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The Protest Years : The Official History of ASIO, Volume II, 1963-75

By Blaxland, John

Sydney: Allen & Unwin, 2015. 1st edition. dust jacket. Nice Copy. 8vo.. xxv + 565pp., b/w pls., notes, bibliog., index, Robert Menzies had been in office for 13 years, Australians had entered a partnership with the US in a hopeless & doomed war against communism in Vietnam. Also details of the encroachment of ASIO in the lives of ordinary progressive Australians


Official and Confidential: The Secret Life of J. Edgar Hoover

By Summers, Anthony

New York: Putnam, 1993. 2nd printing. dust jacket. Nice Copy. 8vo.. 528pp., b/w pls., bibliog., index, Includes evidence that the US Mafia were immune from FBI pursuit for 25 years due to their knowledge of Hoover’s Homosexuality. Neat ownership signature & gift label o/w nice copy


Churchill and Secret Service

By Stafford, David

London: Abacus, 2001. reprint. stiff wrappers. As New. sm. 8vo.. xviii + 462pp., b/w pls., bibliog., index, Fascinating account of Churchills interaction with the Secret Service from the Boer War to WWII


The Secret Servant: The Life of Sir Stewart Menzies, Churchill’s Spymaster

By Brown, Anthony Cave

New York: MacMillan, 1987. 1st edition. dust jacket. Very Good. 8vo.. 830pp., b/w pls., appends., bibliog., index, The Secret Life of Sir Stewart Menzies, Spymaster to Winston Churchill. Great biography. Binding a little tender & paper toning o/w a very good copy


Rush to Judgment: A Critique of the Warren Commission's Inquiry into the Murders of President John F. Kennedy, Officer J. D. Tippit and Lee Harvey Oswald

By Lane, Mark

New York: Holt Rinehart Winston, 1966. 2nd printing. dust jacket. Nice Copy. 8vo.. 478pp., colour & b/w plates, maps & plans, appends., index, A very detailed analysis of the evidence soon after the event which conclusively proves that Oswald was not the only assassin, if an assassin at all. Neat ownership signature o/w nice copy in like unclipped dust jacket


A Matter of Trust, MI5 1945-72

By West, Nigel,

London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1982. 1st edition. dust jacket. Nice Copy. 8vo.. 196pp., b/w pls., appends., index, History of Internal British intelligence operations from the beginnings of the Cold War. Asks the question was Sir Roger Hollis a Traitor ?


The Entity: Five Centuries of Secret Vatican Espionage

By Frattini, Eric

London: JR Books, 2009. 1st edition. dust jacket. As New. sm. 8vo.. x + 431pp., b/w pls., bibliog., index, Details of the sacred secret service, including its role in the killing of monarchs, poisoning of diplomats, laundering of mafia money, financing of arms sales, all in the name of God.


The London Cage

By Scotland, Lt.-Col. A. P.

London: Evans, 1957. 1st edition. dust jacket. Nice Copy. 8vo.. 271pp., frontis., b/w pls., index, Noted War-time Interrogator with British Intelligence, who at one time served with the German Army in German South-West Africa, and who later became Chief Officer of the War Crimes Investigation Unit


Deep Black

By Burrows, William E.

London: Bantam Press, 1988. 1st edition. dust jacket. As New. 8vo.. xxi + 401pp., b/w pls., glossary, bibliog., index, The Secrets of Space Espionage


Writers Defiled: Security Surveillance of Australian Authors and Intellectuals 1920-1960

By Capp, Fiona

Lanham: McPhee Gribble, 1933. 1st edition. stiff wrappers. Nice Copy. 8vo.. xvi + 239pp., b/w plates, notes, bibliog., index, Paper toning o/w a nice copy. Great read


The Butcher's Embrace: The Philby Conspirators in Washington

By Newton, Verne W.

