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Science & Technology From Bruce McLeod


The End of Evolution: A Journey in Search of Clues to the Third Mass Extinction Facing Planet Earth

By Ward, Peter

NY: Bantam, 1995. FINE trade paperback. Clean, no markings, no creases, appears unread. 301 pages, index. Ward continues his exploration of the history of life and death on Earth. He focuses on two episodes of major extinctions in Earth's past, contending that humanity is now causing a third "mass extinction." . Soft Cover.


Natural Hazards
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Natural Hazards

By Bryant, Edward A. (E.A.)

Cambridge University Press, 1992 VERY GOOD reprint, 8.25" x 11", 294 pages, illustrated with 180 maps, diagrams and photographs, index. A very nice copy with occasional highlighting and only occasional notes in pencil. - This interdisciplinary treatment of hazards and natural catastrophes explains how natural hazards occur, prediction methods, social impact and emergency responses. Hazards include tropical cyclones, tornadoes, large storms and winds, waves, sea-ice, sea-level rise, beach erosion, drought, floods, hail, lightning, snow, bush fires, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunami, lava flows, atmospheric changes, land instability. . Soft Cover.


Mind over Murder: DNA and Other Forensic Adventures

By Batten, Jack

McClelland & Stewart, 1995 Fine/Fine HCDJ. Crisp, clean, tight, no markings. 6.25" x 9.25", 260 pages, illustrations and b&w photos. - The author reveals the forensic science (ink, footprints, food, numbers, blood, hair, semen, and DNA) behind five Canadian crimes and court cases. The route he takes to investigate each piece of forensic science is by way of a particular Canadian trial, and his guides on the route are the detectives, the prosecutors and defence attorneys, and the scientists who actually worked on the cases. He considers the following: Ink analysis, which is used to examine two suspect lines in a police detective’s notebook; footprint casting and identification, which eventually convicts two armed robbers, even though the footprint was left in snow; stomach-content analysis, the controversial method by which time of death was estimated in the Steven Truscott case; forensic accounting, which finally traced and recovered money defrauded from the government of Trinidad, years after it was considered lost; and the analysis of blood, hair, semen, and DNA, which led to Johnny Terceira’s conviction for the murder of Andrea Atkinson. In an epilogue, he looks at recent advances in DNA analysis, as Guy Paul Morin is declared innocent of the murder of Christine Jessop. In his immensely readable prose, he takes us along as the police and the scientists gather and analyse their evidence, as attorneys organize their cases, and as the various groups meet in court to seek out the truth. . Hard Cover.


Men Who Found Out, Stories of Great Scientific Discoveries

By Williams-Ellis, Amabel

Toronto: Copp Clark Co., 1940 NEAR-FINE First Canadian Edition. Red boards with black titles show very little wear. Binding and hinges as-new, all pages as-new, appearing unhandled and unread. Front endpaper has school stamp and previous owner's ID sticker. 5" x 7.75", 224 pages, 15 b&w illustrations, chronological tables, bibliography. This book tells the stories of great scientists Charles Darwin, Louis Pasteur, Galileo, William Harvey, Antony van Leeuwenhoek, Michael Faraday, Joseph Lister, Madame Curie, Dr. Hideyo Noguchi. . Hard Cover.


Mechanical Engineering Science for Part 1 of a Technicians' Course: S1 Units

By Oxley, A

London, UK: Edward Arnold Publishers VERY GOOD 5" x 8.25" volume in excellent green wraps, 294 pages, no date but appears to be early 1970s. Written to cover the 2 year course of the City and Guilds of London Institute for Mechanical Engineering Technicians. Includes matter, composition of the atmosphere, chemical reactions, electricity, magnetism, force and stress, moment of a force, work and power, belt and pulley speeds, gear wheels, friction, torque and power, mechanical advantage and velocity ratio, parallelogram and triangle of forces, resolution of forces, temperature and heat, energy conversion, expansion of solids, liquids and gases, revision exercises, answers to exercises, index, logarithms and antilogarithms. . Soft Cover.


Thomas A. Edison, Benefactor of Mankind, The Romantic Story of the World's Greatest Inventor

By Miller, Francis Trevelyan

Chicago: John C. Winston Co., 1931 VERY GOOD First Edition HC, no DJ. Very nice copy with light rubbing to black cloth boards, small ownership sticker on photo endpapers, binding slightly loosened, all pages intact. 6.5" x 8.75", 320 pages, frontis portait plate, illustrated.. Hard Cover.


The Concept of Mind

By Ryle, Gilbert

London, UK: Penguin University Books, 1973 VERY GOOD softcover reprint by Penguin UK. Nice book with light edge wear and one crease on front cover. Clean, square, solid, only occasional underlining in text. Top corner of 1st prelim page is clipped. 5" x 7.75", 316 pages, index. - This now-classic work challenges what Ryle calls philosophy's "official theory," the Cartesians "myth" of the separation of mind and matter. Ryle's linguistic analysis remaps the conceptual geography of mind, not so much solving traditional philosophical problems as dissolving them into the mere consequences of misguided language. His plain language and esstentially simple purpose place him in the traditioin of Locke, Berkeley, Mill, and Russell.. Soft Cover.


