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The Tudor Age (Publisher series: A History of England.)

By Williamson, James A.

London: Longmans 1964. (Hardcover) 468pp. Very good plus in very good plus dust jacket. Dark blue clotH. Notes, appendices, index. The dust jacket is lightly edgeworn, there are two previous owner names on the front endpapers one of which is blacked out. "The following book is in the main a narrative history of the Tudor period, written with intent to balance the treatment of the various interests of the time and to evaluate their influence on the course of the national development. I have viewed the story as, first, a restoration of order and strengthening of administration; next, a reformation in the Church, the state, and the English society; and lastly, the opening phase in the growth of the new England that emerged". Publisher series: A History of England. Locale: England. (History--England, History--England, Social History, Tudor England).


The Sisters of Henry VIII; Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scotland (November 1489-October 1541); Mary Tudor, Queen of France and Duchess of Suffolk (March 1496 - June 1533)

By Chapman, Hester W.

Portway: Cedric Chivers [0-85997-006-X] 1974. (Hardcover) 223pp. Near fine in near fine dust jacket. Genealogical endpapers, frontispiece, illustrations, notes, bibliography, index. "The Tudor dynasty imposed an ineffaceable and intensely personal pattern on the history of England, and that pattern was reproduced in the little-known lives of Henry VIII's sisters, Margaret and Mary. Both became queens: Margaret of Scotland, Mary of France. Both had passionate love-affairs which led to political and dynastic complications almost as far-reaching as those set in motion by their more famous brother". Book about Henry VIII--King of England, Margaret--Queen of Scotland, Mary--Queen of France, Margaret Tudor & Mary Tudor. (History--England, Monarchy, Tudor England).


The English Fur Trade in the Later Middle Ages

By Veale, Elspeth M.

Oxford: Oxford at the Clarendon Press 1966. (Hardcover) 251pp. Very good plus in very good plus dust jacket. Red cloth with gilt lettering and crested spine. Abbreviations, charts, plates, maps, illustrations, appendices, glossary, bibliography, index. Light edgewear to the dust jacket at the top of the spine. "This book, while ranging widely in time and place, attempts to explore in depth medieval London society by taking as its central theme a single little-known industry. The study examines the considerations which influenced the wearing of furs, changes in fashion, and their impact on the craftsmen involved, the life and work of skinners drawn from all levels in London society, and the growth and activities of their fraternities". Time Period Middle Ages. Locale: London--England. (History--England, Fur Trade, History--England).


History for Their Masters; Opinion in the English History Textbook: 1800-1914

By Chancellor, Valerie E.

Bath: Adams & Dart [0-239-00068-4] 1970. (Hardcover) 153pp. Very good plus in very good plus dust jacket. Notes, bibliography, index. "Of all school subjects, history is perhaps most obviously a vehicle for the opinions of the teacher and the section of society which he represents, giving as it does scope for the expression of a wide variety of political, moral and religious ideas. The English educationalists of the last century seem to have been more concerned than those of today to eliminate from textbooks those attitudes which they considered harmful or subversive, and it is apparent that a conscious and directed effort was made to indoctrinate the young with ideas acceptable to the dominant classes of society". Time Period 1800-1914 & Victorian. (History--England, Education--England, History--England, Ideology, Teachers).


Two Tudor Conspiracies

By Loades, D.M.

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 1965. (Hardcover) 284pp. Very good plus in very good plus dust jacket. Frontispiece, notes, appendices, bibliography, index, fold-out map. There is a previous owner's name in ink on the front fixed endpaper. "The reign of Mary Tudor was a period of exceptional tension and unrest in English history. Opposition to the Tudor monarchy reached its highest point at this time, when the government was weak and the country a pawn in the European struggle between France and Spain... Dr Loades gives an account of two well-documented conspiracies, Sir Thomas Wyatt's rebellion in 1554 and the Dudley Conspiracy in 1556. Both were supported in varying degrees by the French; both help to increase our understanding of the opposition to Mary Tudor and illustrate the growth of English hostility to Spain". Book about Dudley Conspiracy, Mary Tudor & Thomas Wyatt. (History--England, Conspiracy, History--Europe, International Affairs, Tudor England).


