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The English Library Before 1700. Studies in its History.

By WORMALD (Francis) & WRIGHT (C.E.) Editors

London: The Athlone Press, 1958. First Edition, pencil notes on front endpaper, frontis., 22 plates, orig. cloth, d.w. Describes how the library came into existence and what was accomplished in the early centuries of its development.


Catalogue of Pepys Library at Magdalene College Cambridge. Volume VII. Part i: 'Catalogue' and 'Alphabet'

By McKITTERICK (David) Editor

Boydell & Brewer Ltd. 1991. 4to, 500pp., orig. cloth, gilt. The catalogue compiled for Pepys in 1700 by his copyist and secretary Paul Lorrain and his nephew John Jackson comprises two parts; the numerical listing of volumes followed by an alphabetical list and the 'Appendix' or subject index (Part ii). This volume (Part i) presents a photographic facsimile of the 'Catalogue' and Alphabet', with an introduction discussing Pepys's ideas on bibliographical organization and the composition of his library. In print at £175


Catalogue of Pepys Library at Magdalene College Cambridge. Volume VII. Part ii: 'Appendix Classica' of Pepys's Catalogue

By McKITTERICK (David) Editor

Boydell & Brewer Ltd. 1991. 4to, 367pp., facsimiles, orig. cloth, gilt. The catalogue compiled for Pepys in 1693 has a listing of shelf markings as found in earlier library catalogues, but is also one of the first attempts at a comprehensive subject index, classifying the books in subjects from Arts to Vulgaria ('Noted Pieces of Chivalry, Wit, Pastime, Devotion and Poetry in Vogue with the English Populace') The Appendix contains additions to the library, 1693 to Michaelmas 1700. In print at £175


Treasures from the Bodleian Library. Introduction by Dr R.W. Hunt.

By HASSALL (A.G. & Dr W.O.)

Gordon Fraser. 1976. First Edition, folio, coloured frontis., 36 coloured plates, orig. cloth.


Libraries and Founders of Libraries. [From Ancient Times to the Beginning of the Nineteenth Century]

By EDWARDS (Edward)

Burt Franklin, New York. (Reprint of the 1865 Edition) 1969. 1 Folding facsimile, orig. cloth. Gives a brief historical survey of libraries, and deals in detail with the Royal Library, government archives and some important private libraries in England. Also includes a list of the catalogues of English monastic libraries.


Encyclopaedia of Librarianship.

By LANDAU (Thomas) Editor

Bowes & Bowes. 1958. First Edition, large 8vo, ex-library, orig. cloth.


Ein Weltgebäude der Gedanken. Die Österreichische Nationalbibliothek.


Akademische Druck- u. Verlagsanstalt, Graz. 1987. 4to, 338pp., coloured frontis., illustrs., throughout, orig. cloth, d.w.


History of the Bodleian Library 1845-1945.

By CRASTER (Sir Edmund)

Oxford University Press. 1952. First Edition, ex-library, 11 plates (1 double page), 3 plans, orig. cloth, uncut. Giving a sketch of the library as it was in 1845, tells its history under successive librarians; first under Bandinel and Coxe; then under Nicholson; and finally under Nicholson's three successors in office.


Founders & Followers. Literary Lectures Given on the Occasion of the 150th Anniversary of the Founding of the London Library. Introduction by Sir Isaiah Berlin


Sinclair-Stevenson. 1992. First Edition, 8 plates, orig. cloth, d.w. Seven prominent members of the library were invited to give a lecture on some former distinguished members and past librarians.