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Silver Screens on the Prairie; An Illustrated History of Motion Picture Theatres in Manitoba

By Gourluck, Russ

Winnipeg: Great Plains Publications [978-1-926531-] 2012. (4to paperback) 312pp. Very good. Signed with an inscription by the author. Sepia photographs, illustrations, bibliography, index. The very brief inscription has been blacked out. "For more than a century, Manitobans have gathered in theatres across the province to thrill to the magic of motion pictures... Drawing on the memories of dozens of owners, stall members and theatre-goers, this book explores the enchantment of 'going to the show' and the joys and challenges of being an exhibitor from the early days of motion pictures until the present time". Time Period 20th Century. Foreword by Howard Curle. Locale: Manitoba. (Manitoba, Drive-In Movie Theaters, Films, Motion Pictures, Movie Theatres).


Building Canada; A History of Public Works (Contributor Letty Anderson--Water-Supply; Christopher Andreae--Railways; Alan F.J. Artibise--Building Cities; Douglas Baldwin--Sewerage; A.A. den Otter--Irrigation and Flood Control; Mark Fram--Public Buildings; Julie Harris--Airports; Paul-Andre Linteau--Urban Mass Transit; Larry McNally--Roads, Streets, and Highways; Robert W. Passfield--Waterways; Arnold Roos--Electricity; Phyllis Rose--Bridges; Phyllis Rose--Solid Waste.)

By Ball, Norman R. (editor) (Contributor Letty Anderson: Water-Supply; Christopher Andreae: Railways; Alan F.J. Artibise: Building Cities; Douglas Baldwin: Sewerage; A.A. den Otter: Irrigation and Flood Control; Mark Fram: Public Buildings; Julie Harris: Air

Toronto: University of Toronto Press [0-8020-3449-7] [1988]. (Small 4to) 336pp. Fine in fine dust jacket. Photographs, illustrations, index. Sponsored by the Canadian Public Works Association. Contributors include Letty Anderson (Water-Supply), Christopher Andreae (Railways), Alan F.J. Artibise (Building Cities), Douglas Baldwin (Sewerage), A.A. den Otter (Irrigation and Flood Control), Mark Fram (Public Buildings), Julie Harris (Airports), Paul-Andre Linteau (Urban Mass Transit), Larry McNally (Roads, Streets, and Highways), Robert W. Passfield (Waterways), Arnold Roos (Electricity), Phyllis Rose (Bridges), Phyllis Rose (Solid Waste). Preface by William D. Hurst. (Canada, Airports, Bridges, Electricity, Flood Control, Highways, Irrigation, Public Works, Public Works--Canada, Railways).


The Battle of Batoche; British Small Warfare and the Entrenched Metis

By Hildebrandt, Walter

Ottawa: Canada. Environment Canada [0-660-11772-X] 1985. (Oblong paperback) 120pp. Very good plus. Photographs, maps, illustrations, notes, bibliography. "Batoche, on the South Saskatchewan River forty miles south of Prince Albert in central Saskatchewan, is now a quiet national historic site. But between 9 and 12 May 1885, twenty-five Canadians - whites, Indians and Metis - died there. Over a thousand men fought in the largest and longest battle ever to take place on the Canadian prairies". Locale: Manitoba; Prairie Provinces; Saskatchewan; Western Canada. (Riel, Battle of Batoche, Metis, Northwest Rebellion, Riel Rebellion).


When Memories Remain

By Emilson, Karen

Ashern: Nordheim Books [0-9681242-1-6] 2001, 1st printing. (Trade paperback) 370pp. Near fine. Signed with inscription by David Pischke. Frontispiece, photographs, bibliography. Book about David Pischke. Locale: Manitoba; Prairie Provinces; Western Canada. (Manitoba, Child Abuse).


Where Children Run

By Emilson, Karen (Biography of David Pischke; Dennis Pischke.)

Ashern: Nordheim Books [0-9681242-0-8] [copyright date 1996], later printing. (Trade paperback) 396pp. Very good. Signed with inscription by David Pischke. Biography of David Pischke & Dennis Pischke. Locale: Manitoba; Prairie Provinces; Western Canada. (Manitoba, Child Abuse, Farm Life, Twins).


Pioneer Settlers; Ukrainians in the Dauphin Area; 1896 - 1926

By Ewanchuk, Michael

Winnipeg: Michael Ewanchuk [0-9690768-9-4] [1988]. (Trade paperback) 253pp. Very good plus. Signed with inscription by the author. Maps, photographs, tables, appendices, bibliography, index. The spine is bumped at the bottom, has a reading crease and is a bit rubbed. Locale: Dauphin--Manitoba; Manitoba; Prairie Provinces; Western Canada. (Manitoba, Pioneer Life--Manitoba, Settlement--Canada, Settlers--Manitoba, Ukrainian Canadians).


