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Meditations on First Philosophy with selections from the Objections and Replies

By Descartes, Rene, translated by John Cottingham, introduction byBernard Williams

NY: Cambridge Univ. Press. VG PB. (1986). The Meditations, one of the key texts of Western philosophy, is the most widely studied of all Descartes' writing. This . authoritativnew translation is taken from the recently published and much acclaimed Philosophical Writings of Descartes by John Cottingham, Robert Stoorhoff, and Dugald Murodch. Also a thematic abridgement of the Objections and Replies. Based on the best available origiinal texts, it presents Descartes' central metaphysical writings in clear, readable, modern English. Also included ia concise introductioin to Descartes' thought written especially for this volume by Bernard Williams. Main philosophical difficulties which occurred to Descartes' conemporaries, and how Descartes responded. .


An Inquiry concerning Human Understanding: my one life: an abstract of A Treatises of Human Nature (early works to 1800)

By Hume, David, edited by Antony Flew with his introduction, notes, andeditorial arrangement by

La Salle, IL: Open Court. VG kg sz OB. (1994). "All the objects of human reason or enquiry may naturally be divided into two kinds: relations of ideas and matters of fact." . Also contains Hume's autobiography, three of his letters, Adam Smith's letter describing Hume's deathand why a cause is always necessary. .


Solitude: a return to the self

By Storr, Anthony

NY: Ballantine. G PB. (1989). Reprint. "In intimate relationships we have ignored the deep, sustaining power of solitude in human life." Bottom corner edge wear. . Solitude and its role in lives of creative, fulfilled individuals. .


Histoire of Gil Blas de Santillane

By Par Lesage

Paris: Librairie de Firmin-Didot. G. nd. Half leather, ribbed spine, gilt lettering on spine, marbled boards, top edge gilt. Edge wear. .


A Message to Garcia being a preachment

By Hubbard, Elbert

E. Aurora, NY: Roycrofters. G suede. (1914). Gilt lettering front cover. .


Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East: volume III Sun Series

By Spalding, Baird T.

Los Angeles, CA: DeVorss & Co. VG. (1935). God speaks through the God-man today just as he has spoken down the long ages. Owner name front endpaper, brown binding, gilt . lettering. "The main object of their lives is to give knowledge and enlightenment to humanity through pure knowledge, aflame with love." .


Return of the Primitive: the anti-industrial revolutioni

By Rand, Ayn, edited with an introduction and additional essays by PeterSchartz

NY: Meridian. VG PB. (1999). "Reason and morality are the only weapons that determine the course of history. The collectivists dropped them because they . had no right to carry them. Pick them up; you have." The late 1960s saw the rise of the creed of anti-industrialism in America. Among noted thinkers of the day, Ayn Rand stood firm against the tide of Kantian nihilism and in support of reason, individualism, and laissey-faire capitalism, philosophic ideals that are the foundation of American achievement and progress. From the best-selling author of The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged. .


Les Confessions (in French)

By Rousseau, J. J.

Paris: Librairie de Firmin-Didot. G. nd. Half leather, ribbed spine, gilt lettering on spine, marbled boards, top edge gilt. Edge wear. .


Human Destiny

By du Nouy, Lecomte

NY: Longmans, Green. VG in G DJ. 1947. Startlilng theory of man's true place in the universe and the meaning of his existence on this earth. Man is not on earth . by chance alone. du Nouy contends that science finds a purpose evident in the history of life which rises aabove the laws of matter. Man has now by all intents and purposes completed his biological evolution and is just beginning his moral evolution. DJ slight tanning and wear to edges. .


Emanuel Swedenborg: scientist and mystic

By Toksvig, Signe

NY: Swedenborg Foundation. VG. (1983). 2nd ptg. The author states, "There is no doubt this book is a literary masterpiece. It sparkles with gems of wit and wisdom." .


Gift from the Sea

By Lindbergh, Anne Morrow

NY: Pantheon. VG in G DJ. (1955). BCE. Reflections on a woman's life matured in active years of family living and conversations. DJ slight tanning edge wear. .


