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Flowers, Skulls, Contacts

By BAILEY, David

Steidl,, 2010. What do flowers, skulls and contact sheets have in common? Not much you might think, but David Bailey begs to differ. This book combines Bailey's recent colour photographs of still-life flowers and skulls, with black and white contacts of his iconic celebrity portraiture and fashion work from the 1960s. One might analyze Bailey's combination of these bodies of work in light of the vanitas tradition, seeing it as a commentary on mortality and the passing of time. Indeed such a reading is tempting when comparing images of wilting roses with contacts of Brian Jones and John Lennon, both of whom appear confident in the prime of youth, unaware of the fates that will befall them. But perhaps this is too much, and Bailey himself would probably tell you so. For him, the flowers, skulls and contacts are simply different projects that he was working on simultaneously and decided to combine because he likes the idea of "eclectic collections". Enough said. David Bailey, born in London in 1938, is one of the most successful photographers of his generation. By the 1960s his work, especially for Vogue, had already made him a cult figure. Exhibition: Hamiltons Gallery, London, June 2010.. Hardback, 330x260mm, 300p, 240 colour illustrations, English edition photography


Exile at home. Photographs by Frederic Brenner. Poems by Yehuda Amichai.

By BRENNER, Frederic

New York,: Harry N. Abrams., 1998.. 32, 5 cm. 124 photographs. Cloth binding, dust jacket. New copy. photography


Portraits/Visages 1853-2003
stock photo

Portraits/Visages 1853-2003

By AUBENAS, Sylvie & BIROLEAU, Anne (dir.)

Paris,: BNF/Gallimard,, 2003.. 2-07-011772-3 Catalogue de l'exposition. Dans la collection 'Galerie de photographie'. 25 cm. Illustrations. Soft cover. photography


Cruel and tender. The real in the twentieth-century photograph

By DEXTER, Emma & WESKI, Thomas (ed.)

London,: TATE,, 2003.. Exhibition catalogue. With contributions by David Campany and Susanne Lange. The tension between engagement and estrangement lies at the heart of many of the works featured in this book, from Walker Evans' studies of starving US sharecroppers in the 1930s, to Boris Michaelov's contemporary images of the homeless and the dispossessed in the former USSR. The book is published to coincide with the first ever major photography exhibition to be staged at Tate Modern.. 30 cm. 288 pp. Cloth binding and dust jacket. New copy. photography


The Nature of Photographs : a primer

By SHORE, Stephen

Phaidon,, 2007.. "The Nature of Photographs" is a primary tool for critical analysis and the understanding of photography in general. As one of the photographers who established colour photography as a legitimate medium of artistic expression in the early 1970s and an influential and important teacher of both the theory and practice of photography, Stephen Shore is the ideal guide to the subject of 'how' to look at photographs. By putting himself in the shoes of the photographers, he imagines the concerns or approach to the subject or concept they may have had when they were taking the picture.. 128 pages, 26 col, 60 b&w ill., hardback photography|new books


Tango. Spiegel van mijn passie.

By VAN ASSCHE, Pol & VAN LAERE, Stefaan.

Oostkamp,: Stichting Kunstboek,, 1999.. 33 cm. 126 pp. Ill. Soft cover. Nieuw. photography


In relatie tot Van Gogh, fotografie van tijdgenoten. In relation to Van Gogh, photography by contemporaries


Amsterdam,: Stedelijk Museum,, 1990.. 112 pp, paperback photography|tentoonstellingscataloog


Photographes Made in Hungary

By KINCSES, Károly

Milan,: Actes Sud/MOTTA,, 1998. Traduit du hongrois par Natalia et Charles Zaremba.. 28 cm. 320 pp. Illustrations. Soft cover. photography


Dance ink photographs

By MILLER, J. Abbott & TARR, Patsy (ed.)

