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Morning Glory

By Howarth S

1983. 0241111153 5 Maps. 35 Illus. 398 Pages. 15 x 23cms. V/G in D/W History of the Imperial Japanese Navy 1853-1945. Chronology of the Imperial Japanese Navy, Index, Biblio. .


Battle History Of The Imperial Japanese Navy 1941-5

By Dull P. S

1978. 085059295x 42 Maps. 45 Illus. 402 Pages. 13 x 20cms. Good in D/W.Story of the Pacific War from the Japanese viewpoint on both the celebrated & lesser-known sea battles. End paper maps. Names, dates of completion & fates of major units. Index. 2 append. .


Divine Wind

By Inoguchi Capt. R./ Nakajima Acdr. T

1959. 60 Illus. 224 Pages. 13 x 18cms. covers little worn.. little foxing, grubby. Japan's Kamikaze Force in WW2. 3 Appendices. Index. .



By Enright Capt J. With Ryan J.w

1987. 037031106X 3 Maps. 30 Illus. 250 Pages. 13 x 23cms. V/G in D/W The sinking of Japan's Secret Supership. In 1944 Japan's mightiest Aircraft Carrier was attacked on her top-secret maiden voyage by a lone American Submarine.The untold story of the Shinano by the man who sank her. Crew list of U.S.Submarine Archer-Fish.Index. .


Blood & Bushido: Japanese Atrocities At Sea 1941- 1945

By Edwards B.

1991. 2 Maps. 16 Illus. 253 Pages. 15 x 23cms. Good in D/W The last hours of 16 allied merchant ships sunk by the Japanese, the atrocites, & accounts of the survivors. Index..