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Traditional Japanese Furniture. A definitive guide.

By Koizumi, Kazuko.

Tokyo/New York (Kodansha International), 1986.. 223pp. Prof. illus. Lrg. 4to. Cloth. D.j.


The Art Deco Style in Household Objects, Architecture, Sculpture, Graphics, Jewelry. 468 authentic examples.

By Menten, Theodore.

New York (Dover Publications), 1972.. 182pp. Prof. illus. 4to. Wraps.


Bronze Vessels of Ancient China in the Avery Brundage Collection. By René-Yvon Lefebvre d’Argencé.

By San Francisco. Asian Art Museum.

San Francisco, 1977.. 144pp. 60 color plates. Sq. 4to. Wraps.


GERT H. WOLLHEIM: Die wilden Jahre, 1919-1925. Mit dem Werkverzeichnis der Druckgraphik bearbeitet von Michael Euler-Schmidt und Herbert Remmert.

By Roters, Eberhard & Euler-Schmidt, Michael.

Düsseldorf (Galerie Remmert und Barth), 1984.. 108pp. Prof. illus. (partly in color). Sm. 4to. Wraps. D.j. Published in conjunction with an exhibition at the Galerie Remmert und Barth, Düsseldorf, Sept.-Nov. 1984, celebrating the 90th birthday of the artist.


Emperor, Scholar, Artisan, Monk: The Creative Personality in Chinese Works of Art. Catalogue by Paul Moss.

By London. Sydney L. Moss, Ltd.

London, 1984.. 4 vols. [1.] Catalogue. 288pp. 132 color plates. [2.] Beautiful Scenery of Peach Blossom Spring. With Fan Ch’ang-ch’ien’s Peach Blossom Spring Poem (1638). (16)-pp. folding color plate. [3.] The Seventh Nan-Hsün-T’u Handscroll: From Wu-Shi to Suchou (1691-1698). (24)-pp. folding color plate. [4.] Prince I’s Lan-T’ing Ink Rubbing Compilation (1592). (32)-pp. folding color plate. Lrg. 4to. Wraps. & Sm. oblong 4to. Boards. Slipcase. Issued as a boxed ensemble, with catalogue and three hardbound leporellos.


WILL KÜPPER: Ölbilder, Aquarelle, Zeichnungen, Holzschnitte, 1912-1966.

By Küpper, Käte (editor).

Brühl (The Editor), 1978.. 132pp. Prof. illus. (partly in color). Sm. oblong 4to. Wraps. Texts by Herbert Griebitzsch, Erich Heck, and Paul Loskill.



By Soby, James Thrall.

New York (The Museum of Modern Art), 1959.. 164pp. 148 illus. (35 color). Sq. 4to. Cloth.


The Golden Age of Chinese Archaeology. Celebrated discoveries from the People’s Republic of China. Edited by Xiaoneng Yang. Sept. 1999-Jan. 2000.

By Washington. National Gallery of Art.

Washington, 1999.. 583pp. Prof. illus. Lrg. stout 4to. Wraps.


Thracian Treasures from Bulgaria. Jan.-March 1976.

By London. British Museum.

London, 1976.. 96pp. Prof. illus. Sm. sq. 4to. Wraps.


Illusionism & Trompe l’Oeil. May-June 1949. Foreword by Thomas Carr Howe, Jr.; texts by Jermayne MacAgy, Alfred Frankenstein, and Douglas MacAgy.

By San Francisco. California Palace of the Legion of Honor.

San Francisco, 1949.. 78pp. Prof. illus. 4to. Wraps.


Arts of the Chou Dynasty. Feb.-March 1958. Introductory text by John D. La Plante.

By Stanford. Stanford University. Museum and Art Gallery.

Stanford, 1958.. 64pp. 207 illus. Oblong 4to. Wraps.


Das Dresdner Schloss: Monument sächsischer Geschichte und Kultur. Dritte erweiterte und durchgesehene Auflage.

By Dresden. Staatliche Kunstsammlungen.

Dresden, 1992.. 180pp. Prof. illus. (35 color). 4to. Cloth. D.j.