The Government of the Rhine Palatinate in the Fifteenth Century

By Cohn, Henry J.

Oxford: Oxford University Press 1965. (Hardcover) 289pp. Very good plus in very good plus dust jacket. Dark blue cloth with gilt lettering and crested spine. Notes, tables, bibliography, index, fold-out map. The dust jacket is lightly soiled and worn and there is a previous owner's name on the front fixed endpaper. "During the century before the Reformation the early modern state becomes established not only in the monarchies of western Eruope but in the Principalities of Germany. This study of the Palatinate illustrates the parallels between them and also the conditions peculiar to Germany. After an outline of political history, it analyses the methods by which the electors palatine met problems ranging from the need to create a recognized rule of succession and a developed territorial sovereignty to the reform of finances and administration". Book about Rhine Palatinate. Time Period 15th Century. (History--Germany, Government, History--Germany, Monarchy).


A History of Norwich

By Meeres, Frank

West Sussex (England): Phillimore [1-86077-083-5] 1998. (4to) 244pp. Near fine in near fine dust jacket. Illustrated endpapers, maps, photographs, illustrations, tables, notes, illustrations, index. "Norwich has a rich and fascinating history. An important Anglo-Saxon market town at the time of the Norman invasion, it grew to become one of the leading cities of England by the early Middle Ages and second only to London in the 16th and 17th centuries. It retained its importance until the Industrial Revolution when, although it was overtaken in size by the new manufacturing towns, it maintained its reputation as one of the most radical and progressive of cities". Time Period 16th Century & 17th Century. (History--England, Cities, History--England, Industrial Revolution).


The Field of Cloth of Gold; Men and Manners in 1520

By Russell, Joycelyne G.

New York: Barnes & Noble 1969. (Hardcover) 248pp. Very good plus in very good plus dust jacket. Notes, illustrations, appendix, bibliography, index. The dust jacket is lightly edgeworn. "This is a study in depth of a central event in the history of England and France. In the summer of 1520, Henry VIII and Francis I, with their courts, met in the open fields near Calais for a brief interlude of unparalleled extravagance, an exhibition of all that was most dazzling in courtly amusement. The diplomatic exchanges, which were the official context of the meeting, were lost in a blaze of entertainment and sport". Book about Henry VIII--King of England & Thomas Wolsey. Time Period 16th Century. Locale: ;. (History--England, Chivalry, Diplomacy, Foreign Relations, Social History).


Negotiating Daily Life in Traditional China; How Ordinary People Used Contracts 600-1400
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Negotiating Daily Life in Traditional China; How Ordinary People Used Contracts 600-1400

By Hansen, Valerie

New Haven: Yale University Press [0-300-06063-7] 1995. (Hardcover) 285pp. Near fine in near fine dust jacket. Illustrations, maps, appendix, glossary, bibliography, index. A previous owner's inscription on the front free endpaper. "There is very little analytic research in any language on the nature of Chinese contracts and their use in daily life. Hansen shows the impact of contracts and contractual thinking on all aspects of Chinese society, and she demonstrates how the atittudes of the state toward contracts changed from neglect and even aversion to increasing involvement. This is a valuable and eminently readable contribution to the field" - Barend J. Ter Haar, University of Heidelberg. Time Period 600-1400. (History--China, Contracts, Daily Life, History--China, Social Behavior).


The McFarlane Legacy; Studies in Late Medieval Politics and Society (Publisher series: Fifteenth Century Series.)

By Britnell, R.H. (editor)

Stroud: Alan Sutton Publishing [0-7509-0626-X] 1995. (Hardcover) 218pp. Near fine in near fine dust jacket. Notes, index. "This volume provides a major reassessment of the legacy of K.B. McFarlane, the most important twentieth-century historian of the later Middle Ages. McFarlane's principal academic project, left incomplete at his death in 1966, was to provide a comprehensive analysis of the English governing classes in the period he made his own. A quarter of a century later a group of historians, several of a younger generation who have followed in his footsteps, take stock and examine several issues which were, and still are, part of that major revaluation of the later Middle Ages". Book about Henry IV--King of England. Time Period 15th Century. Publisher series: Fifteenth Century Series 1. (History, Administration, Constitution--England, Historiography, Medieval Studies, Middle Ages, Politics--England).