London,: Thames and Hudson,, 1997.. Provocative images -of dancers, choreographers and performance artists - are conceived as a duet between artist and photographer, forming a dialogue that plays out in the pages of this extraordinary book. With beautifully written essays on five key choreographers who have shaped contemporary dance -Merce Cunningham, Paul Taylor, Twyla Tharp, Trisha Brown and Mark Morris.. 30,5 cm. 192 pp. Designed by J. Abbott Miller. Essays by Nancy Dalva. Soft cover. New copy. photography


Red Journey


Tielt,: Lannoo,, 2009.. Back to the USSR met fotograaf Nick Hannes - Fotograaf Nick Hannes reisde in 2007 en 2008 een jaar lang door de vijftien voormalige Sovjetrepublieken en fotografeerde er de uiteenlopende gevolgen van de val van de Sovjet-Unie in 1991. - Indringende foto's van een regio in volle ontwikkeling en getekend door contrasten, met extreme rijkdom te midden van mensonterende armoede, gouden cultusbeelden van nieuwe dictators in steden van schroot. 144 pp, photography by Nick Hannes (°1974). Text in Dutch and English. Hard cover new books|photography


Thoreau Country. Photographs and Text Selections from the Works of H.D. Thoreau by Herbert W. Gleason.


San Francisco,: Sierra Club books,, 1975.. Edited by Mark Silber. Introduction by Paul Brooks.. 34 cm, 144 pp. Duotone illustrations. Soft cover. Good copy. photography


Exits: living fashion
stock photo

Exits: living fashion

By THOMAS, Katrin & UDÉ, Iké

Zürich - New York,: Stemmle,, 1999.. Text in English. The photographer Katrin Thomas moves adeptly between the opposing poles of fashion and art photography. She employs a technique of staged improvisation in dealing with existing aesthetic concepts, exposing the familiar cliches of the omnipresent media with a fine sense of irony. Her photos draw attention to themselves, creating the impression that the photrographer is conveying a mysterious narrative describing close relationship between the actors in her scenes, the locations and the situations in which they are staged. Illustrated primarily in color.. 27 x 34 cm. 126 pp. Ill. Hard cover and dust jacket. New copy. ISBN 3908161762. fashion


This is Belgium


The Word,, 2014.. Where fuss doesn't exist. Where bread is bought from automatic dispensers. Where beer is cheaper than water. Where French is spoken with an accent. Where perception is everything. Where highways stay up late at night. Where Big Macs are called Giants. Where Schaatje means darling. Where parliaments come by the dozen. Where poems are written for pigeons. Where millionaires drive VWs. Where popcorn meant music. Where New Beat was born. A special edition guide book with the best local Art, Food, Photography, Music, Travel and Neighbourhood tips from the magazine's team of editors. Following years of documenting the country's many creative facets, The Word Magazine is finally bringing its special online dossier, The Best of Belgium, to print in the form of a killer compact-size guide, This is Belgium. The guide comes complete with a free downloadable app and includes Belgian-only Art, Music, Travel, Food and Neighbourhood tips from the magazine's team of editors.. 23 x 16 cm, 164 p, colour illustrations. Text in English.


NY Js Db 62

By BAILEY, David

Steidl,, 2007. In January 1962, still in his early twenties, David Bailey fulfilled a dream that dated back to his years in Singapore, serving in the Royal Air Force. Heading to the USA, home of the Jazz musicians that had inspired him and the source of his original ambition to be a trumpet-player, Bailey was on his first foreign trip for Vogue, together with his model and girlfriend, Jean Shrimpton. The impact of the early Bailey/Shrimpton collaborations set new standards that helped put Britain back on the world map of popular culture. And the attack on the generational chasm Bailey spearheaded is underlined by the warning he was given that, as a representative of Vogue, he was not to wear his leather jacket in the St Regis Hotel.. Author: Martin Harrison. English edition. Hardback, 330x260mm, 72p, 3 colour illustrations, 27 bw and col. illustrations photography


The Low Sky in pictures : Understanding the Dutch

By HORST, Han van der

Scriptum,. In his successful book 'The Low Sky', historian and publicist Han van der Horst explained not only how Dutch society works, but how it came to be that way. In the process, he sketched the dilemmas and taboos of modern Holland, and offered a run-down of the main themes of public debate.. 144 pages, color photography. Hard cover. New copy Nederland|new books|photography