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German Submarines Vol. 2

By Lenton H. T.

1965. 128 Pages. 10 x 15cms. Good in D/W MacDonald & Janes Navies of WW2. Many illus. & diags.. 2nd Edition 1968.


The Emden

By Jennings J.

1964. reprint april 1964. Novel of WW1 - the chronicle of a gallant ship. Good in Dustwrapper.272pages. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall.


German Warships Of Ww2
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German Warships Of Ww2

By Lenton H. T.

1975. 134 Illus. 396 Pages. 18 x 25cms. . Good in slightly torn and frayed. Details of entire Fleet including auxiliary units & experiment submarine types. Plans. Biblio..


Der Admiralstab Und Die Obersten Marinehorden In Deutschland 1848-1945

By Hubatsch W

1958. Unsigned 269 Pages. 16 x 24cms. Good in slightly torn D/W. Some pencil annotations in English. Bookplate. German Text. German Admiralty. History and strategy. Sources and notes. Biblio. Index of Persons. .


Battle Beneath The Waves: The U-boat War

By Stern R. C

1999. 1854092006 46 Illus. 224 Pages. 16 x 24cms. V/G in D/W.Accounts of individual U-Boat actions in both World Wars set against the context of changing U-Boat strategy. Sources. Index. .


Konigsberg, Koln, Darlsruhe. Krazowniki Typu K

By Cieslak M/Danielewicz W. Encyklopedia Okretow Wojennych No. 22

Polish text.56pages of illus, diags, plans. Fold out large plan of ship. 3. Paper covers. New. Art paper.. Pictorial Covers. 4to - over 9¾" - 12" tall.


Fips: Legendary U-boat Commander 1915-1918.

By Furbringer W.

1999. 1 Maps. 16 Illus. 146 Pages. 16 x 24cms. As New in D/W. Translated from the German Edition of 1933 by G.Brooks. Auto-Biography of German U-Boat officer of the First World War. Index..


Swastika At Sea.

By Bekker C. D.

1953. map. 44 Illus. 207 Pages. 13 x 23cms. In torn dustwrapper. Struggle and destruction of German Navy 1939-45.. Unsigned.


Discovery Of The Bismarck 1990 Ed

By Ballard R

1987. 0340529768 231 Pages. 20 x 23cms. V/G in D/W.Story of the Great Sea Battle and words of the men who fought. With Author's Account of the rediscovery. Over 400 illus, maps, diags, charts many in col. Index. .


Donitz, The Last Fuhrer

By Padfield P.

1984. 2 Maps. 32 Illus. 524 Pages. 15 x 23cms. Good in D/W. Early training in Kaiser's Navy, service in U Boats in WW1. Inter war years, battle of Atlantic, Supreme Cdr. Hitler's navy. Biblio. General, ships & U Boat Index..


German Surface Vessels 1

By Lenton H. T.

1966. 73 Illus. 159 Pages. 15 x 10cms. in torn AND PARTLY MISSING D/W MacDonald & Janes. Navies of WW2 Series. Detailed. .


Pursuit Of Admiral Von Spee

By Hough R

1969. 049430130 18 Illus. 180 Pages. 15 x 23cms. good in d/w. Study in loneliness & bravery. Account of 2 historic naval actions at Coronel & Falkland Islands in WW1 mainly from Germany side of events & in particular the conduct of Adm. Von Spee. End paper maps. .


Death Of The Scharnhorst

By Winton J

1983. 0882548786 4 Maps. 25 Illus. 182 Pages. 15 x 23cms. V/G in D/W. Early career with a detailed account of the naval battle which brought about her destruction. 3 appendices including Honours & Awards. Sources. Biblio. Index. .


Black Raider

By Weyher K./ehrlich H

1955. Map. 28 Illus. 200 Pages. 13 x 20cms. Story of German Raider "Orion" in WW2. covers little worn, page stained, spine a little weak, no dustwrapper..


U Boats Under The Swastika

By Showell J. P.

1973. 167 Pages. 18 x 23cms. good in D/W. Fully detailed History. Introduction to German Submarines 1935-45. 170 illus, maps, plans. Sketches..


German Surface Vessels Vol. 2

By Lenton H. T

1966. 2nd Edition 1968. Unsigned 91 Illus. 159 Pages. 10 x 15cms. Good in torn D/W MacDonald & Janes. Navies of WW2. Auxiliary Vessels requisitoned & Captured vessels. Detailed. .


German Capital Ships Of World War Two

By Whitley M.j.

1989. 224 Pages. 25 x 25cms. Good in D/W Design & operational history of the 7 ships. Technical data including design construction & modification. Over 200 illus & line drawings. Sources. Bibliography. Index..


Mutiny On The High Seas

By Horn D

1973. 0856320595 346 Pages. 13 x 20cms. good in faded D/W. (British Edition) Imperial German Naval Mutinies of WW1. Evolution of conflict between adherents of old feudalized naval officers & the more democratic enlisted men. Source notes. Biblio. Index. .


German Destroyers And Escorts

By Beaver P

Good. 1981. 0850594596 1 Maps. 96 Pages. 18 x 23cms. paper covers. WW2 Photo Album No. 20. Selection of 150 b/w photographs from the Bundesarchiv, Koblenz (German equivalent of Public Record Office), illustrate life aboard German destroyers, torpedo boats & minesweepers Informative text. 3 appends. .


German Submarines Vol. 1

By Lenton H. T.

1965. 126 Pages. 10 x 15cms. Good in slightly torn d/w MacDonald & Janes Navies of WW2 Series, Many diags. & illus.. 2nd Edition 1968.


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