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Recueil USA Magazine

By Vrac, Marcel-Didier (Ed-in-Chief)

Comics USA, Grenoble, Paris, 1988. Softcover. Good/No Jacket. 98 pages (complete). In French throughout. Double-issue of Bandes Dessinées [graphic novels]. Authors and illustrators in this issue: Catherine Quénot, Brian Bollan/ Alan Moore ("Souriez"), Jordi Bernet/ Sanchez Abuli ("Love Story"), Richard Corben("Enfants du Feu" ; "Ogre"), Mike Hoffman / William F Nolan ("Surprise Partie"), Rand Holmes/ Robert Ingersoll ("La Part du Feu"), Marc Voline (Movies), Eric Puech ("Joe Breakdown"), Will Eisner ("Gagner"), Mark Schultz ("L'Ère Xénozoïque"), José Ortiz/ Antonio Segura ("Burton & Cyb"), Jordi Bernet ("Torpedo"). A generously owned copy. The covers have wear, creasing, marks from handling and ownership. They are secure. The contents have evidence of happy use throughout. Nonetheless, the pages are clean, clear, bright-eyed, thrilling, fresh-faced. fk


Tarzan of the Apes
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Tarzan of the Apes

By Burroughs, Edgar Rice ; Hogarth, Burne ; Hodes, Robert M (adapted by)

Pan Books Limited, 1974. Softcover. Fair/No Jacket. Complete. A resolutely effective copy. At some stage this book has been subjected to damp storage conditions. The primary consequence is that the pages are warped a little. The back of the book has some staining but this does not interfere with the text or illustrations. The covers have wear, creasing and marks. They are secure. Within, the pages are certain, bright, clear, clean (by far), confident. It may still be read with ease and enjoyment. fn