Electrical Engineering (24 Lessons Bound in One Volume)

By American School, Chicago

Chicago: American School, 1929. VERY GOOD collection of 24 electrical engineering courses dated 1929 to 1931, bound into one volume with original hard cardboard covers secured by thick black string. An in-depth course that covers theory, history, terminology, as well as a reference book for self study. Chapters of study include Magnetism - Current Electricity - Ohm's Law - Bells Annunciators & Alarms - Fundamental Principles - Knob and Tube Wiring - Molding and Conduit Wiring (Interior Electric Wiring) - Flexible Conduit Wiring - Apartment Building Wiring - Factory Building Wiring for Lights - Planning Wiring Installations - Estimating - Battery Charging Apparatus - Care of Storage Batteries - Repairing and Charging Storage Batteries - Electrical Household Appliances - Direct-Current Meters - Watt-Hour Meters (construction) - Watt-Hour Meters (testing) - Maximum Demand Meters - Induced Currents - Principles of Dynamos - Armature Construction - Transformer Construction.. Hard Cover.


Water-Powers of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta

By Denis, Leo G.; Challies, J.B

Commission of Conservation Canada, Committee on Waters and Water-Powers, 1916. VERY GOOD First Edition (1916 printing). A beautiful clean copy: crisp, no markings, solid binding, light wear to boards only. Dark green cloth with gold lettering, 8vo, 7" x 10", 334 pages, 42 photographic plates showing rivers and hydro-electric plants across Canada, 25 maps including both folding maps in the rear pocket (3 provinces & Yukon and Northwest Territories and Upper Bow River), appendices, index. - This detailed book outlines the water resources of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta regarding generation of hydro electricity. Rivers include Winnipeg, Red, Assiniboine, tributaries of Lake Winnipeg, Nelson River, tributaries of Hayes River, Saskatchewan, North Saskatchewan and tributaries, South Saskatchewan and tributaries, Milk, Bow River, Athabaska, Peace, Slave, Churchill, Mackenzie, Yukon, Coppermine, Hood Dubawnt, Ferguson, Kazan.. Hard Cover.


Elephants and Ethnologists

By Smith, G. Elliot

London: Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co., 1924. VERY GOOD First Edition, 1st Printing. A superb copy of this extraordinary work in ethnology: crisp, super clean, solid, light rubs and bumps to edges of boards only, no markings of any kind, no foxing. Approx. 8" x 10", 135 pages, 9 figures and 52 plates featuring woodcuts by A. Horace Gerrard and K. Leigh-Pemberton, index. - The author advances his theory that the pre-Columbian civilization of North America was, during the first 1200 years of the Christian era, populated by immigrants from India, China, Cambodia and Micronesia. They present evidence of the use of elephant figures and riders wearing turbans in stone sculptures, monuments, manuscripts and carvings - art work done by people who had supposedly never seen, nor heard of, elephants from India.. Hard Cover.


The Sky Observer's Guide: A Handbook for Amateur Astronomers
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The Sky Observer's Guide: A Handbook for Amateur Astronomers

By Mayall, R. Newton; Mayall, Margaret, Wyckoff, Jerome

NY: Golden Press, 1965 VERY GOOD vintage paperback printing from 1965. Crisp, clean, tight, unmarked, excellent covers. Approx. 4" x 6", 160 pages, illustrated. Filled with practical information for the amateur astronomer, this book explains how to select telescopes, how to best observe stars, the moon, planets, comets, meteors, and other celestial objects - how to use star charts - and astrophotography, taking photographs of items in the night skies. Nicely illustrated with photographs, diagrams, charts, and tables.. Soft Cover. Illus. by John Polgreen.


Fish and Invertebrate Culture: Water Management in Closed Systems

By Spotte, Stephen H

NY: Wiley-Interscience, 1970 NEAR FINE/GOOD+ reprint HCDJ. A very nice copy with nearly perfect boards, as-new interiors, appears unhandled and unread. DJ has just light shelf wear, closed tears. A very nice copy. 6.25" x 9.25", 145 pages, index. Written by the curator of the New York Aquarium in Brooklyn, this book shows how to culture freshwater and marine fishes and invertebrates in closed-system environments by controlling the chemical and physicial factors in the water. Providing both theoretical and practical information, this book includes biological, mechanical and chemical filtration and the carbon dioxide system. It also includes respiration, salts and elements, toxic metabolites, disease prevention and laboratory tests. Illinois Wildlife says "we are sure it will prove invaluable reading for those involved in hatchery management, aquaculture, fishery biology, marine and aquatic research and teaching. This is not to mention the advanced fish hobbyist who should also find it of great value to his hobby.". Hard Cover.