London: MacDonald, 1991. 1st edition. dust jacket. As New. 8vo.. xvi + 448pp., b/w plates, sources, bibliog., index, Chronicles the pivotal moves in a high-stakes geopolitical poker game played between 1944 and 1951 when, at various times, Soviet agents Donald Maclean, Kim Philby and Guy Burgess were posted to the British Embassy in Washington


The Philby Files: The Secret Life of the Master Spy - KGB Archives Revealed

By Borovik, Genrikh [Knightley, Phillip (Ed.)]

London: Little, Brown, 1994. 1st edition. dust jacket. As New. 8vo.. xx + 382pp., b/w plates, index, Particularly interesting in view of Philby’s role as liaison officer in Washington during WW2


Soldier, Spy: A Survivor’s Tale

By Gregg, Victor

London: Bloomsbury, 2015. 1st edition. dust jacket. As New. 8vo.. xiv + 239pp., index, An astonishing memoir of one ordinary man and soldier, Victor Gregg, as he resumes civilian life after WW2 & becomes a spy


The Psychology of Intelligence Analysis

By Heuer, Richard J. Jr.

np: Central Intelligence Agency, (1999). 1st ed. thus. stiff wrappers. Nice Copy. 8vo.. xxv + 184pp., text ills., The Psychology of Intelligence Analysis has been required reading for intelligence officers studying the art and science of intelligence analysis for decades. Author discusses in the book how fundamental limitations in human mental processes can prompt people to jump to conclusions and employ other simplifying strategies that lead to predictably faulty judgements known as cognitive biases’


London Calling North Pole

By Giskes, H. J.

London: Kimber, 1953. 2nd edition. dust jacket. Nice Copy. 8vo.. 208pp., An Incredible Disclosure by the former Chief of German Counter- Espionage in Holland. Tells of the Duel between SOE in London & German Counter-Espionage in Holland


War Resistance and Intelligence: Collected Essays in Honour of M. R.D. Foot

By Robertson, K. G.

Barnsley: Leo Cooper, 1999. 1st edition. dust jacket. As New. 8vo.. xxv + 262pp., bibliog., index, 15 essays inc. Historical revisionism about the origins of 20th Century wars; The emergence of Colonel Mihailovic by radio; Chuchill & Intelligence


Propaganda and World Public Order: The Legal Regulation of the Ideological Instrument of Coercian

By Murty, B. S.

New Haven: Yale U. P., 1968. 1st edition. orig. cloth. Nice Copy. 8vo.. xv + 310pp., index, Much of military interest inc. Nuremberg trials & US radio propaganda in the Middle East


The Boers and the War, from the Impartial Foreigners’ Point of View: A History in Brief (1652-1902)

By [S.N.D.] St. John, Sir Frederick R.

London: Simkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co, 1902. 1st edition. orig. cloth. Very Good. sm. 8vo.. xx + 120pp., colour & b/w plates, maps, appends., bibliog., index, ‘containing chapters on the cause and commencement of the war; the gold discovery and the consequences it entailed; question of intervention; possible peace terms; the women and children and the concentration camps, tent life &c.; enemies to peace. With further notes; atrocity charges dealt with; terms of peace; surrender agreement, &c.. Compiled principally from the writings of eminent Swiss and other European publicists. Collated, translated, and arranged by S.N.D. ... with confirmatory note by Sir Frederick R. St. John. Lacks front end paper o/w a very good copy of a very scarce title


Pine Gap – The Inside Sory of the NSA in Australia

By Rosenberg, David

Melbourne: Hardie Grant, 2011. 1st edition. stiff wrappers. As New. 8vo.. 216pp., col. & b/w pls., maps, appends., bibliog., Account of the activities of the joint Australia-US facility at Pine Gap by a US electronic intelligence agent who served there. Originally published as Inside Pine Gap


The Official History of ASIO 1949-1963 Volume I: The Spy Catchers

By Horner, David

Sydney: Allen & Unwin, 2015. reprint. stiff wrappers. Nice Copy. 8vo.. xxvi + 710pp., b/w pls., appendix, bibliog., index, Best of the histories; usual thorough David Horner research


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