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The South Goes North Vol. III of Children of Crisis

By Coles, Robert

Boston: Atlantic Monthly Press /Little, Brown, 1971. Fifth Edition. . Soft cover. Very Good/Soft cover. Very good condition, clean DJ with small chips missing on top of spine, boards are clean and tight, text is unmarked. Has a blank Bookplate in it. Part of a multi-volume work, this effort focuses on the ghettoes of the urban north, and "the lives of those who, abandoned the rural areas of the American South and Appalachia. 8.50 X 5.90 X 2 inches, 687 pages


Don't Sweat the Small Stuff With Your Family

By Carlson, Richard

NY: Little Brown Company, 1998. 1st Edition 3rd Printing. Hardcover. Very Good. Has felt marker blocking out text on inside front endpaper. "While it's easy to allow little things to take over our lives, there are things we can do to make life around the house less stressful," writes Richard Carlson in Don't Sweat the Small Stuff with Your Family: Simple Ways to Keep Daily Responsibilities and Household Chores from Taking Over Your Life. In this collection of 98 brief ESSAY, Carlson (author of Don't Sweat the Small Stuff . And It's All Small Stuff) meditates on small, but meaningful ways to avoid being overwhelmed by life, particularly family life. From Number 8: Make Peace with Bickering, to Number 14: Encourage Boredom in Your Children, to Number 72: Stop Exaggerating Your Workload, Carlson's messages serve as reminders for truisms most readers already know but have lost sight of in the bustle of daily life. Carlson's "ways" may be simple, but simplicity is not stupid--his book offers vital injections of wisdom. --Ericka Lutz6.40 X 5.50 X 0.80 inches, 256 pages


Snobbery: The American Version

By Joseph Epstein

Boston - New York: Houghton Mifflin, 2002. 1st Edition 2nd Printing. Hardcover. Very Good/Very Good. Published @$25.00with bibliographical note & index, tall ". Takes up the subject of snobbery in America after the fall of the prominence of the old Wasp culture of prep schools, Ivy League colleges. 8 vo,274 pages


Social Disorganization In America

By McGee, Reece

San Francisco, CA: Chandler Publishing Co., 1962. 1st Edition 1st Printing. Soft cover. Very Good. 24mo 5" - 6" tall176 pages


Child Abuse-An Interactional Event

By Kadushin, Alfred and Judith A. Martin

NY: Columbia University Press, 1981. 1st Edition 2nd Printing. Hardcover. Near Fine/Very Good. Keywords: Psychology psychotherapy analysis psychiatry psychoanalysis therapy abuse molestation violence family8 vo,304 pages


An Introduction To The Sociology Of Juvenile Delinquency

By Musick, David

Albany, NY: State University of New York Press, 1995. 1st Edition 1st Printing. Hardcover. Very Good/Very Good. Charts, Tables & Graphs8 vo,332 pages


The Axemaker's Gift ~ A Double-Edged History of Human Culture

By Burke, James & Robert E. Ornstein

NY: G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1995. 1st Edition 1st Printing. Hardcover. Near Fine/Near Fine. Illustrated by Ted Dewan. Published @$27.95 A fascinating survey of the interaction of technology, society, and how the human brain is influenced and functions, the authors studying individual human inventions and their effects while also citing the decline of ancient forms of knowledge, and questioning some aspects of the wisdom and functionality of modern civilization. 8 vo,349 pages


Class Act: America's Last Dirty Secret

By Eisler, Benita

NY: Franklin Watts, 1983. 1st Edition 1st Printing. Hardcover. Near Fine/Very Good. Brodart8 vo,352 pages


Culture and Commitment: A Study of the Generation Gap

By Mead, Margaret

Garden City, NY: Doubleday & Co., 1970. 1st Edition 1st Printing. Hardcover. Very Good/Very Good. Black cover, white DJ. American Museum of Natural History Special Members' Edition. 8 vo.91 pages


Social Problems

By George, Henry

NY: Robert Schalkenbach Found., 1949. Hardcover. Good/Fair. Brodart. DJ is worn, stained, has tears at corners8 vo,256 pages


1984 and Beyond

By Calder, Nigel

NY: Viking, 1984. Hardcover. Very Good/Very Good. Very light wear at corners of DJ207 pages


Sociology - Third Edition

By Robertson, Ian

NY: Worth Publishers. 3rd Edition 1st Printing. Hardcover. Very Good. Glossy boards This textbook will be great for anyone either taking the class or just wanting to know more about the subject. Laminated covers. This textbook is in good conditionIllustrated4to713 pages


Organizational America: Can Individual Freedom Survive Within the Security It Promises?

By Scott, William G. and David K. Hart

NY: Houghton Mifflin. 1st Edition . Hardcover. Very Good/Very Good. Some wear on the edgesIllustrated8 vo,272 pages


Folkways: A Study of the Sociological Importance of Usages, Manners, Customs, Mores, And Morals

By Sumner, William Graham

Boston: Ginn and Company, 1906. Fireside Edition. . Hardcover. Very Good/No Dust Jacket. 1940 ReprintBlue cloth cover. Shows some shelf wear . Numerous papes uncut. Tight and clean. Reprint cost 1993-$51.50


Do You Believe in Magic, The Second Coming of the 60's Generation

By Gottlieb, Annie

NY: Times Books. 1st Edition 1st Printing. Hardcover. Very Good/Very Good. DJ rubbed-and wear on the back edges A thoughtful comprehensive look at the 1960's. Probably best book for conveying the aims, efforts & aspirations of the era. , 1960's Baby boomers Post WW II America Social revolution Sexual revolution Viet Nam War The Sixties The story of the American 1960s generation and its 'passage' to a promising middle life, from the times of rebellion to the present realities - most still clinging to the values, fads, notions, ideals, and philosophies of the pastcontains notes, resources list. 8 vo,418 pages


Fifth Generation, The: Artificial Intelligence and Japan's Computer Challenge to the World

By Feigenbaum, Edward A. and McCorduck, Pamela

MA: Addison-Wesley Publishing, 1983. 1st Edition . Hardcover. Very Good/Very Good. Maroon cover. DJ has small rip on top back edge, also shows some wear along all edges. 275 pages



By Didion, Joan

NY: Simon & Schuster, 1987. 1st Edition 1st Printing. Hardcover. Very Good/Very Good. Remainder8 vo, 8" - 9" tall238 pages


Second Chances: Men, Women & Children A Decade After Divorce

By Wallerstein, Judith S. and Sandra Blakeslee

NY: Ticknor & Fields, 1989. 1st Edition 1st Printing. Hardcover. Near Fine/Very Good. Small tear at top edge of DJ, light soiling329 pages


Tomorrow is Already Here

By Jungk, Robert

NY: Simon & Schuster, 1954. 1st Edition 1st Printing. Hardcover. Good/Fair. Brodart. DJ worn /frayed along edges, owner's signature8 vo,241 pages


Sociology of Marx - Translated by Norbert Guterman

By Lefebvre, Henri

NY: Pantheon, 1968. 1st American Edition . Hardcover. Very Good/Very Good. Rubbed- Brodart . 8 vo,214 pages


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