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Stonewall; Turning a Century 1878-1978

By Farmer, Mervin E.

Stonewall: Interlake Publishing 1978. (Oblong 4to hardcover) Not paginated. Very good, no dust jacket. Illustrated orange cloth. Black and white and color photographs, maps. "Today is tomorrow's yesterday. How fast the sands of time run through the hour glass. The 21st Century is fast approaching, yet it may be only in the dying moments of the 20th, that we will reach for the memories that shaped the destiny of our forefathers. By illustrating what they did, history inspires us in two directions; to respect their achievements, great in their day, and to strive to equal their resourcefulness and courage" - from the foreword. Locale: Manitoba; Prairie Provinces; Stonewall--Manitoba; Western Canada. (Manitoba, Local History--Manitoba, Social History--Manitoba).


Lilies and Shamrocks; A History of Emily Township; County of Victoria, Ontario; 1818-1973

By Pammett, Howard T.

Lindsay: John Deyell 1974. (Hardcover) 374pp. Very good in very good dust jacket. Illustrated map endpapers, illustrations, photographs, tables, appendices, index. The covers are lightly bowed, the dust jacket is chipped and edgeworn along the top edge and faded at the spine, and there are very minor markings in the text. "The story of Emily's pioneer development emerges as a fascinating story about a typical rural Ontario township, then as now predominantly Irish, where Protestant and Roman Catholic farmers and villagers learned to help each other and live in neighbourly friendship, with a remarkable absence of friction, violence and crime, and with a family loyalty, industry and thrift which has carried from the township safely through, from Confederation to modern times". Time Period 1818-1973. Identified on spine as Lilies and Shamrocks. Locale: Emily--Ontario; Ontario--Canada; Victoria County--Ontario. (Canada, History--Canada, Irish Canadians, Local History, Pioneer Life, Rural Development, Settlement).


La Bataille de Batoche; Une Petite Guerre Britannique Contre des Métis Retranchés

By Hildebrandt, Walter

Ottawa: Canada. Environment Canada [0-660-11772-X] 1985. (Oblong paperback) 120pp. Very good plus. Maps, photographs, notes, bibliography. Locale: ; Batoche--Saskatchewan; Batoche--Saskatchewan; Prairie Provinces; Prairie Provinces; Saskatchewan; Western Canada; Western Canada. (Riel, Battle of Batoche, Battle of Batoche, Metis, Northwest Rebellion, Northwest Rebellion).


Church and Sect in Canada

By Clark, S. D.

Toronto: University of Toronto Press [0-8020-1021-0] 1971, reprint. (Hardcover) 458pp. Very good plus in very good plus dust jacket. Notes, index. The dust jacket is price-clipped and lightly faded on the spine and there is a previous owner's name in ink on the title page. "This important volume not only illustrates what sociology gains from the use of historical material, but also how much history may be enriched by a sociological approach to its sources. It is copiously documented from original source materials which have been penetratively analyzed for their social significance. This work will prove valuable to all who are interested in the origins and early stages of this country's continuing effort to achieve a distinctive culture" - Globe and Mail. Time Period 1960's. Locale: Canada. (Canada, Christianity, Churches, Religion, Social Development--Canada, Societies, Sociology).


A War on Poverty; The One War That Can End War

By Partridge, E. A.

Winnipeg: Wallingford Press 1925. (Hardcover) 225pp. Good, no dust jacket. Green cloth with black lettering to the cover and spine. The covers are rubbed and worn, the front endpapers are discolored near the hinge, and there is a previous owner's name ink on the front endpaper. "The book A War on Poverty -- with which, to form this volume, is bound in, besides a Preface, the contents of a previously published pamphlet entitled, 'A CALL to A POLITICO-SOCIO-ECONOMIC CONFERENCE,' re-appearing here under the caption - A Call to Conference - which should be read, even re-read, if read before, as serving a General Introduction to the Book proper. Locale: Canada; Manitoba--Canada; Prairie Provinces; Western Canada; Winnipeg--Manitoba. (Western Canada, Government, Politics, Poverty, Social Conditions).


TRAF; Together, Through 75 Years of Growth

By Teachers' Retirement Allowances Fund

Winnipeg: Teachers' Retirement Allowances Fund [0-9687581-0-X] 2000, 1st printing. (Oblong 4to paperback) 59pp. Near fine. Photographs, notes, bibliography. "The story of TRAF is the story of Manitoba teachers' struggle for a fair an adequate pension plan. I am proud to recognize and honour TRAF for 75 years of dedicated service to our members. When the Teachers' Retirement Fund Act was passed by the legislature in 1925 it covered only teachers outside the City of Winnipeg". Locale: Manitoba; Manitoba--Canada; Prairie Provinces; Prairie Provinces; Western Canada; Western Canada; Winnipeg--Manitoba. (Manitoba, Education, History--Canada, Pension, Retirement, Teachers).


