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Aircraft Carriers From G. L. GREEN LTD


United States Fleet Carriers Of World War Ii "in Action"

By Humble R

160 Pages. 20 x 28cms. From beginnings of US Navy's Air Arm through to Kamikaze attacks. Index. 200 illus. & maps. Paper covers..


Allied Escort Carriers Of Ww2 In Action

By Poolman K.

1988. 272 Pages. 23 x 28cms. Cover damaged part missing, book in good condition with dustwrapper damaged in same place as book. Detailed history of the 120 "Escort Carriers". Over 400 illus. line drawings & maps. 11 appendices including lists of vessels with details Bibliography, glossary, index.


Escort Carrier

By Poolman K

1983. 216 Pages. 20 x 25cms. Good in D/W. HMS Vindex at War, WW2 Career of Brit. Built cargo/passenger Liner converted into escort carrier for RN. Service in N. Atlantic & Arctic convoys carrying 825 Swordfish Squadron, surviving to return to Merchant service. Over 90 illus. Index.. Book Club Edition.


Uss Lexington

By Kinzey B

1988. 21 x 28cms. Colour Pictorial Covers a little creased. Good. In the Details & Scale series. Covers the United States Aircraft Carrier Lexington during WW2 and Post War conversion period. Ship History. Modelling section with kits, diagrams & description. 34 colour and 178 black & white illus.. 2nd Printing 1993.


United States Carriers At War

By Kilduff P.

1981. 165 Illus. 128 Pages. 23 x 30cms. Good in torn D/W An illustrated history of Carrier Operations & their aircraft during W.W.2. End-paper maps..


Ark Royal

By Poolman K.

1956. 14 Illus. 202 Pages. 13 x 20cms. Good covers little worn, no dustwrapper. Story of the Aircraft Carrier 1937-1941..