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Destroyer Action

By Smith P.c. (editor)

1974. 254 Pages. 15 x 23cms. V/G in D/W. Anthology.The Destroyer in action in two world wars. Chapters by Taffrail, Bartimeus, Onslow, Poolman, Rayner & others..


Fighting Flotilla

By Smith P. C.

1976. 38 Illus. 224 Pages. 15 x 23cms. Story of 8 Laforeys Famous destroyers in WW2 being the largest & most powerfully armed ships of their type. 7 diags. Index.. V/G/V/G.


73 North - Battle Of The Barents Sea

By Pope D.

1959. 22 Illus. 288 Pages. 13 x 20cms. foxing, spine little weak WW2. German attack on Convoy JW 51B on the Arctic run to Russia & gallant defence by RN Destroyers from both Brit. & German records. 13 Battle charts. 3 append. including awards. Diag. HMS Onslow. Index..


Royal Navy Destroyers Since 1945

By Marriott L

1989. 166 Illus. 18 x 23cms. Thick card covers. Good Treated chronologically by class with details. Short biblio. 128 art pages..


Destroyer Cambletown: Anatomy Of The Ship Series.
stock photo

Destroyer Cambletown: Anatomy Of The Ship Series.

By Ross A.

1990. 40 Illus. 127 Pages. 25 x 25cms. Good in D/W, Full description with ship history both as USS Buchanan & HMS Campbletown. Over 250 diagrams & plans..


German Destroyers And Escorts

By Beaver P

Good. 1981. 0850594596 1 Maps. 96 Pages. 18 x 23cms. paper covers. WW2 Photo Album No. 20. Selection of 150 b/w photographs from the Bundesarchiv, Koblenz (German equivalent of Public Record Office), illustrate life aboard German destroyers, torpedo boats & minesweepers Informative text. 3 appends. .


The First Destroyers.

By Lyon D.

1996. 128 Pages. 25 x 30cms. Taken from Admiralty documents & plans. Fully detailed data of the Royal Navy's Torpedo Boat Destroyers of the 1890's up to the River class of 1900. German response and developments in the United Sates. Builders and service. Sources and list of plansavailable at the National Maritime Museum. 100 integrated plans and illustrations. Scale folding plan of HMS Velox in pocket at rear of volume. Good in d/w. Good/Good.


American Fleet & Escort Destroyers Vol. 2.

By Lenton H. T.

1971. 44 Illus. 160 Pages. 10 x 15cms. Good in D/W Navies of WW2 Series. Detailed. Index..



By Preston A

1977. 0600329550 8 Maps. 224 Pages. 23 x 30cms. Good in D/W. Bison. 1978. The exciting saga of the great destroyers of all the maritime powers from early days to W.W.2 & after. Includes Atlantic 1939/43 Mediterranean, Pacific. Over 300 b/w & 20 colour illus. Index. .