Mom's O.K.; Women in Search of Wholeness

By Terichow, Gladys

Winnipeg: North End Women's Resource Centre [0-9699494-1-3] [circa 1998]. (Plastic coil binding) 141pp. Very good. The covers are lightly rubbed. Illustrations, photographs, table, list of staff. "To the women who shared their personal stories: Your stories are stories of hope and despair, of dreams that have come true and shattered dreams, of self-confidence and uncertainty. The common thread in each story is your courage and strength to deal with difficult issues in your lives and move on to build a better life for yourself and your families". Locale: Manitoba--Canada; North End--Winnipeg--Manitoba; Prairie Provinces; Western Canada; Winnipeg--Manitoba. (Manitoba, Poverty, Pregnancy, Women, Women's Rights).


Life Journeys; The Stories of the Eden High School Class of '55

By Jantz, Harold (editor)

Winnipeg: Eden Echoes 978-0-9868138-0-1 [978-0-9868138-0-1] 2011, numbered copy from a limited edition of 100. (Oblong 4to hardcover) 172pp. Near fine, no dust jacket. Black and white and color photographs. "When a group of people come together fifty years after they've left high school, their stories will inevitably be compelling and rich. That was the case when most of us who graduated from Eden High School (later Eden Christian College) in rural Niagara-on-the-Lake got together for a class reunion in 2005....In this book are life stories of almost all of our class". Book about Eden High School, High School Reunion. Time Period 1955 & 2005. Locale: Niagara-On-The-Lake; Ontario--Canada. (Canada, Biography, Faith, History--Canada, Local History).


Pioneers of Clear Springs

By Laing, Ed

Steinbach: Ed and Alice Laing 2001. (4to softcover) 165pp. Very good. Map endpapers. Photographs, maps, family histories. A previous owner's name and a newspaper clipping taped to the front endpaper. Locale: Clear Springs--Manitoba; Manitoba; Prairie Provinces; Western Canada. (Manitoba, Family Histories--Manitoba, Local History--Manitoba).


De L'impuissance a L'autonomie: Evolution Culturelle et Enjeux Identitaires des Minorites Canadiennes-Francaises

By Poliquin, Laurent

Sudbury: Editions Prise de Parole 978-2-89744-054-1 [978-2-89744-054-1] 2017. (Trade paperback) 353pp. Near fine. Notes, tables, indices, bibliography. "De l'impuissance a l'autonomie creuse en amont la dislocation du Canada francais qui s'est realisee dans les annees 1960. L'ouvrage remet en question l'idee, tres repandue, selon laquelle l'essor de l'identite quebecoise aurait entraine a lui seul l'eclatement du Canada francais et impulse le changement d'identite des minorites francophones du pays. Il demontre, au contraire, que la rupture s'est consommee au terme de discontinuites, et ce, au cours des decennies qui precedent". Book about Identity. Text in French Language. Locale: Quebec--Canada. (Canada, Autonomy, Cultural Studies, French Canadian, History--Canada, Minorities).


Time Air Celebrating 25 Years 1966-1991. 25 Years of People, Service & Memories

By Dick, Cheryl

Lethbridge: Time Airways Ltd. 1991. (4to) 80pp. Very good, no dust jacket. Illustrated endpapers, photographs, list of employees to January 1991. A 2-inch clip from p.53. Locale: Alberta; Lethbridge--Alberta; Western Canada. (Western Canada, Air Lines--Canada, Time Airways).


Manitoba and its Great Resources: An Illustrated History of Resource Development in Manitoba

By Gillies, Ian (With Steven Prystupa & Cornel Wynobel.)

Winnipeg: University of Manitoba. Natural Resource Institute 1977. (4to paperback) vii, 76pp. Very good. Photographs, map. "The central theme of this book is the importance of people in the resource development process. The courage and strength of the pioneers who came to the province was remarkable. Natural resource wealth does not ensure economic prosperity and social well-being. Only application of human resources - imagination, faith, wisdom and strength - can transform natural resource wealth into the means for material well-being" - from the Preface. Locale: Manitoba; Prairie Provinces; Western Canada. (Manitoba, Natural Resources--Manitoba, Pioneer Life--Manitoba, Resource Development--Manitoba).


Peopling the North American City; Montreal, 1840-1900 (Publisher series: Carleton Library Series--Peopling the North American City; Montreal 1840-1900; Carleton Library Series.)

By Olson, Sherry (With Patricia A. Thornton.)