Soil Science Simplified, Third Edition
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Soil Science Simplified, Third Edition

By Harpstead, Milo I.; Bennett, William F.; Sauer, Thomas J

Ames, Iowa, U.S.A.: Iowa State University Press, 1997 BRAND NEW Third Edition HC. No markings, no wear, pristine condition inside and out. 6.25" x 9.25", 210 pages, illustrated, index. In this third edition, the authors have expanded and strengthened all chapters - have included new chapters on soil water, heat flow and soil temperature - and have incorporated both English and metric units of measure. Soil classification has been updated to reflect the most recent revisions. . Hard Cover.


Voyage to the Edge of the World

By Edmonds, Alan

McClelland and Stewart, 1973 VG+/VG- First Edition, 1st Printing. Blue boards have only light wear, as-new binding. Front endpaper has glue remnants from a mylar jacket, all text is pristine: crisp, clean and unmarked. Original unclipped DJ has minor chipping and a few short tears, now expertly closed. 6.25" by 9.25", 254 pages, map, b&w plates. - This is the true story of one of the most important deep-sea expeditions in history. In 1970, the Canadian ship Hudson left Halifax with a cargo of computers, magnetometers, sampling bottles and more than 20 of the world's best-known oceanographic scientists. Their mission was to become the first ship in history to circumnavigate North and South America, round Cape Horn, and cross the roof of the world through the Northwest Passage, rounding the outer coast of Newfoundland, and sail back to Halifax. It was by any odds one of the most ambitious nautical expeditions of its kind ever mounted by any nation. Promoted by the Canadian government, it took nearly three years just to plan the $1,500,000 trip. Author Alan Edmonds imbues his account of the journey with all the genuine excitement and immediacy that inspired this human and scientific adventure in discovery. Throughout the voyage the scientists of the CSS Hudson performed unprecedented new experiments in biology and chemistry in their searching study of the oceans and of the land beneath and around them.. Hard Cover.


Basic Theory and Application of Transistors

By Chief of Naval Operations Aviation Training Division

Washington D.C.: U.S. Government Printing Office, 1960 VG 8" by 10" in card covers, 268 pages, illustrated. Light soiling to wraps, a few red pen marks on front cover. Interiors clean, tight, unmarked, only a trace of general wear to pages. Navair 00-80T-86, Army Technical Manual TM 11-690, Air Force Technical Order TO 12-1-63. Includes fundamental theory of transistors, transistor amplifier fundamentals, parameters, equivalent circuits, characteristic curves, bias stabilization, analysis and comparison charts, audio tuned & wide-band amplifiers, oscillators, pulse and switching circuits, modulation, mixing, demodulation, semiconductor devices, letter symbols, references, glossary, index.. Soft Cover.


The Story of FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations)
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The Story of FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations)

By Hambidge, Gove

D. Van Nostrand, 1955 VG+/GOOD+ First Edition, 1st Printing. Crisp, clean, appears unread, all pages as-new. Unclipped DJ has a few closed tears and chipping. 6.25" by 9.25", 303 pages, map endpapers, b&w plates. Includes a letter written in 1957 by the Saskatchewan Minister of Agriculture, I.C. Nollet. The story of scientific and economic groups who formed after WWII to address global hunger and poor living conditions of developing or recovering countries in the 'League of Nations.' It details the work of missionaries, foundations, and other groups dedicated to FAO projects designed to improve services in agriculture, nutrition, fisheries, and forestry.. Hard Cover.


1000 Questions in General Knowledge
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1000 Questions in General Knowledge

By Smith, Henry

London, U.K.: Evans Brothers VERY GOOD+/no DJ, circa 1920, undated revised edition, The Kingsway Series. Handsome blue boards in excellent condition, very clean, no fading. School stamp on half-title page, otherwise unmarked. All 264 pages FINE, appears unread, no foxing. A quality vintage volume that, as the title suggests, answers 1,000 questions. Quite interesting to read early 20th Century answers on air travel, medicine and music.. Hard Cover.


Minerals and How They Occur

By Miller, Willet G.; Parsons, A.L

Toronto: Copp Clark Co., 1928 VERY GOOD Hardcover, 1st Printing of revised & updated 1928 Edition. Clean green cloth HC's show only a trace of wear at spine tips and corners. Clean, tight, previous owner's name and date on front endpaper otherwise unmarked. 5.25" by 7.5", 255 pages, frontispiece, photos, diagrams. Includes the chief characteristics of the most common and useful minerals, including where they can be found and their origins. The book deals with both mineralogy, geology, and prospecting - and includes dozens of types of fossils. The author was a Provincial Geologist of Ontario and Professor of Geology in the School of Mining, Queen's University in Kingston.. Hard Cover.