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The War of Wars: The Great European Conflict 1793-1815

By Harvey, Robert

New York: Carroll & Graf, 2006. 1st edition. dust jacket. As New. 8vo.. xxviii + 804pp., b/w plates, maps, bibliog., index, Account of the first truly ‘global war.’ ‘Reaching from the frozen plains surrounding Moscow to the waters of the Caribbean, from the debating chamber of Parliament to the muddy fields of Waterloo’


The Recollections of Rifleman Harris as told to Henry Curling

By Hibbert, Christopher (ed.)

London: Military Book society, 1977. 1st ed. thus. dust jacket. Nice Copy. 8vo.. ix + 128pp., index, Adventures of a Soldier of the 95th Rifles during the Peninsular Campaign of the Napoleonic Wars


Waterloo, New Perspectives

By Hamilton-Williams, David

London: Brockhampton, 1999. 1st ed. thus. dust jacket. Nice Copy. 8vo.. 416pp., b/w pls., maps, plans, appends., index, The Great Battle Reappraised. Fascinating analysis


Waterloo, Napoleon’s Last Gamble

By Roberts, Andrew

London: Harper Collins, 2005. 1st edition. dust jacket. As New. sm. 8vo.. 143pp., b/w pls., maps, plans, appends., bibliog., index, Making history series


Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte: 4 volumes

By De Bourrienne, [Louis Antoine Fauvelet]

London: Richard Bentley, 1836. 2nd edition. 3/4 leather. Very Good. 8vo.. xxi + 392, xii + 404, viii + 400, iv + 420pp., frontis.(4), steel engraved plates, maps, index, Translated from the French. de Bourrienne was Napoleon’s private secretary. Leather binding worn & fading to marbled boards but overall tight copies. Lacks free front end papers & light foxing to verso of frontis. o/w internally nice copies


Napoleon, His Wives and Women

By Hibbert, Christopher

London: Harper Collins, 2002. 1st edition. dust jacket. Nice Copy. 8vo.. xiv + 381pp., col. & b/w pls., bibliog., index, Neat ownership signature o/w nice copy


Bonaparte in Egypt

By Herold, J. Christopher

London: Hamish Hamilton, 1962. 1st edition. orig. cloth. Very Good. 8vo.. xii + 424pp., maps, plans, bibliog., index, ‘A fascinating study of the military, political, and cultural background to Bonaparte’s Egyptian adventure’


Tactics and the Experience of Battle in the Age of Napoleon

By Muir, Rory

New haven: Yale U. P., 1998. 1st edition. dust jacket. As New. 8vo.. x + 342pp., maps, notes, bibliog., index, ‘What actually happened in battle in Napoleonic times & how the participants' feelings and reactions influenced the outcome of battles. Written with use of contemporary memoirs, diaries & letters.’


Lavallette Bruce His Adventures and Intrigues Before and After Waterloo

By Bruce, Ian

London: Hamish Hamilton, 1953. 1st edition. orig. cloth. Nice Copy. 8vo.. xiv + 342pp., frontis., b/w plates, fldg. map, bibliog., index, Some small stamps of the Parliament of Victoria Library


Marshal Ney: The Bravest of the Brave

By Atteridge, A. H.

Barnsley: Pen and Sword, 2005. 1st ed. thus. stiff wrappers. As New. 8vo.. 224pp., maps, index, Originally published in 1912



By Hooper, George

London: MacMillan, 1906. reprint. orig. cloth. Very Good. sm. 8vo.. vi + 254pp., frontis., illusts., Covers Wellington’s Indian & Napoleonic Service. Nice little volume


The Wars Against Napoleon: Debunking the Myth of the Napoleonic Wars

By Franceschi, Michel & Ben Weider

New York: Savas Beatie, 2008. 1st edition. dust jacket. Nice Copy. 8vo.. xi + 227pp., col. pls., maps & plans, index, A classic piece of historical revisionism: Napoleon was fundamentally pacifist & sought to avoid war at any cost (probably bought flowers for his mum as well)


Mrs Adams in Winter: A Journey in the Last Days of Napoleon

By O'Brien, Michael

London: Croom Helm, 1982. 1st edition. dust jacket. Very Good. sm. 8vo.. 216pp., bibliog., index, Account of a 40 day journey, in early 1815, by Louisa Adams from St. Petersburg to Paris to meet her husband John Quincy Adams. Travelling through the Baltic, to Prussia, across Germany into France. An interesting view of Europe enthralled by Napoleon’s escape from Elba about to be tested on the field of Waterloo


Napoleon’s Military Machine

By Haythornthwaite, Philip, J.

Staplehurst: Spellmount, 1988. 2nd printing. dust jacket. Nice Copy. quarto. 200pp., col. & b/w pls., maps, plans, glossary, appends., bibliog., Excellent, well-illustrated account of Napoleon’s Army


The Reminiscences and Recollections of Captain Gronow: Being Anecdotes of the Camp, Court, Clubs & Society 1810-1860, Volume One

By Gronow, Captain [Joseph Grego (illusts.)]

London: John C. Nimmo, 1900. 1st edition. pictorial boards. Very Good. 8vo.. 353pp., frontis., illusts., index, With some small stamps & label of the Portland Free Library Museum & Literary Institute on the front paste-down. Front hinge tender & blue boards a little rubbed o/w a very good copy


How the French Won Waterloo (or Think They Did)

By Clarke, Stephen

London: Century, 2015. 1st edition. stiff wrappers. Very Good. 8vo.. xvi + 287pp., colour plates, appends., index, Chapters include: Napoleon was a Peace-Lover; Napoleon didn’t loose the Battle (Everyone else did); ‘Merde’ to Wellington, the Loser; Napoleon Flees... to Victory


Napoleon & Wellington

By Roberts, Andrew

New York: Simon & Schuster, 2001. 1st edition. dust jacket. As New. 8vo.. xxxiv + 350pp., col. & b/w pls., maps, bibliog., index, A Parallel Biography. Fascinating study charting the lives of the two great protagonists


Wellington’s Army 1809-1814

By Oman, Sir Charles

London: Greenhill, 2006. 1st edition. dust jacket. Nice Copy. 8vo.. viii + 395pp., bibliog., index, First published 1913


1812, Napoleon’s Fatal March on Moscow

By Zamoyski, Adam

London: Harper Collins, 2004. 1st edition. stiff wrappers. Nice Copy. 8vo.. xxvi + 644pp., b/w pls., maps, sources, index, Account of a campaign neither side wanted to fight. Much original material drawn from French, Russian & Polish sources


1812, Eye-Witness Accounts of Napoleon’s Defeat in Russia

By Brett-James, Antony

London: MacMillan, 1966. 1st edition. dust jacket. Nice Copy. 8vo.. viii + 308pp., b/w pls., maps, plans, bibliog., index, Includes several unusual accounts by the Russian defenders & peasants


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