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Gender Perspectives in Nineteenth-Century Ireland: Public and Private Spheres

By KELLEHER Margaret & MURPHY James H (Eds)

Dublin: Irish Academic Press 1st edn 1977 . 238p, hardback, a VG copy in a VG dustwrapper [0716525909]


Perfectionism and Contemporary Feminist Values

By YURACKO Kimberley A

Indiana University Press 2003 . 170p fine paperback [0253215803]



Contemporary Western European Feminism

By KAPLAN Gisela

UCL Press/Allen & Unwin, Australia 1992 . 340p dustwrapper


Women's Suffrage and Social Politics in the French Third Republic

By HAUSE Steven C - with Anne R.Kenney

Princeton University Press 1984 . 381p 16 pages of plates, 12 maps, and 19 tables dustwrapper



Illegitimacy, Sexuality and the Status of Women

By GILL Derek

Blackwell 1977 . 362p dustwrapper


New Gender Agenda: Why Women Still Want More

By COOTE Anna (Ed)

IPPR* - in association with the Fawcett Society and the Fabian Society 2000 . 179p fine paperback [1860301207] (*Institute for Public Policy Research.)


Delicate Subjects: Romanticism, Gender, and the Ethics of Understanding


Cornell University Press 1990 . pp.xviii,306 dustwrapper


The Family Silver: Essays on Relationships among Women


University of California Press 1996 . 270p paperback


Defining Women: Social Institutions and Gender Divisions

By McDOWELL Linda & PRINGLE Rosemary (Eds)

Polity Press - in association with the Open University 1st edn 1992 . 322p paperback VG [0745609805]


Patient No More: The Politics of Breast Cancer

By BATT Sharon

Scarlet Press 1st edn 1994 . 417p paperback [1857270673]


The Life and Death of Mary Wollstonecraft

By TOMAIN Claire

Penguin (Pelican Biographies) 1977 . 398p paperback


Women and Social Policy: A Reader

By UNGERSON Clare & KEMBER Mary (Eds)

Macmillan (Women in Society: A Feminist List) 2nd edn 1997 . 397p fine paperback [0333601874]


Engendering Modernity: Feminism, Social Theory and Social Change


Polity Press 1994 . 197p paperback


Working Miracles: Women's Lives in the English-speaking Caribbean


Institute of Social & Economic Research, Barbados - in association with James Currey and Indiana University Press 1991 . 210p paperback


Success and Satisfaction

By BAINES Alison

Paladin 1988 . 315p paperback "Sub-titled" on cover, Reconciling Women's Public and Private Selves.


ReImagining Women: Representations of Women in Culture

By NEUMAN Shirley & STEPHENSON Glennis (Eds)

University of Toronto Press (Theory / Culture) 1993 . 334p 15 illustrations paperback


Women and the Family


Zed Books (Women and World Development Series) 1994 . 140p paperback


Women and Families: Feminist Reconstructions

By BABER Kristine M & ALLEN Katherine R

Guilford Press (Perspectives on Marriage and the Family) 1992 . 276p


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