The Organization of the English Customs System 1696-1786

By Hoon, Elizabeth Evelynola

Newton Abbot: David & Charles [0-7153-4182-0] 1968. (Hardcover) 322pp. Very good plus in very good dust jacket. Notes, bibliography, index. The dust jacket is clipped and has lightl wrinkling on the back panel. "First published in 1938 under the auspices of the American Historical Association, Dr Hoon's book provides a clear, well-presented and interesting description of the customs service from the date of the passing of the last Navigation Act to the year preceding Pitt's Consolidation Act". Time Period 18th Century. Introduction by Rupert C. Jarvis. (History--England, Business and Economics--england, Customs and excise, Economics, History--England, Taxation, Trade).


The Elizabethan Privy Council in the Fifteen-Seventies

By Pulman, Michael Barraclough

Berkeley: University of California Press [0-520-01716-1] 1971. (Hardcover) 279pp. Very good in very good dust jacket. Abbreviations, tables, notes, bibliography, index. The corners are lightly bumped. "It included in its ranks some of the most famous men of the age. It was apparently the most powerful public body in the land. It put programs before parliament. It advised the queen. It chose justices of the peace. It nominated sheriffs. It drew up instructions for ambassadors. It was responsible for the security of the state. It ran the country. The Privy Council of Queen Elizabeth I ruled the everyday world of later sixteenth-century Englishmen as unmistakably, and more constantly, than the moon reigned over the heavens at night". Book about Elizabethan Privy Council. Time Period 1570's & 16th Century. (History--England, Elizabeth I--Queen of England, History--England, Middle Ages, Parliament--England).


The Common Lawyers of Pre-Reformation England; Thomas Kebell: A Case Study (Publisher series: Cambridge Studies in English Legal History.)

By Ives, E.W.

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press [0-521-24011-5] 1983. (Hardcover) 536pp. Near fine in very good plus dust jacket. Abbreviations, tables, appendices, index. The dust jacket is lightly edgeworn. "The English common lawyers wielded their greatest influence in the late fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries, with names like Fortescue, Littleton and More. In these years they were more than the only organised lay profession: in the infancy of statute, they, more than anyone, shaped and changed the law; they were the managerial elite of the country; they were the single most dynamic group in society. This book is a study of their formative impact on the whole of English life". Book about Thomas Kebell. Time Period 15th Century & 16th Century. Publisher series: Cambridge Studies in English Legal History. (History--England, Common Law, Court Cases, History--England, Middle Ages).


Parliamentary Texts of the Later Middle Ages

By Pronay, Nicholas

Oxford: Clarendon Press [0-19-822368-4] 1980. (Hardcover) 230pp. Very good plus in very good plus dust jacket. Abbreviations, notes, appendix, bibliography, index. The dust jacket is price-clipped and there is a previous owner's name on the front fixed endpaper. "This edition brings together a number of contemporary accounts of the English parliament of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries which illustrate the working of parliament and in particular the position of the Commons. The main text, the Modus Tenendi Parliamentum, written in the 1320s is the only systematic medieval exposition of the English parliament, placing particular emphasis on its representative character... It is printed here in the two main versions in use in England, together with the version adopted for Irish conditions". Book about Modus Tenendi Parliamentum. Time Period 14th Century & 15th Century. (History--England, Government--England, History--England, Parliament--England).


Tudor Secretary; Sir William Petre at Court and Home

By Emmison, F.G.

Cambridge: Harvard University Press 1961. (Hardcover) 364pp. Very good plus in very good plus dust jacket. Notes, illustrations, photographs, maps, tables, appendices, references, index. "Sir William Petre (1505-1572) was a remarkable man. No other Tudor Secretary served so many sovereigns. He was the only member of Henry VIII's Council (except Winchester) who was reappointed by his three children in turn, and his unbroken membership of the Council was unique. He alone escaped execution, imprisonment, exile, dismissal or disgrace. The public records reveal him as an almost ubiquitous figure and the chronicle of his life runs as a continuous thread through mid-Tudor political history. He is the chief link between Thomas Cromwell and William Cecil, the greatest Tudor Secretaries". Book about William Cecil, Thomas Cromwell, Henry VIII--King of England & William Petre. (History--England, Politics--England, Tudor England).