Bienvenue a Saint-Boniface, Manitoba

By Societe historique de Saint-Boniface, La

Winnipeg: Societe Historique de Saint-Boniface 1991. (4to staplebound) 47pp. Very good. Exhibit on the history of the city of St. Boniface from its origins to 1914. Maps, illustrations, photographs. Parallel text in French and English. Locale: Manitoba; Prairie Provinces; St. Boniface--Manitoba; Western Canada. (Manitoba).


Speaking of Canada; Addresses by the Right Hon. Vincent Massey, C.H.; Governor-General of Canada, 1952-1959

By Massey, Vincent

Toronto: Macmillan Company of Canada 1959. (Small 4to) 244pp. Very good plus in very good plus dust jacket. The dust jacket is price- clipped, there is a tiny ink stamp to the top corner of the front free endpaper and pages 112-113 are toned from a newspaper clipping left inside the book. "No one is better qualified to speak of Canada than its first Canadian Governor-General, Vincent Massey. He knows Canada because it is his own country. He knows it because during his eight years as Governor-General he travelled many thousands of miles into every province, into all the great cities and many of the smaller ones as well as into the arctic solitudes. This book consists of some of the speeches which he made while in office". Book about Governor General & Vincent Massey. Time Period 1952-1959. Locale: Canada. (Canada, Government--Canada, History--Canada, Speeches).


Queen's Quarterly; Volume LXXX; Winter 1973; Number 4

By McSweeney, Kerry

Toronto: Queen's Quarterly 1973. (4to paperback) 503-671pp. Very good. Notes, contributors, index. A page number written on the front cover and a crease on the back cover. (Canada, Literature--Canada, Periodicals, Poetry).


Every Class in Every School; Final Report on the First National Climate Survey on Homophobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia in Canadian Schools

By Taylor, Catherine (editor) (Contributor Tracey Peter.)

Toronto: Egale Canada Human Rights Trust 2011. (Trade paperback) 151pp. Near fine. Color photographs and illustrations, graphs, notes, references, index. A small scar on the front cover where a price sticker has been removed. "The terms 'homophobia' and 'transphobia' signify a great deal of unnecessary misery in the lives of Canadian students. Knowledge of their distress and a determination to bring it to the consciousness of educators and parents motivated the members of the Education Committee of Egale Canada to conduct a climate survey of Canadian schools. I joined them in the spring of 2007, and started collecting information from students from all over Canada, at times I have felt that my life is nothing but lists". Book about Homophobia & Transphobia. Contributors include Tracey Peter. (Canada, Education, Gender Issues, Human Rights, Schools--Canada).


The Force of Culture; Vincent Massey and Canadian Sovereignty

By Finlay, Karen A.

Toronto: University of Toronto Press 978-1-4426-5766-3 [978-1-4426-5766-3] 2014. (Trade paperback) 334pp. Near fine. Notes, bibliography, index. The bottom corner of the back cover is lightly creased. "In Canada, a country distinguished for its cultural reticence, Vincent Massey (1887-1967) was that anomaly, a champion of culture. His contributions in the field were numerous, significant, and profoundly influential. They spanned his lengthy career as university lecturer, businessman, diplomat, and cultural policy-maker and governor general". Book about Vincent Massey & Nationhood. (Canada, Cultural History, Government--Canada, History--Canada, Politics, Sovereignty).


A Parson Across the Rockies

By Turner, Christopher E.

London: Society for the Propogation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts 1927. (Hardcover) 64pp. Very good, no dust jacket. Appears to be rebound in green cloth with green paper sheet with pastedown title label on the front board. The page inside each free endpaper is cardstock and the book has the bookplate and library stamps of the publisher. Locale: British Columbia; Western Canada. (Western Canada, Anglican Church, Missionaries--Western Canada).


Cuthbert Grant

By Manitoba. Historic Resources Branch (Biography of Cuthbert Grant.)

Manitoba. Department of Cultural Affairs and Historical Resources [1983]. (Staplebound) 9pp. Near fine. Map, illustrations, photographs. Biography of Cuthbert Grant. Locale: Manitoba; Prairie Provinces; Western Canada. (Manitoba, Fur Trade, Manitoba Heritage Council Commemorative Plaques, Metis, Red River Settlement).