Lamb./ Cordero. Images by John Baldessari; story by Meg Cranston.

By BALDESSARI, JOHN & Cranston, Meg.

Valencia (IVAM, Centre Julio González), [1989].. (12)pp. 9 color illus. Sm. 8vo. Wraps. Parallel texts in English and Spanish. “This book was produced as a supplement to an installation created for IVAM, Valencia, Spain, May 1989.”


H. Erni, H. Schiess, K. Seligmann, S.H. Taeuber-Arp, G. Vulliamy. Texte par Anatole Jakovski.

By Jakovsky, Anatole.

Paris (Edition Abstraction Création), 1934.. 65, (3)pp. 65 illus. Lrg. 4to. Wraps. A rare publication of “Abstraction Création.” A fine copy.


Islamic Textiles.

By Baker, Patricia L.

London (British Museum Press), 1995.. 192pp. 134 illus. (76 color). 4to. Boards. D.j.


A Color Atlas for Fiber Identification.

By Graff, John H.

Appleton, Wisconsin (The Institute of Paper Chemistry), 1940.. 27, (1)pp., 5 plates illustrating hundreds of color samples. Loosely inserted (as issued); envelope imprinted “Color Plates from Graff’s Color Atlas,” with unbound duplicates of the 5 plates. Sm. folio. Dec. boards, 1/4 cloth (wire-bound within). Slipcase (boards).


GAUDI. June-Sept. 1971. (Pionniers du XXe Siécle. 2.)

By Paris. Musée des Arts Décoratifs.

Paris, 1971.. 117, (9)pp. Prof. illus. (2 color plates hors texte). Sm. 4to. Dec. wraps.


Character and Costume in Turkey and Italy. Designed and drawn from nature. With descriptive letter-press by Emily Reeve.

By ALLOM, THOMAS & Reeve, Emily.

London/Paris (Fisher, Son & Co.), n.d.. 23, (1)pp., 20 lithographs including illustrated half-title (most with pale yellow tint), printed by C. Hullmandel. Tissue guards. Folio. Publisher’s cloth gilt (somewhat soiled, expertly rebacked with portions of the original backstrip). Blackmer describes another issue, differently tinted and paginated, and with one further plate: “?First edition. About half the plates (the Turkish subjects) have been lithographed from drawings which appeared as steel engravings in Walsh’s ‘Constantinople and the Scenery of the Seven Churches of Asia Minor,’ 1838. Allom had contributed to that work along with several other artists, and Fisher and Son were also its publishers. The plates here have been lithographed in a grey tint by Hullmandel. Allom traveled in the East probably between 1836-1837.... Nothing seems to be known of Emma Reeve; this appears to be her only publication” (Blackmer). Blackmer’s allusion to “Emma Reeve” is not a misprint; the Blackmer Corrigenda notes that NUC lists two issues of the work, with different collations: one, like the present copy, credited to “Emily,” dated “[1839],” and another to “Emma,” dated “[1843].” Our copy conforms to the collation of those at the Library of Congress and Harvard. “The series consists of twelve Italian subjects, and eight of Turkey, embodying many peculiarities of custom, manners, and dress, which have been seldom referred to by travellers, and never given to the public in a form like the present” (preface).  Intermittent foxing, as is usual with this work, confined mostly to the margins and versos of the plates.


Jades from China. Foreword: John Ayers. June 1994.

By Forsyth, Angus & McElney, Brian.

Bath, 1994.. 422pp. Prof. illus. (numerous color). Lrg. 4to. Stiff wraps. D.j. Published in conjunction with an exhibiton at The Museum of Wast Asian Art, Bath. Parallel texts in English and Chinese.


Lamb./ Cordero. Images by John Baldessari; story by Meg Cranston.

By BALDESSARI, JOHN & Cranston, Meg.

Valencia (IVAM, Centre Julio González), [1989].. (12)pp. 9 color illus. Sm. 8vo. Wraps. Parallel texts in English and Spanish. “This book was produced as a supplement to an installation created for IVAM, Valencia, Spain, May 1989.”


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