The Cardinal's Court; The Impact of Thomas Wolsey in Star Chamber

By Guy, J.A.

Hassocks: Harvester Press [0-85527-829-3] 1977. (Hardcover) 191pp. Very good plus in very good plus dust jacket. Notes, index. "This book is the first full-length study of any aspect of Wolsey's domestic government to be published since A.F. Pollard's biography first appeared in 1929. DR Guy's purpose is to investigate the history and nature of conciliar government and justice from 1485 to 1540, and in particular to describe and explain the remarkable development of Star Chamber as a court during Wolsey's rule". Book about Henry VII--King of England, Henry VIII--King of England, Star Chamber & Thomas Wolsey. (History--England, Government--England, History--England).


The Strange Alchemy of Life and Law
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The Strange Alchemy of Life and Law

By Sachs, Albie

Oxford: Oxford University Press 978-0-19-960577-4 [978-0-19-960577-4] 2011. (Trade paperback) 306pp. Near fine. Color photographs, appendix, index. "Should a judge be an instrument of pure, detached reason, or a person imbued with human empathy? Albie Sachs, appointed by Nelson Mandela to South Africa's first Constitutional Court, has heard landmark cases dealing with terrorism and torture, social and economic rights, the truth commission, and same sex marriages. He argues that reason and passion are inextricably linked into the judicial philosophy of one of the world's most prominent constitutional judges". Book about Constitutional History & Albie Sachs. Locale: South Africa. (History--South Africa, Court Cases, History--South Africa, Judges, Justice).


The Local Port Book of Southampton for 1439-40; Edited with an Introduction by Henry S. Cobb, M.A.; An Assistant Clerk of the Records in the House of Lords (Publisher series: Southampton Records Series.)

By Cobb, Henry S. (editor)

London: University of Southampton 1961. (Hardcover) 142pp. Very good in very good dust jacket. Blue cloth with gilt lettering on the spine. Photographic frontispiece, abbreviations, maps, notes, glossary, index. Bottom corners bumped and the dust jacket is lightly rubbed. "The manuscript edited here is one of the fine series of local Port Books preserved in the Southampton Corporation Archives. The publication of these books began nearly fifty years ago with the Port Books of Southampton, 1427-30, edited by P. Studer for the Southampton Record Society, 1913. Two further volumes, comprising the surviving Port Books for the reign of Edward IV and edited by D.B. Quinn, were published by the Society in 1937-8" - from the Preface. Time Period 15th Century. Publisher series: Southampton Records Series. Locale: Southampton--England. (History--England, Business, Commerce, History--England, Trade and Commerce).


Machiavelli & the Renaissance

By Chabod, Federico

London: Bowes & Bowes 1960. (Hardcover) 258pp. Very good plus in very good dust jacket. Notes, bibliography, index. A previous owner's name on the front endpaper. "Professor Chabod's essay on Machiavelli's Prince has long been a bibliographical rarity. Here in Oxford, the only way to get acquainted with it is to read it in Bodley, in the 1925 volume of the Nova Rivista Storica where it was first published. This however has never prevented tutors from impressing on generation after generation of undergraduates reading the Italian Renaissance that Chabod's essay is indispensable. Such a state of affairs would in itself provide sufficient ground for justifying an English translation" - from the Introduction. Book about Federico Chabod & Niccolo Machiavelli. Time Period 16th Century. Introduction by A.P. d'Entreves. Locale: Italy. (History--Europe, Political History, Renaissance--Italy, Social History).


The Proclamations of the Tudor Kings

By Heinze, R.W.

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press [0-521-20938-2] 1976. (Hardcover) 317pp. Very good plus in very good dust jacket. Tables, notes, bibliography, index. The dust jacket is faded on the spine. "Royal proclamations were an important instrument of Tudor government and their legislative function has long been a subject of historical controversy, but the actual use of them by the Tudor monarchs has not been adequately studied. The main purpose of this book is to provide a systematic analysis of the use, authority and enforcement of proclamations in early Tudor England". Time Period 16th Century. Locale: England. (History--England, Government--England, Legislation, Monarchy--England, Parliament--England, Tudor England).


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