The World as Will and Representation, volume 1 only

By Schopenhauer, Arthur, translsated from German by E. F. J. Payne

NY: Dover. VG PB. (1989). One of the most important works of the 19th century, the basic statement of post-Kantian thought, conceived and published . before he was 30. .


The Self Beyond Yourself

By Gregg, Richard B.

Philadelphia: Lippincott. G. (1956). Man does not live by bread alone. He has an infinite and insistent hunger for understanding for a meaning in and to his . life, a faith by which he may live. He must know something much greater than himself and feel himself in significant relationship with it. Man also needs a sense of direction. This book is an attempt to find such a pattern of meaning. It is an arrangement of such insights related to modern thought. So this is a statement of a philosophy of life, a pattern of many wisdoms. (from author's introduction) Tanning to edges of front endpapers .


Blessings of Friendship: a friendship treasury

By Engelbreit, Mary

Kansas City: Andrews McMee Pub. VG. (2002). Beautiful copy! Paste down pictorial cover showing two girls with a kitten, blue cloth, pictured endpapers. The Joy of . Friends, True Friends, etc. .


The Emergence of the Modern Mind

By Gruber, Frederick C., edited by, Associate Professor of Education,Univ of Pa

Philadelphia: Univ of Pennsylvania Press. VG in G DJ. (1958). What is the modern mind? Originally delivered as the Second Series of the Martin G. Brunbaugh Lectures in Education at the . Univ. of Pennsylvania offers illuminatng answers to this question by a biologist, an anthropologist, a philosopher, and a literary historian, each of whom gives approaches to the question in light of their own study and experience. Zukle points out that man is an animal but also unique in living at the same time in a biological and social world. Through populion genetics hereditary potentials of groups can be determined. Alpenfelt examines the relationship of the individual to society and finds tht the source of culture is the stuff of human experience, for no person originates his own culture. Edels states the increasing interest in Greek thought because Americans need solutions to modern problems. Perry Miller stresses the increasing influence of Thoreau over Emerson. Provocative statements of the beliefs and conclusions of four eminent educators who have a great deal to say about what the modern mind has inherited from the past. Owner inscription on front endpaper, DJ tanned on edges. .


A Defence of Philosophy

By Perry, Ralph Barton

Cambridge: Harvard Univ Press. VG. 1931. Green binding, tanning to spine edge, owner name front endpaper, small sized book. Philosophy attempts to get to the . bottom of things. .


The Methuselah Inheritance (inscribed)

By Tilston, G. Edwin

Alexandria, VA: Mandrill. G PB. (2002_. Tilston grew up in England and was a pilot in the RAF and Royal Navy. He acted as agent for ships and csargoes in the deep-sea . and coastwise trades in Brazil, Peru, Trinidad, New Orleans and New York. He lives with his wife in the N. Carolina mountains. Methuselah is a military mystery that forces you to the edge of your established perceptions. Lawyer Jack Dawson walks through mental labyrinths that unfold as he tries to save his client Masglen from his executioner, as he is led into a bizarre journey that discovers new worlds, explains the mysteries of longevity and our early ancestors, enables him to understand the reasons for his own actions, and launches himto a life-and-death struggle with evil. Tilston's inscription is a birthday wish to a friend. Owner jottings. .


The Little Zen Companion

By Schiller, David

NY: Workman Pub. VG PB. (1994). 13th ptg. A taste of Zen for the seeker and curious alike, here is a compilation of sayings, parables, haiku, koan, poetry, and other . words from both Eastern and Western sources, their maverick spirit points to a different way of looking at the world: directly, openly, joyously. Small fat book, nice to hold in the hands. .


Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions

By Alcoholics Anonymous

NY: Alcoholics Anoymous Inc.. VG in VG DJ. (1993). 49th ptg. A co-founder of AA tells how members recover & how the society functions. Partial DJ. .


The Republic

By Plato, translated by Benjamin Jowett, M.A., with the Jowett notes andmarginalia, introduction by Scott Buchanan

Cleveland: Fine Editions Press. VG. (1946). We can only attain to things of mind through things of sense. Dark red leather spine, lighter red binding, top edge gilt. .


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