The Formation of Alberta: A Documentary History

By Owram, Douglas R. (editor)

Calgary: Historical Society of Alberta [0-88864-987-8] 1979. (Hardcover) 403pp. Very good in very good dust jacket. Volume 3 only. Light blue cloth with gilt lettering to the cover and spine. Maps, appendix, index. There is a previous owner's stamp to the front free endpaper and the fore-edge and the dust jacket is lightly edgeworn and rubbed. "The passage of the Alberta Act in 1905 marked the birth of a new province. But this beginning was also the clumination of a long process of political and constitutional devleopment going back more than two centuries. Generations of fur traders, native people, settlers, railwaymen and many others had already left their mark on the land. In the early years government was not an urgent priority but by the dawn of the twentieth century most residents of the region believed that the time had come for political autonomy". Book about Alberta Act. Time Period 1900's. Introduction by L.G. Thomas & L.H. Thomas. Vol. 3 The Formation of Alberta: A Documentary History. Locale: Alberta--Canada; Prairie Provinces; Western Canada. (Western Canada, Government--Canada, History--Canada).


Taming the Prairie Wool; A History of the Districts of Glendale, Westminster and Bearspaw West of Calgary

By Glendale Women's Institute (editor)

Glendale Women's Institute 1965. (Small 4to) 190pp. Very good, no dust jacket. Photographs, illustrations, maps. The spine is cocked. "In 1960 the Glendale Women's Institute decided a worthwhile project would be to compile a history of the community in which we live. With much enthusiasm we set out in an orderly fashion deciding our boundaries, listing all the people we could think of that had lived on each farm, and allotting various names to our members for them to contact" - from the Introduction. Locale: Alberta--Canada; Bearspaw--Alberta; Calgary--Alberta; Glendale--Alberta; Prairie Provinces; Western Canada; Westminster--Alberta. (Western Canada, History--Canada, Local History, Rural Life, Settlement--Canada).


Baldursbra; Ungmennablad Pjodraeknisfjelagsins; 1934-1940

By Johannesson, Sig. Jul.

Winnipeg: Baldursbra 1934-1940. (Paper covers) complex. Near fine. Periodical bound in paper covers with cloth tape spine in two volumes. Illustrations, photographs. There is a previous owner's initials on the first page of each volume. Time Period 1930's & 1934-1940. Text in Icelandic Language. Locale: Manitoba--Canada; Prairie Provinces; Western Canada; Winnipeg--Manitoba. (Manitoba, Icelandic Canadians, Periodicals).


Country Lawyer - City Judge

By Hamilton, A.C.

Winnipeg: Rockwood Press 978-0-9784580-0-3 [978-0-9784580-0-3] 2007. (Trade paperback) 308pp. Very good. Signed with an inscription by the author. Photographs. The spine is lightly faded. "The rule of law requires memory. It needs written records, oral witnesses and, above all, people like former Associate Chief Justice Hamilton, working within the legal system, dedicated to truth-finding. The rule of force, on the other hand, relies on material strength, and seeks success at any price. The first rule exists to subdue the second, usually in a court of law. Both produce heroes and villains. Al Hamilton recounts a series of courtroom stories that reveal his life's commitment to the rule of law". Book about A.C. Hamilton. Locale: Manitoba; Prairie Provinces; Western Canada; Winnipeg. (Manitoba, Biography, Judges--Manitoba, Law, Personal Narratives--Manitoba).


Power for Prairie Plows

By MacEwan, Grant

Saskatoon: Western Producer Book Service [0-919306-32-2] 1976, 3rd printing. (4to) 115pp. Very good in very good dust jacket. Photograph endpapers, photographs, illustrations, index. The dust jacket is lightly rubbed and edgeworn. "Even more dramatic than the industrial farm revolution was the change in farm power in the Canadian West. Adding to the significance of it all, the complete evolution from the slow-moving oxen which served Canadian homesteaders to the present-day posh and powerful tractors mounted on rubber tires, occupied less than a span of human life. There had to be a fast-moving development. To capture the story in word and picture has been the purpose in writing and publishing Power for Prairie Plows". Locale: Prairie Provinces; Western Canada. (Western Canada, Farm Equipment, Plows, Technology, Tractors).


Tales from the Underworld and Other Stories

By Penner, Roland (With Norm Larsen.)

Winnipeg: Self Published [978-1-896150-] 2009. (Trade paperback) 192pp. Near fine. Signed with inscriptions by both authors. Photographs. Locale: Manitoba; Prairie Provinces; Western Canada. (Manitoba, Judges--Manitoba, Law, Law Courts, Law--Manitoba, Lawyers--Manitoba, Manitoba Author).


People of Service; A Brief History of the Manitoba Telephone System

By Drain, Robert H.

Winnipeg: Manitoba Telephone System 1991. (4to staplebound) 64pp. Near fine. Photographs, illustrations, chronology. Locale: Manitoba; Prairie Provinces; Western Canada. (Manitoba, Manitoba Telephone System).


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