics at Yale Divinity School, said that this book "is the most inclusive and accessible introduction to confirmation and its mutations in all the major Churches, East and West." He said that this book scrutinizes both strong and weak points in the seven models of confirmation now extant. This book, says Father Kavanagh, should be required reading for pastors, catechists, and directors of religious education. The author, Father Paul Turner, was chosen in 2006 to be the president of the North American Academy of Litury. He holds a doctorate in theology from the University of San Anselmo in Rome, where he specialized in the sacraments. He has written widely on Christian initiation, sacraments, catechesis, and the spiritual life. He is also a pastor in the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph. This is a valuable and important book.


Worship: Initiation and the Churches

By Mitchell, Leonel

In this book, the author traces the history of the rites of initiation and shows how Churches today are converging in their baptismal practice. Though written in an ecumenical spirit, the author neither avoids problems nor minimizes the differences that remain among various liturgical traditions. He has himself been involved directly in continuing reform of initiation rites in the Protestant Episcopal Church in the USA, usually simply known as the Episcopal Church. He has also taught at the University of Notre Dame and at Seabury Western Theological Seminary. While previously published, the essays in this book have been updated and revised by the author; they reflect his sustained, competent, and scholarly work in this specific area of liturgical studies, since 1961.


The Awe-Inspiring Rites of Initation: Baptismal Homilies of the Fourth Century

By Yarnold, Edward

After a detailed analysis of the rites of initation and the Mass, the author provides homilies of Cyril of Jerusalem, Ambrose of Milan, John Chrysostom of Constantinople, and Theodore of Mopsuestia. Appendices provide the Apostolic Tradition of Hippolytus and the revised Roman rite of baptism. This is a classic work on intiation, of the late twentieth century.


Made, Not Born: New Perspectives on Christian Initiation and the Catechumenate

By Murphy Center for Liturgical Research, The

Green hardcover, smyth-sewn binding in good shape. In this anthology, here are the essays: "Christian Initiation: Tactics and Strategy" by Aidan Kavanagh, OSB. "Christian Initation in the New Testament" by Reginald H. Fuller. "Development of the Christian Catechumenate" by Robert M. Grant. "Dissolution of the Rite of Christian Initiation" by Nathan D. Mitchell. "Christian Initiation: The Reformation Period" by Leonel L. Mitchell. "Christian Initiation: Post Reformation to the Present Era" by Daniel B. Stevick. "Christian Initiation of Adults: The Rites" by Aidan Kavanagh, OSB. "Christian Initiation: The State of the Questin" by Ralph A. Keifer. "Hope for the Future: A Summary" by Robert W. Hovda. This is an eminently valuable book, still informative and enlightening. This is a book you will want to keep and consult in the future; the hardcover edition would, therefore, be your first choice.


Made, Not Born: New Perspectives on Christian Initiation and the Catechumenate

By Murphy Center for Liturgical Research

Cover is faded; page edges are smudged. Interior of book and pages are ok. In this anthology, here are the essays: This is an eminently valuable book, still informative and enlightening.


Stories for Christian Initiation

By Juknialis, Joseph J

Help catechumens tell their own stories! You can open new doors for discussion and faith-sharing when you adapt these stories to your group. These narratives fit easily into every step of the RCIA, from precatechumenate to initiation to mystagogia. The author, Father Joseph J. Juknailis is pastor of Blessed Trinity parish in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He teaches homiletics and gives workshops on the use of storytelling in child-centered prayer.


Baptism in the Medieval West

By Fisher, J.D.C

A 2004 reprint, this book introduces the reader to primary sources of the liturgy, in the West. The author shows how the primitive rite of intiation gradually disintegrated. Fisher groups the material geographically: Rome, from John the Deacon and the Gelasian Sacramentary to the twelfth century. Milan and northern Italy, from Ambrose to the Ordo of Beroldus. Gaul and Germany, from the seventh to the twelfth century. Spain, from Isidore of Seville to the Mozarabic Liber Ordinum. This is a classic work, especially important now that in the U.S. people are restoring the traditional order of the sacraments of initiation: baptism first, then confirmation, then first Eucharist. "Fisher's own scholarship is a sterling example of the value of getting back to the sources. There is no question that liturgy has been vastly improved today because we have had better contact with its sources. We understand from them how and why people prayed at different times in history, which ceremonies carried over, which were abandoned, and perhaps which should have been abandoned but were not. The field of liturgical history has been extremely helpful in our recent revisions of the rites of Christian initiation." --Father Gerard Austin, O.P.