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Bayou Gauche Antiquarian Books

Bayou Gauche, Louisiana, USA

Bayou Gauche Antiquarian Books specializes in Civil War, Classic Literature, Louisiana, Military/War, Poetry, Us History, Ww1, Ww2.

About Bayou Gauche Antiquarian Books

Small collector and resller of used, rare, out-of-print and antiquarian volumes.

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Bayou Gauche Antiquarian Books

307 Mark St.
Bayou Gauche, LA 70030 USA
Phone: 5044738478

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30 day return guarantee, with full refund including original shipping costs for up to 30 days after delivery if an item arrives misdescribed or damaged.

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Interview with Chuck Falgout of Bayou Gauche Antiquarian Books

When did you get started in bookselling?
I have been a collector for many years, grabbing a book or two here or there in a subject that interested me. Over time, I found that I had stopped buying everything that looked interesting and started only buying books on certain subjects like Louisiana History, the history of the Cajun people and Military biographies and stories. When my bookshelves became too full to put any more books on them, I decided it was time to let others enjoy the books that I have loved these many years.
What drew you to bookselling?
I have used websites like Biblio and others for years to find unique books. When I decided to start selling some of my collection, I could think of no better place to start than here. I want my books to go to good homes where they will be read, appreciated and treasured.
What are your specialties as a dealer?
I have many books on Louisiana history, histories of the Cajun people, WW2 and WW1 stories, biographies and histories. Also, I have collected many books of what I consider Classic Literature, such as The Canterbury Tales, Tom Sawyer and The Brothers Karamazov.
What is your favorite part of being a bookseller?
When I get a note or email from a buyer telling me that they've been looking for this book for years. I know that feeling and it makes me feel good that my book has found a good home.
What is your favorite bookshop (other than your own)?
Sadly, it doesn't exist anymore. There was an old guy in the mid-90s that had a warehouse near me. Mr. Mike would go to estate sales, auctions and libraries and buy boxes upon boxes of books. When I found his shop, it was $1 for any hardback and $.25 for any paperback. After going into his shop just about every Saturday for a couple of months and roaming the aisles for hours, Mr. Mike made me an offer I couldn't refuse. If I would sit and talk to him when I came in to browse and tell him why I chose the books I did, he'd let me buy anything he had for $.25. That was the beginning of my collecting days. I still have several books that were bought from Mr. Mike
What do you personally like to read? Collect?
I read a little bit of everything. I travel a lot for work, so I go through 2, or sometimes 3, audiobooks a week. I download the books from my local library. I'll listen to a novel, then a biography, then a history of something. There's little rhyme or reason to my choices. It's getting hard though. I am quickly running out of titles at the library. As for page turning style reading, lately I have been reading a lot on World War 2. I live about 30 miles from New Orleans, so I go to the WW2 Museum as often as I can. Everytime I go, I grab a new book. That, consequently, has become the new focus of my collecting..... autographed copies of books on WW2.
What's your favorite book you personally own? Would you sell it, if the price were right?
The oldest book I own is a mathematics textbook from 1763. It has an inscription, presumably from a student, on the inside cover that says Thomas Stenson, Boston, 1776. The binding is a shambles, the covers are detached, but I love that old book. That and the fact that my 16 year old daughter has already laid claim to it that she gets the book upon my death. I bought it for less than $5 at an estate sale. The last offer I had on it was $150 and I turned it down.
What one book would you buy if price were no object?
A first edition of the Conte De Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, in French. As a student in school, I read the book in French and fell in love with everything about it. Edmond Dantes, Mercedes and the rest of the characters are so vividly painted by Dumas. It's always been my favorite book.
If you were stranded on a desert island and could bring three books, what would they be?
I don't know for sure if there's a book out there with this title.... but how about "How to Survive on a Desert Island for Dummies"? But hmmm, 3 books, eh? As mentioned above, I'd bring the Count of Monte Cristo (but not the first edition version, wouldn't want to ruin that). Next, the works of Plato. And finally, a book on astronomy. SO I'd have entertainment (Dumas), something to ponder (Plato) and maybe learn a way to navigate myself off the island by using the stars.