Montreal: McGill-Queen's University Press 978-0-7735-3831-3 [978-0-7735-3831-3] 2011. (Trade paperback) 524pp. Near fine. Graphs, maps, tables, illustrations, photographs, diagrams, appendices, notes, bibliography, indices. "Many North American cities trace their population booms to the nineteenth century when people flooded into emerging industrializing urban centres in search of better lives. Peopling the North American City examines this phenomenon in Montreal, using information from a thousand couples to construct both an intimate portrait and a compelling overview of life in a nineteenth-century metropolis". Time Period 1840-1900 & 19th Century. Publisher series: Carleton Library Series #222 Peopling the North American City; Montreal 1840-1900). Locale: Canada; Montreal--Quebec; North America. (Canada, Archives, Cities, Class Structure, Daily Life, Social Conditions, Social History, Urban Life).


Roland's Centennial History; 1890 - 1990

By Roland Centennial Committee (Illustrations by Ken Potter.)

Roland: Roland Centennial Committee 1990. (Oblong stiff paper covers) 92pp. Very good. Photographs, illustrations. Illustrations by Ken Potter. Locale: Roland--Manitoba. (Manitoba, Local History--Manitoba).


Sumka Family History Book

By Trakalo, Lynda

Lynda Trakalo 2006. (4to) 294pp. Very good plus, no dust jacket. Photographs, illustrations. The spine is lightly cocked and the fore-edge is lightly soiled. "This book is dedicated to the Sumka ancestors on the occasion of the Sumka Family Reunion July 14, 15, & 16, 2006". Book about Sumka Family. Locale: Manitoba--Canada. (Manitoba, Family History, Local History, Ukrainian Canadians).


True Lies of Frontier Characters and Practical Jokers (Publisher series: True Lies Series--Frontier Characters and Practical Jokers; True Lies Series.)

By Clancy, Ron S.

Ron S. Clancy [0-9683533-2-0] [circa 1999]. (4to plastic comb binding) 101pp. Very good plus. Photographs. "Frontier characters and practical jokers populated nearly every town and village in the West and North in our country. In the early days before radio and television took over, these people provided 'down home' entertainment free of charge to one and all" - from the Introduction. Publisher series: True Lies Series #3 Frontier Characters and Practical Jokers). Vol. 3 True Lies. Locale: Prairie Provinces; Western Canada. (Western Canada, Anecdotes).


Eaton's Spring & Summer 1976

By Eaton's of Canada

Scarborough: Eaton's of Canada 1976. (Wrappers) 698pp. Fine in near fine dust jacket. In original brown paper wrapper printed with black and green advertisements and change of address form. "Wrapper Specials; order while stock lasts or until March 13, 1976; Over 70 special girls' and women's fashion offers inside this wrapper!". Time Period Spring 1976. (Canada, Eaton's of Canada, Shopping, Trade Catalogs).


The Last Roundup

By Graber, Stan

Calgary: Fifth House Publishers 978-1-895618-54-1 [978-1-895618-54-1] 1995. (Oblong paperback) 124pp. Near fine. Photographs, illustrations, dictionary. "The Last Roundup will lead readers into an aspect of our prairie heritage seldom celebrated - the heyday of the Canadian cowboy, when cattle freely roamed the Great Plains and a sure-footed pony was the best friend a cowpoke could have". Locale: Great Plains; Prairie Provinces; Western Canada. (Western Canada, Cowboys, Frontier Life, Memoirs).


Blessed; Portrait of Asdis Sigrun Anderson

By Anderson, Katrina (Biography of Asdis Sigurd Anderson; Edited by Marjorie Anderson.)

Winnipeg: Anderson House Publishing [978-0-9736071] 2005, 1st edition. (Trade paperback) 241pp. Very good. Portrait frontispiece. The covers are lightly rubbed and there is a small green smudge on the front. "This special limited edition of the life story of Asids Sigrun Anderson is intended to mark her ninetieth birthday on February 19, 2005. It is an affectionate, yet remarkably frank, account of personal strength and family solidarity in the Canadian West, told by this Icelandic-Canadian amma (grandmother), largely in her own words". Biography of Asdis Sigurd Anderson. Edited by Marjorie Anderson. Foreword by David Arnason. Locale: Manitoba; Prairie Provinces; Western Canada. (Manitoba, Icelandic Canadians).


Juvenile Delinquency in Canada; The Report of the Department of Justice Committee on Juvenile Delinquency

By Canada. Department of Justice

Ottawa: Canada. Department of Justice 1965. (4to paperback) 377pp. Very good. Tables, charts, graphs, notes, appendices. Lightly worn covers, and a previous owner's name in ink on the top corner of the front cover and the title page. "As an advisory committee of the Department of Justice appoitned to consider the problem of juvenile delinquency in Canada we have the honour to submit, respectfully, the attached report" - from the text. Locale: Canada. (Canada, Court Cases, Crime, Government--Canada, Justice, Juvenile Delinquency).


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